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Perhaps appropriately titled, WOMACK WONDERINGS, is just that.
A consolidation of various WOMACK queries answered  and 
received over about the past couple years. At times the text may
be offset, but this dang scanner does not allow much in the leeway
of margins when editing. What you see is what you get!!  
Hopefully this will help someone. 
There is also a text of WOMACK info that was received by mail 
back in the 70's. These may or not be helpful. It is is Part II.

1. I am having a devil of a time trying to sort out my WOMACKS.  
I'm fairly certain that I descend from Richard (& Nancy Childers),
Jesse b. 1739 (& Phebe), Francis Marion b. 1791 
& Elizabeth Ann Kennedy), John Abner, Mary Cordenia Womack HILL, 
Luther HILL, Robert Mansell HILL (my Dad).  Jesse had at least two
brothers, David b. 1735 and Abraham.  Virtually every generation
has at least one Richard Mansel and there are sometimes two.
This makes things very confusing in the early 1800's before 
good census data.  Does this souud like your WOMACKS? 

2. Subject: Re: James Henry

James Henry was born in 1837 in Tennessee. The first information 
that I have on him is 1860 census. He was living with a William 
Harris who was a magistrate. James was a clerk in a grocery store 
in Panola County, Texas. He joined the Confederate Army Co. F,1Oth 
Texas Cavalry in Quitman Co. Texas 25 Sept. 1861. He was paroled 
26 May 1865 and married Amanda Jane Forsyth in Panola Co.,Texas 
15 Nov 1865.I could not be so lucky to find something of his 
parents, I would probably have a heart attack. I have a bottle 
of wine just waiting.

3. As best I can tell, I am a great-great grandson of Alfred 
Jackson Womack.He Lived	in Georgia. My great grandfather, 
Joseph Emerson Womack, and grandfather, Robert Kendrick Womack, 
were born there and R. K. moved to Shreveport La, n the 1930's 
from there. I am the first of three children born to Joseph Lawhon 
Womack and Hope Harris.If you want more info and I have it I'll
be happy to help.

4. My WOMACK connection is via the brother of my GG Grandmother.  
His name was William C. MC CAHUN (???) He had sisters with surnames 
of: MCATHRAN, MCGAHREN (etc.etc.etc ???)
William C. was listed in the 1850 census of Shelby co. Noble twp.IN. 
I 5 14 September, p. 270)

His wife was Charlotte (Sharlotte) T. WOMACK shown 32 yrs.and born KY.  
Wm.C. was born PA. 31 yrs. They were married 6 May 1841.

My ancestor was Lucinda MC (CATHERINE/MCKATHERINE ??) Her marriage 
showed her as Lucinda MC GAHREN and her sister, Nancy as Nancy MCATHRAN.  
Both were married to my GG Grandfather Zachariah A. SIMMONS.  
Nancy wife #1 and after her death, Lucinda wife #2.  In the Will of 
William (the father) the name is spelled MCAHREN.
William C. and Charlotte/Sharlotte had 5 children in the 1850 census.
Henry C. 8, b. Ind. -. Greenberry 6, b. III, Malinda 5, b. Ind., 
Wm. 3 b. Ind and Albert H. 3 months b. Ind. I don't know what 
the -. before the Greeneberry means. He may be the child of someone 
named GREENEBRRY (I received this information from someone who did 
research for me in Indiana).

William C. was probably born Washinton co. PA. His father William 
was born NC ca. 1770, I would like to find the name of the wife of 
William b. NC.  

5. I recvd a private manuscript on loan from the daughter of a 
person who had been researching the Womack line for years, but 
has passed away. this book is over a 100 pages of Womack info. 
and I honestly don't know where to start. also it includes all 
the info You mentioned.  I may suggest anyone that has any surname 
hat ties in with Womack, send that to me & I'll try to research it 
from the book, & I may make a set of copies (as I have to return the 
book soon.) to eventually put on the computer,also the book is not 
indexed. the book goes back many generations to the original Abraham 
Womack from Va. and it covers descendants from all over.  Ga., Tx. 
Ark., Utah, Tn. etc. Any Suggestions ????    
Just in case my snail address is. H.B.Ziegeler, 110 Grass St., 
Waveland, Ms.39576

6. Sam, Guess you didn't think you would run into a cajun WOMACK!!!
I bet daddy's people in Nevada County Arkansas didn't think so 
either!! Lorenzo D Warmack lived in Nevada County.  He was born 
in 1847 in Habersham County,Georgia.  His mother was Nancy Keeling.  
Later!  Laurie

7. My husbands name is Gregory Thomas Womack b. Nov 1, 1965. His 
fathers name is William Thomas Womack, his grandfather's name was 
Filmore Womack.  That's  about all I have, and no one remembers a 
thing!!  I am working to see if I can find anything on Fillmore 
other than his name. The above are from Kentucky.

8. I would love to know the parents of James Henry Womack.  
He was born in 1837in Tennessee and was in Panola County, 
Texas in 1860.  He served in the Confederate army volunteering 
in Quitman County, Texas.  After the war he married Amanda Jane 
Forsyth on Nov. 15, 1865.

Wanema Bullard
1723 Downing
Ardmore, Okla., 73401-2013

9. Hello folks, Some info that may help!        

Received a private manuscript from the daughter of a Mrs Mildred 
Theile, deceased, who was working on the Womack line for many years, 
Its over 100 pages, and contains hundreds of names, I'll be making 
one copy before returning the book. and hope to eventually put it 
on the computer so I could send it to anyone. for now if you have 
a particular allied name that you feel may tie send it to me E-Mail, 
and I'll try to research it thru the book, and send that portion of info.

1.	Wm. Womack, b. abt 1600, Eng.? settled in Henrico co.  Va., 
issue; Abraham, Wm.Jr.,Thomas, Richard, John, and Jane m. a Baugh 
or Henry Pugh.
2.	Abraham Womack, Made will 1685 Henrico Co.Va.
3.	Abraham Womack Sr., b. abt. 1644 Henrico Co., Will, 1733. 
issue; Abraham Jr.,Thomas, Wm., and Mary.
4. Abraham Jr., Wife Ann, 400 acre Grant in Goochland Co., Va-1733. 
d.1770 Chatham Co.,NC., issue; Abraham
5.	Abraham, b. 1744 Goochland Co., Va., m. Judith Minter, da. 
of John and Elizabeth Morgan, GD of Abraham Micheaux.  Abraham was 
A Rev.Soldier in NC.  In 1786 Fam. moved from Chatham CO.NC. to 
Hancock Co.,Ga., to Jones Co, Ga. then to Monroe Co.Ga. In 1825 
he m. Lucy Moody.  Abraham d. 1834. issue; Wm, and Charles.
6.1.	Charles Womack, issue; Wm.Kirt, Sarah Cabanisa, Wilkins Hunt.
6.2	William Womack, b. 1772 Va. or NC., m. Mary Silvey, Wm. d.1803 
HancockCo.Ga. Children; Mary Ann, Mark Sanders, Nathaniel Green, 
Abraham Minter, and Degychen.
6.2.1.	Mary Ann, b.1796. m.John Pratt 1815 in Baldwin Co.Ga., 
later Relocated to Chickasaw Co., Ms. ( this is my line and have 
quite a bit of info on the Pratt side.)
6.2.2. Mark Sanders, b.1796, wife nancy H.Jones, From Ga. to Ms.
from here I'll list a few of the allied surnames: Wm.Lee m.Myrtle 
Hassler,W.P.Patterson, Bob Robinson, Mary Whitlow, Dr. A.W.Clarkson, 
Mary Friar, Oscar Scudder, Sella Dollins, Claude Easterwood, Dr. 
McLendon, John H. Griffin, JimLollard, Melvin Wafford, Victoria 
Bingham, (Most of these were from Tx. & Ark.)
6.2.3.	Abraham Minter Womack, b.1799 Ga. m. Elizabeth Combs 
Robinson, later moved to Tx.  Some Allied Surnames; Michael M.
Kennard, Hiram Roberts, Calvin D.Uzzell, Walter S.Brown, Dr. 
Thomas Richardson, Edwin Gowles, Cynthia Neatherly, Samuel Stone, 
Lizzie Terrell, Hazeline Brown, Gray Thomas, Jack Harst, John N.
Scott. & more.

10. Reserved

11. Texas Death Records, Womack thru 1940
	(1)	Montgomery Co.	7-27-38	#33976
	Mrs.	Mattie	Jefferson Co.,	2-26-37	#9925
	Mrs.	Mattie	Jones    Co.	7-11-22	#91074

	Mattie	Milam Co.	12-5-18	#57789

	William	Lamar Co.	3-11-35     #14572
	William A.	Jefferson Co.	1-18-24		#2242
	William G.or C.	Williamson Co.	4-3-36

I thought the Jefferson County look promising.  I'll keep 
checking other things and let you know.

Texas Death Index 1941-1945

Mattie	Wheeler Co.               11-28-45         #51046
12. I went	to the Dallas Library last Friday and looked 
for your William Clinton Womack on the 1900, 1910 and 1920 
Texas Soundex.  This is what I found.

1900-I did NOT find William Clinton Womack, Lafayette Norman
or Arthur Mitchell, which I thought was strange, but ... 
maybe they left the state for a while or just did not make the 
Soundex, since some of the film for 1900 is terribly hard to read.

1910 - Smith Co. Texas. (Ed 75; Vol.125; Sh.99) (Tyler is county 
seat of Smith Co.)
		William WOMACK,	age 43,		b. Tenn
		Mattie,			age 37, wife	b. Tenn
		Willie L.,		age 19, son,	b. Tenn

13. I show a Judith Minter, daughter of my John and Elizabeth 
Morgan ' married Abraham Womack.  Judith was born about 1744 in Va.  
I would like any thing you might have on this Womack bunch.  
We are trying to back track our John into Va and don't know for 
sure where he was before Cumberland in 1754.  There are so many 
John Minters and everyone keeps assigning everything they find 
to this John, that we are trying to sort out.

Where are you?  I'm in Houston.

Carol Whitehead                                     

12127 Huntington Venture
Houston, Tx. 77099

14. Reserved..
15. Sam, I asked Keith, but maybe you can help me - who was 
it who was looking for the ancestors of John B. Womack of 
DeKalb Co.?  Who ever it was I ran into someone else looking 
for the same thing.  I looked for the Womack-Barnes marriage 
you asked about and didn't find anything.  I'll put that on 
my continuing list of stuff to look for.  I can be fairly 
certain it wasn't in the Mansel bunch, most of those I know 
about, and besides they moved to AL around 1817.

16. Sam, I'm looking for Sarah Rogers' parents (still! it's 
been a long road) Thatindeed is the correct marriage citation - 
Greene Co. marriage bonds - Sep 11 1790 - I've got a copy of 
that.  The trick here is that Sherwood Womack's wife Ann "Nancy" 
was supposed to be Sarah's sister, I -haven't - found a marriage 
record for that.  Tabitha Rogers, widow of Drury, in her will, 
names a daughter Sally WOMMACK.  That's where I'm at right now, 
trying to figure out if this is the same Sarah aka Sally.  This 
was in Wilkes Co. If it is the same Sarah, then Ann wasn't her 
sister.  Ann also wasn't the daughter of Reuben Rogers as some 
state, Reuben's daughter Ann married someone else and besides 
that would have Sherwood's daughter marrying her uncle which 
was against the law.  First cousinsmarrying were one thing, 
marrying your uncle was another.  There are so many
Womack-Rogers connections that it gets very confusing.        
Sigh. Hey, if genealogy wasn't fun and puzzling why would we 
do it?  

17. Thanks so much for your e-mail message.

It would appear that you've found my Robert Bean (whether he 
married Martha Womack in 1781 or 1722, I don't know ... 
either or close enough to correspond to the birth-dates of the 
children I have for their marriage).

A few questions and comments:
1) What was the address of the website you found on Womack?
2) Much of my Womack information comes from various published 
Bean/Beenefamily source, which I find confusing and contradictory 
..i.e. Barbara Glonce and Janie Ault Grady's Genealogoies of 
William Bean of Tennessee. Any comments or thoughts.
3) As issue for Robert and Martha Womack Bean, I Jesse, Rhoda 
(who m John Owen), Martha (who m. Levi Womack), possibly Lemuel 
and this mystery daughter who married my John Patton before 1816.  
I also indicate that Robert Bean married first (before Martha 
Womack) Rhoda Layne by whom 10 children were born.
4) I also have an Asa Womack who married Sarah Patton, daughter 
of John Patton and his aforementioned wife.
5) I have no record of the John Patton who married Janie Womack 
in Wildon (Wilson?) Co TN, Sep 16 1878.
6) Are there any published Womack Genealogies that you might 
7) Do you tie to this Martha Womack? If so, how?

Again thanks for the help and interest. If I can reciprocate, 
please let me know; but as you can see, my Womack information 
is practically nil.

Joseph T Fleming, PO Box 53354, Atlanta Ga 30355
18. I was just proofreading the current issue of PastFinder 
and wasreminded I had failed to write to you when I typed 
your query to the White	Co.Gen-Hist Soc. You no doubt have 
this info, but just in case:

Emma R. Matheny and Helen K. Yates, comp.  "Marriages of Lunenburg 
Co. VA 1746-1843".  Pub by the authors, Richmond VA, 1967.  
Reprinted by Gen.  Publ.  Co. Baltimore 1979.


William WOMACK m Margarett ELLISS.  Married 4 Feb. 1790 by 
James Shelburne.  Lunenburg Co. WB 3/358

p 138:

Jacob WOMACK m Nancy BATES 12 Apr. 1824.  Sur.  Joel HOOD, 
Married 13 Apr. 1824 by Pleasant BARNES.            
(Note brother to GGG-GF Thomas P Womack).
Lunenburg Co. WB 8/492

These may be collaterals of the people you sent the query about.  
Look for it in the upcoming issue.  I own the above book - 
let me know if .1 can look up any others for you.

19. Hi Sam, out in more detail is run a search What I really 
need to check through my WOMACK data but couldn't get to it 
until this weekend.  Just briefly going through my info at MY 
fingertips, I have a Jacob WOMACK in my files who was born ca. 
1790 (could be off either way as it's my best guess" as to the
year of birth) in VA.  I have his wife as Nancy BATES.  I do 
know that he went into TN and have some additional info.  
He is the son of Maj.Jacob WOMACK of whom you spoke.*
I do have information on an Edmond WOMACK which I picked up 
off a census but don't know who his parents.  Just that his 
wife was Virginia and the names of 5 children who were listed 
with him on the census.
I also have a Jacob WOMACK that I picked up off a 1790 SC 
census and don't know how he connects with the rest of the 
WOMACK name.
Wayne CALK                 *Note: He is not son of Major Jacob..
RR 1 Box 13                       he is son of a Jacob Womack, 
Stoutland MO 65567-9701           my GGGG-GF, and brother to my
417-286-3987                      GGG-GF Thomas P Womack.

20. I saw your WOMACK in the RSL and was wondering if the 
following looked familiar:
William Henry WOMACK b. 1814 in VA d. 1870(1890?) in WI married
Lovina (?) b. 1817 in VA (possibly of Indian [Native American] 
origin} d. 1885 in WI
These are my wife's gggrandparents.
If they look familiar, please contact me.
Ron Dillon
NOTE: These are the two in the Photos.
21. Several days ago I came across a great listing of 
It is Keith Elliott's homepage.  This is the best assortment 
of WOMACKs that I have found anywhere.  I was fortunate 
enough to find my WOMACKs there--maybe you will too. Hopefully!

My tie is through Thomas WOMACK b cl724 Henrico Co, VA, 
m Sarah OWEN cl748; they had 8 ch: Abraham, William, S
arah/Sallie, Richard (Dickey), Archibald, Jesse, Bird, and 
Eppy/Espy.  Thomas was a s/o Abraham WOMACK, who was a s/o 
Abraham WOMACK, s/o John WOMACK, Jr., s/o John WOMACK, 
s/o William WOMACK--who is the first WOMACK Keith Elliott lists.

This William was b 1620 Scotland/Ireland, d 1697, 
m Mary Jane ALLEN, b cl6l5, d bef 1685.  You will see this 
when you check the homepage.  If you connect to my Thomas, 
somehow, I'm sure we could work together in future efforts.  
Thomas is shown fairly early on in Keith's vast listing, so 
he shouldn't be too hard for you to find.

22. Hi Sam,

I just reread your note again..Womack? I'm also looking for 
Womacks.  I have Florence Etta Womack b. 1880 Woodbury, TN, 
parents were James Knowles Womack b. 1828 d. 1912 and Sarah 
Crain.  She was married to William Winchester Brown.

I also have a Zachariah Doss b. 1721 VA, whose mother was 
Pricilla Womack.  If there is any connection to your Womacks, 
could you let me know.....

Thanks, Sam

23. Found information about Caroline Womack, daughter of 
William and Rachel Gilpin Womack.

 Caroline Womack married August 11, 1842 - William Powell.  
Together they had the following children:
1.	Sarah A. Powell born about 1831
2.	Lucy J. Powell born about 1833
3.	Mary Powell born about 1835
4.	Oliver Powell born about 1837 married Elizabeth McElroy.
5.	Nancy B. Powell born about 1839
6.	William Powell born about 1842
7.	Luvenia Powell born about 1844
8.	Peter Thomas Powell born July 4, 1846 in Adair Co., KY 
     d. January 19, 1936 in Adair Co., KY 
     m. October 29, 1866 Lucy Ann Dehart. 
     (I have more information on Peter and his children, 
     if you want it let me know)
9.	Charlotte Powell born about 1849
10.	Vesta A. Powell born about 1853
11.	Amanda Powell born about 1854
12.	Elizabeth Powell born about 1856
13.	James B. Powell born about 1859, 
     d. about 1940, m. January 27, 1881 in Adair Co., KY, 
     Sarah Heardens. 
     (have more information about James and his children, 
     if you want it let me know.)
14. Frank W. Powell born about 1862.

24. Just received a handwritten letter from Mrs. Nelda H.
Gleniken, Winnfield, La.(78 years young) On Womack history, 
her ancestors are Young that tie into the Womack group.  
Said she had more info in boxes that she would get into after
This is what she sent today:

Mary Ann Womack, b.1796 Ga. d.1875. m. 6-22-1815 in Baldwin 
Co. Ga. to John Pratt Sr. b.6-10-1775 Augusta, Ga. d. 4-12-1845 
Ms.---Mary Ann's parents were; Wm. Womack b.1772, d.1803 Ga. 
m. Margaret Ellis ? --- Wmls parents were; Abraham Womack, 
b.1749 Va. (Rev.Soldier) m. Judith Minter ? b. 1750 Va. d. bef.
'1825 - ---- Judith's parents John Minter d.1797 m. Elizabeth 
Morgan.--Elizabeths parents were; Anthony Morgan m. Olive Judith 
Micheauz--- Olives parents Abraham Micheaux m Susannah Rochette.
25. This may be a duplication,May be Answer to your request.???
John Pratt, b. 16 Jun 1775, Augusta Ga. m. lst Sarah Cole, 
dau. of William of Wilkes Co. Ga.; children, John, b.1805, 
William Cole b.1807, Hillary Cole

Martha b.1810, Catherine b.1811. John Pratt's 2nd wife was 
Mary Ann Womack, b.10 Dec 1796.  Ga.  They had 11 children, 
one was Mary Ann, b.15 Nov.1822, her twin was Sarah Ann.   

26. Here's what little I have on the Womacks:

James Knowles WOMACK b. 6/19/1828 d. 1/27/1912 married to 
Sarah Lodema CRAIN b. abt 1845 d. aft 1910 child:
Florence Etta WOMACK b. 1880 White Co., TN married to 
William Winchester BROWN b. 1882 White Co., TN

27. I have to figure more out about my Lumpkin line, 
and make sure I go through that branch!! :) 
Would hate to add all that to my database and end up 
not having them!  IF IT IS mine, I have a Sarah Cody 
married a Lumpkin, and her mother was a Womack.


28. I don't have a Mary "Polly" Womack, but in a file Gene 
Blair sent me, there is a Mary (Polly) Barnes born 1806 in NC, 
she married Colbert Blair in 1827.  Probably no connection.

29. I have tons of information on the Womacks originally of 
Virginia who migrated to North Carolina during the Revolution, 
hen Georgia around 1780, then to Louisiana in 1805.  Anyone 
interested in anything in particular?

30. One person ask me if I had found any blacks in my family.  
You think that didn't throw me for a loop.  Very cool, I was 
when I said "no, not yet, but I will keep looking." One of my 
family ask, "Have you found us any money yet?" My reply was, 
"Not yet, however, the Kennedy's may have been family and just 
changed the spelling of their names, if that is true, they can 
give my part and your part of our money to the childrens 
hospital or home for the old people and we will both be happy".  
You and I both know that if you have this "hobby" or "habit" 
you spend money, not find.  Gee, I bet if we were setting at 
the same table with a cup of coffee we could really get mad.  

31. Yep, that's old Kinchen alright.  Louisa was the one who
m. Frank McDonald.  The one who drives everyone crazy is 
Mrs. Mary E, no one knows her maiden name, apparently they 
married in a burned county, probably Butler.... I think a couple
of kids are missing from the list - it should be Shirod b. 1829, 
Louisa b. 1832, Panthea b. 1825, Henrietta b. 1837, Wiley 
b. 1840, Mary b. 1842, Kinchen Jr.b 1843, Nancy b. 1844 and 
John b. 1847.  Wiley married Frank McDonald's sister, Nancy, 
they had 2 daughter5, and he died in Sweet Home, Arkansas in 1927 
at the Confederate Home.

32. We are looking for additional information on the following:
Family Edge Plus     Male Tafel Chart for Rhoda WOMACK (WOMAX)
--------------------------------- GENERATION 1 --------------------
Rhoda WOMACK (Womax) b: ; M:(4 Mar 1790 Bedford Co VA) Jacob MAYBERRY; 
d:probably, Washington Co AR.
---------------------------------  GENERATION 2  ------------------
2 Jesse WOMACK b:1744; M:(before 1782) Sarah DANIEL; d:2 Aug 1782,
(of wounds during Revolutionary War>, Bedford Co VA;
[Note:some sources have dob 1749].
---------------------------------  GENERATION 3  ----------------------
4William WOMACK Jr. b:1710; M:Mary (Martha) ???; d:26 Sep 1791, 
probably, Cumberland Co VA.
---------------------------------  GENERATION 4  ----------------------
8 William WOMACK b:     ; M:(before 1710) Mary C. WOODSON.
---------------------------------  GENERATION 5  ----------------------
16 Abraham WOMACK Jr. b:1666, Henrico Co VA; M:Jane ???; d:1745 to 1746.
---------------------------------  GENERATION 6  ----------------------
32 Abraham WOMACK b: circa 1645; M:(before 1666) Sarah SUMERSCALES; 
d:circa 1733, Varina, Henrico Co VA;
[Note:some sources of dod circa 1747].
---------------------------------  GENERATION 7  ----------------------
64 William the immigrant WOMACK b:1605 to 1610, England; M:(circa 1643) 
Mary Jane ALLEN; d:before 1685;
[Note:some sources have dob 1616; dod as 1664; and 1674]. 

33. Remember this is who I am:

1. WILLIAM WOMACK and Mary Allen were the eighth great grandparents
2. ABRAHAM WOMACK and Judith -?- were the seventh grandparents
3. WILLIAM WOMACK and MARY GOWER were the sixth grandparents
4. WILLIAM II WOMACK and MARY -?- were the fifth great grandparents
5. JESSE WOMACK and SARAH DANIEL were the fourth great grandparents
6. WILLIAM WOMACK and RACHEL GILPIN were the third great grandparents
7. JESSE WOMACK and DELILA BLAIR were the second great grandparents
8. MORGAN WOMACK and JULIE ROY were the first great grandparents

9. MALISSA WOMACK and CHARLES SKAGGS were the grandparents
10.EMMA LOIS SKAGGS and ESTIL HOSKINS were the parents

34. I have info on those Womacks from TN out of VA and NC.  
Would that be of any help??  I have a William Womack listed that 
would be about the right age for your Mary Ann,...however don't 
have a Mary Ann listed as a daughter.  Do you think you might 
have TN, VA, NC connections??
StaffordG >>

35. RICHARD WOMACK I, b 1684 Henrico County, Virginia, d 1684 
Henrico County, Virginia, m. MARY PUCKETT.  She was the daughter 
(?? A Pew with lst name of Puckett??)

RICHARD and MARY had son RICHARD WOMACK II, b. abt 1676 in Henrico 
County, married ELIZABETH PUCKETT, daughter of RICHARD PUCKETT.

RICHARD and ELIZABETH had son RICHARD WOMACK III, born 7 Dec 1710, 
HenricoCounty, d 25 July, 1785 in Georgia, where he had moved 
in 1765.  He married ANNE "NANCY" CHILDERS, and they had 7 children: 
JACOB was one of the 13 original founders of Watauga Settlement.

There is 11 pages on this family, glad to send the rest along 
if it's your line, or if	you just want to database it.  
Unfortunately, I did not see any SAMUELS, or ALEXANDERS.  
But not all of the WOMACK family came to Trinity
County.  It mentions some in Lousisanna, also.

From a book on Bell County, Tx.  I found mention of the following:
ARDIS SPROTT married EIMER WOMACK, 1 June 1941.  
There children were
BENNE LEE b. 10 Sept. 1942, REBECCA ANN b. 19 Sept. 1945, 
MACK b. 12 Sept.1955.
Their daughter JULIA ANNE WOMACK (1847-1935) m JAMES H JAMES.


36. Mary Ann Womack, b.10 Dec.1796 in Ga. d. 16 Jun.1875 ? 
m. 22 Jun.1815 in Baldwin Co.,Ga. to John Pratt from 
Augusta, Ga. d. 27 Apr.1845 in ChickasawCo., Ms. Mary Ann's 
father may have been Wm.Womack m. to Margaret Ellis.

Rachel Womack, b. abt. 1712 Henrico Co.,Va. d. abt. 17 Aug.1754 
in Mecklinburg Co. Va. m. William Tabor bef. 1738 in Mecklinburg 
Co.,Va. Rachells father may have been Abraham Womack, 
b. abt. 1644 in Henrico Co., Va.

Other family names currently working on are: Ziegeler, Peirce, 
Dole, Blaise, Baker, Steer, Alston, Kimball, Lintot, Aman, 
Wimbish, and McDonald, mainly in the La. area. 
Tabor, Wood, Waits, Pratt, Hemphill, and Hale, mainly in 
the Ms. area.

37. I have been researching the Womack name for serveral years. 
My Womack's camefrom the OK, OH and MS areas. William was born 
in OH and married Nancy Nichols.Their daughter Jennie married 
Jefferson William Hill and they lived in Ok in the
early 1900's.


I'm a Jesse(l739) descendant thru his 2nd wife, Phebe.  
Jesse begat Francis Marion begat John Abner begat 
Mary Cordenia begat Luther HILL begat Mansell HILL 
begat "moi".  I'm trying to find Francis Marion's first wife 
in Washington Co MST/AL in the 1807-1818 period.  I think 
that his wife may have been Choetaw or Melungeon because my 
Dad's first cousin lived with her grandmother, Mary Cordenia, 
in her later years and relates that Mary Cordenia told her 
that they descended from the "Black Welsh".  Francis Marion 
seemed to be one of the first people to move into Simpson 
County MS following the 2nd Choctaw Cession, and was probably 
in Smith Co MS even before the 3rd Choctaw Cession.  His son, 
John Abner, was referred to as Black John and he had a nephew,
 Abraham James, who was nick-named "Indian Abe".  Pictures of 
Mary Cordenia show her with hgih cheek bones and very swarthy 
complexion.  My Grandfather, Luther HILL, was very tall and 
had similar facial structure and straight black hair that, 
s I recall, never turned gray before he died at 77.

Before I forget, the address of that guy new to our Genea.  
Society is-Richard Womack, 365 Dodge Drive, Va.  Beach, 
VA 23452-6744, ph: 804-486-1408 Let me know it this really 
is a small world and ya'll have common lines too ... 
just out of curiosity. Dig them Roots...

40. Was just going thru some notes and I ran across this--thought 
I'd send it cuz if I didn't it would bug me!

15 Oct 1825 WOMACK, John D m-Turpin, Matilda Decatur Co., IN
I think it was in INDIANA SOURCE BOOK Vol II by Heiss-it's 
upstairs you need it Let me know...

41. Sam,

You found HIM!!!!  You did It!!  Wow, thanks for the information.  
That helps A LOT!! Yes Filmore did have a son named Samuel.  
Yes Paul is a possible brother Filmore had a son named Paul, 
possibily named for his brother.  And I think that the second 
Jennie is the right one.  THANK YOU!!!

42. Haven't yet; would love for you to check on Francis 
Marion WOMACK and any KENNEDY (especially Elizabeth Ann).  
Frank may have been in the part of Washington Co that split 
off to become Clarke Co circa 1812. ) know his second 
marriage to Anny THORNTON in 1829 is recorded in Clarke Co. 
Strange business for him to leave Simpson Co MS (or maybe 
Smith Co by that time) and go back to AL to marry Anny.  
There is an Ann Kennedy, head of household, in the S
impson Co 1840 census.

43. Hi, could not get through to you for some reason will 
try again. My Womacks married Bowens sisters and brothers. 
Mary Elizabeth Womack married William Koounce Bowen. Mahala 
Emma Womack married Francis Marion Bowen.

52. This is a reply to HamZig's suggestion on exchanging 
information on the Womack family.
I am copying some information from a book, published in 
1961 by the late W.C. Kozee, "Early Families of Eastern and 
Southern Kentucky." I have access to but not possession of 
up-to-date information on the Womack family of this area and 
if anyone wants more, e-mail me and I'll try to get it for you. 
I am NOT deeply interested in pursuing the family line myself.
Some notes of my own.  There was a lot of intermarriage in this 
section of Kentucky, not necessarily incestuous.  Kozee covered
 many families, and they intertwine.  His book is out of print,
 but likely available through interlibrary loan.  The version 
you get below is subject to my own shorthand.  
Womack is an old Virginia family and was spread over all parts 
of that colony in Colonial days, being particularly numerous in 
the Tidewater region# as evidenced by the first U.S. Census (1790)
 which shows about 20 Womacks as heads of families in that area.
The first Womack to migrate and settle in Eastern Kentucky was 
Archer Womack who settled near present Oldtown, Greenup County, 
probably about the time the county was established (1804). 
He was a son of James Tignal Womack who came with his family 
and settled about 1812 on a large tract of land, afterwards 
known as Pactolus, Carter County.  Son Archer and a negro slave 
had built a log cabin and raised a crop on the land before 
James Tignal Womack and family came in from Virginia.
1.	JAMES TIGNAL WOMACK was the ancestor of the Womacks in 
Northeastern Kentucky.  He was one of the prominent pioneers 
and was considered wealthy in his time and place.  In his will 
he devised, among other property, slaves to his family.  
Nothing has been learned concerning his wife.
(I have learned that his father, grandfather and great-grandfather 
were all named William Womack ... GHW1935)(also that a Charles
Womack who must have been a distant relative came here at the 
same time, but never left any descendants and apparently returned 
to Virginia.. there appears to have been no contact between the 
two branches)
His children (second generation):
2.	Archer Womack.
3.	Polly Womack; md\. a Mr. Hatchett in Virginia,
      never came to Kentucky.
4.	Allen Womack.
5.	Eliza Womack; m. David Kibbey in Greenup County Sep 1, 1828,
     migrated to the west.
6.	Nancy Womack; m.  William "Buck" Kouns in Greenup County,
     Nov. 5, 1836 (see Kouns family).
7.   Martha Womack; d. before reaching womanhood.
8.	Clarinda Womack; m. Reason or Rezin Virgin (see Virgin family). 
9.   Samuel Womack
10.	Richard D. Womack.
11.	William Womack.
12.	James Allen Womack.

2. ARCHER WOMACK, farmer, b. on a farm near Farmville, 
Prince Edward Co.,Va., 1798; m. in Greenup County on July 4, 1823, 
Mariam Kouns, b. Ky. 1804, daughter of Major John C. Kouns of 
Greenupsburg (See Kouns family).
Their children, as shown by censuses for 1850 and 1870:
13.	George Womack, b. 1826.
14.	Samuel Womack, b. 1832, m. Emily McAllister.
15.	Elizabeth Womack, b. 1830.
16.	Thompson Womack, b. 1834.
17.	Charles Womack, b. 1836.
18.	Watson Womack, b. 1838.
19.	Mariam Womack, b. 1840.
20.	Mildred B. Womack, b. 1842, m. James Wilson.
21. Benjamin Womack, b. 1845, m.      Dortch.
22.	Archer Womack Jr., b. 1856.
23.	Alfred Womack, b. 1859.
24.	Andrew Womack, b. 1861.
25. Charles W. Womack, b. 1861.
*26.  William Archer Womack

4.	ALLEN L. WOMACK, farmer, b. Ky. 1815, m. May 20, 1842, 
     Lucy Jane Osenton,
b.	Oct. 20, 1821 at Oldtown, d. Jan. 20, 1884.  She was a 
     daughter of Samuel and Emzy Downs Osenton 
     (see Osliza (Bragg) 
Lewis Ward, widow of Charles Nelms Lewis I.
(See Lewis and Ward families of Carter and Greenup Counties).

Their children (third generation) from censuses of 1850 and 1870.
45.	James A. Womack, b. 1836.
46.	Adelaide Woack, b. 1838.
47.	Tignal Womack, b. 1841.
48.	Lavina Womack, b. 1843
49.	Nancy E. Womack, b. 1845.
50.	George J. Womack, b. 1846.
51.	William Womack, b. 1849.
52.	Samuel W. Womack, b. 1850.
53.	Charles Nelms Womack, b. 1852.
54.	Mary Womack, b. 1854.
55.	John B. Womack, b. 1857.

11.	WILLIAM WOMACK, farmer, b. near Farmville, Prince Edward County, VA
1809. m. in Greenup Co., Dec. 29, 1829, Jacintha Kibbey, 
b. in Greenup County, 1812, daughter of Moses Kibbey.
Their children (third generation) according to censuses of 1850 and 1860:
56.	Nancy Womack, b. 1831.
57.	Moses Womack, b. 1833.
58.	Martha Womack, b. 1837.
59.	Archy Womack, b. 1839.
60.	Egbert Womack, b. 1841.
61.	James Womack, b. 1844.
62.	Sally Womack, b. 1847.
63.	Ephraim Womack, b. 1849.
64.	William Womack, b. 1852.
65.	Richard Womack, b. 1854.

12.	JAMES ALLEN WOMACK.  Served as clerk of the Greenup County 
clerk, was charter member of Trimble Lodge 145, F&AM at Grayson.  
It is said that his funeral was the first in the vicinity of 
Grayson conducted by that fraternity.  He married, in Greenup Co. 
Oct 29, 1833, Susan Ann Lampton.
Their children, among others (third generation):
66.	Mary A. Womack, b. Jan. 22, 1838, d. Aug. 25, 1937.  
Married James Seaton (see Seaton family).
66a (???ghw) Kennie Womack, m. Roland C. Burns of Catlettsburg 
(see Burns family)
66b.  James Tignal Womack, m. Fannie Collier ofstgeubenville, Ohio; 
removed to Minneapolis, Minn., with his family where he lived until 
his death.  Their children, William, Robert, Marty, Sarah, John and 
Frank.  Two children d. in infancy.
66c Susan Lampton Womack, m. John B. Connelly.  Children, Annie, 
who m. Robert Talbert and lived in Pelican Rapids, N.D., Nellie, 
who m. Charles W. Hill.  Their daughter, Florence m. George Tutoit; 
James m. and migrted to Oklahoma, and Susie, the youngest.
The Connelly family lived in Cincinnati and Mrs. Connelly d. at 
birth of daughter, Susie.  The older children were placed in an 
orphans home but Susiewas reared by her grandmother, 
Susan Ann Lampton Womack.  Sometimes both of them lived in the 
home of R.C. and Kennie Womack Burns in Catlettsburg, othrs in 
home of James and Mary A. Seaton near Grayson.  At the time of 
death of Susan Ann Womack in 1896, they were living in the Seaton 
home where Susie Connelly continued to live until she began 
teaching school. (Susie Connelly is buried in Snodgrass or KCC 
cemetery at Grayson, Ky. ghw)

26.	WILLIAM ARCHER WOMACK, farmer-merchant, b. 1828; m., 
in Greenup County,Ann	Elizabeth Lyons, b. 1835; lived at Oldtown.  
Was held prisoner during Civil War	as a secessionist; moved to 
Greenup 1865-67, back to Oldtown.  With brother-in-law William 
"Billy" Kouns ran a store, grist mill and Tannery.  Store, started 
in 1845 by Cardinal F. Stark, was still in family and operation in 
1960, run by Walter Orin Womack.
Their children (fourth generation)
*67.  James Watt Womack.
68.	Elizabeth Womack, m. Joshua Keely of Laurel Furnace.
69.	Charles Womack.
70.	Mary F. Woamck, m. Robert A.E. Leslie (See Leslie family).
71.	Frances Womack.
*72.  John Thompson Womack.
73.	Millie May Womack, m. John Bowers, resided in Houston, Tex.
74.	Alma Ann Womack, m. Dr. William Morris of Fullerton.
75.	Benjamin Ward Womack, m. Gertrude Curry of Hopewell, 
migrated to Florida.
76.	Walter Orin Womack, m. Mary Carnahan of Oldtown.
77.	Edward Reason Womack, m. Elizabeth Warnock of Tygarts Valley, 
resided in Grayson.
Two children, Alice and Emma, d. young.

67.	JAMES WATT WOMACK, merchant, sometime public official, 
b. at Oldtown, Nov. 24, 1852, moved to farm on Three Prong in G.Co. 
until 1863, moved to Greenup. attended Greenup schools until 1867, 
moved to Oldtown, but came back to Greenup to school Clerk in 
general store of Womack & Kouns and at Laurel Furnace store.  
Lifelong Democrat, deputy sheriff l875-82, sheriff 1883-1886, 
state representativel890-92, county judge 1912-1918.  A Mason.  
He died June 9, 1951, 98yr-6mo-16da.  M. Ida Mae Osenton of 
Wheelersburg, Ohio, b. Feb. 16, 1860, d. July 1930, dau of 
John Thomas and Katherine Cameron Osenton (See Osenton famili)- 
They had no children, but reared her niece, Mabel Osenton, who 
m. O.W. Stennett of Russell, and with whom James Watt Womack lived 
during latter part of his lifetime.

70. JOHN THOMPSON WOMACK, merchant, sometimes public official, 
b. on Tygarts Creek, Greenup Co., Jan. 26, 1863, d. 1946.  
Deputy sheriff 1887-1890, sheriff 1891-92. m. 1887, Lydia Conner 
Biggs, daughter of Thomas Naylor and Ellen Humphreys Biggs 
(See Biggs family). They lived in the William Kouns House in

28.	JAMES W. WOMACK. b. 1843, d. 1919. m. ? Their children: 
H. E. Womack, b. 1886, resides at Dover, Tenn.

35. BUD WOMACK. b. 1845, went to Arkansas, m.       Long.
Their children (fourth generation).

79.	Pearl Womack. m. Dr. Robb.
5G. Allen Womack, m.        Had one daughter,

29. GEORGE H. WOMACK, b. 1848, d. April 1910.  Buried, 
Huntington,W.VA., m.Alice Wertz Jones
Their children (fourth generation)
81, David H. Womack, m. mayme Hays.  One child, Mrs. Ruth Beard.
82.	Frank Womack, m. Ethel Smith, two children, Aldene and Fern.

32.	JOSEPHUS WOMACK, b. 1858 and d. 1917. m. Mary A. Anglin.  
Their children are (fourth generation: Clyde, Lucy, Anna, James, 
Kenneth, Iona, Owen and Alton.

33. JEFFERSON DAVIS WOMACK, b. 1860 and d. 1926. m. Effie Taylor, 
b. 1873.
Their children(fourth generation: Alta, Edna, Lucy Lee and 
Mary Elizabeth.

34. SARAH DAISY WOMACK. b. June 29, 1866, d. Oct. 25, 1924. 
m. Apr. 23, 1884,Travis Kendall, b. FEb. 15, 1862, d. Dec. 13, 1928.  
Both buried in Anglin Cemetery at Hopewell, G.Co.
Their children (fourth generation):
(O Lonnie Penn Kendall, m. Ida Freeman: 
Their children (fifth generation) are
Morris, Mildred, Hubert, Madeline and Walter.
(b) Travis W. kendall, m. Dorothy Dempsey, children Dorothy Marie 
and Travis Joe.
(c)	Owen C. Kendall, m. Bess Van Bibber, one child, Robert Owen.
(d)	Vernon V. Kendall, m. Mary Dene Norris, Mary Lucille 
and Charles Brooks.
(e)	Lucy Virginia Kendall, m. Jack McDonald, service in WAACs 
in World War II.
(f)	Daisy Marie Kendall, m. Barr B. Irwin.  Children, Gene Frederick, 
Virginia Ann and Barbara Marie.
(g)	Allen Wick Kendall, service in World War II, ensign, U.S. 
Merchant Marine, m. Fern Womack.
53 Tom, and all the other Womack searchers... Here's my rundown..
This is where we part company.  David had a brother (one of 4) 
named Jesse born in 1739 at St. Stephen's Church VA. Jesse 
(and several of his brothers) fought in the Revolution, married 
Dorothy Pryor (sister to Mildred?) and settled in Burke Co GA 
until about 1802 when he and adult son, John N. (,lack) were 
granted passports through the Creek Nation and settled on the 
banks of the Tombigbee River in Washington Co MS Terr.  
Dorothy Pryor had died about 1777 and Jesse remarried and 
had several more children.  I believe four of these children, 
Richard Mansel, Jesse Jr, William and Francis Marion (Frank) 
made the trip with him, because they all show up on the tax rolls 
of Washington at about the time that they should be 21 y.o. 
I further believe that I am a descendant of Frank, John Abner, 
Mary Cordenia, Luther HILL, Mansell HILL (he was my Dad).

Mrs. Hunter Lamar Moorhead (Jessie WOMACK MOORHEAD?) wrote that 
DAVID  married Sara NORRIS (was this a second marriage?) and that 
his son, Richard Mansel married Dicy Jane Hays of Simpson Co and 
I guess she ought to know because Richard Mansel and Jane HAYS 
were her grandparents-
Howsomeever, Mansel Phillips says that DAVID
married Sara NORRIS and that his BROTHER named Richard (IV) Mansel 
married Jane HAYS Do you know Mansel Phillips?  He is descended 
from David II's brother, Richard IV.  Could you shed some light 
on this for me please?
2. JANE FRANKLIN (our line)
(my husband's grandparents) His parents still living and his 
grandmother lived to be 90 or so, died in the 70's and gave us 
some of the info.

I'm not at all familiar with this line.

Mary/Martha in the census but called Caroline by her family 
didn't die until 1940. 1 have pictures of her.. She was b. 
in 1849 in Simpson Co. MS.  Her father David Womack III was 
b. in St. Helena Parish, La.  Had 6 children by his lst wife 
and 8 by Jane Franklin.  Have info on them also..
Elizabeth Rickey (AOL) comes from this same St. Helena Parish 
bunch.  I am very interested in them because they wandered back 
up into MS and hooked up with my Frank between 1822-26 in what 
became Simpson Co after the Choctaw Cession of 1821.  Frank named 
his first son, John Abner, probably for Jack's son , Abner, who 
was probably named for David It's brother, Abner, down in
St. Helena Pr.
John Abner named his first son Robert Mansel and son Abners first 
greatgrandson was also Robert Mansell (my father).

>> I supposed everyone knows that there are several Womack books 
that have been printed and there used to be a newsletter called 
the ,'Womack Coutier'<< As noted above, f have part of one issue 
of WOMACK GENEALOGY: The Official Publication of the Womack Family 
Association.  Voi. 2 No. 2 Dec, 1958.  In it Mrs.  Hunter Lamar 
Moorhead refers to a manuscript by Dempsey Kemp.

There is also an unpublished manuscript that quite a few people 
have, by now.. that was done several years ago, by Jesse Womack 
Moorhead, who died before he could get it published.  
Hope this helps some of you...I think that this must be the Kemp manuscript reterred to by Mrs. Moorhead and recently POSTED to the AOL Library under the file name WOMACK.ZIP by Makie (AOL/CHULA20).  

54. Info HAMZIG got at Webster Co Ms Library, Euport MS, source:
The History of Webster Co MS. Bits and Pieces.

William Womack, living in Norfolkshire, England in 1550, married, 
one son Arthur,living in E Dereham England. He was the father 
of twin sons, Lawrence and Edward. Edward was also the father 
of twin sons, Abraham and Ashley born in 1683 in Suffolk.
The came to America in 1716,Abraham is registered as living 
in Prince Edward Co Va; where he raised a large family scattered 
over GA and VA. One son, Jesse, b. 1739, served as 1st Lt of the 
10th Co, in the Rev War. He m. Virginia Pryor. Children: David 
and Richard mansel moved to LA. John settled in AL. William 
remained in Milledgeville GA m. to Judith Minter. Children:
Mark Sanders, Green, William Dignychin, Abraham Minter, 
and Mary who m a Dr Pratt. David and Abraham both served in 
Rev War. Mark Sanders moved to MS. 
Some Womacks settled in Montgomery Co TX ca 1835-37.

Mark Sanders Womack, b. Jan 1, 1799, d. Jun 5, 1870, m. 
Nancy Harrision Jones in 1836, b. Aug 29, 1814, d. Jul 15, 1873. 
Both are  buried in a cemetary near Holenlinded Community MS. 
Mark served as a private in the warof 1812, GA Milita 
(at that young an age?) 3d Regt. In the Civil was he served 
with the 5th MS Regt as a Major. The children of Mark Sanders 
and Nancy were, Wm. Augustus, Rufus, Wm J, Margaret, Marshall, 
Sarah F, Mark Samuel, Nancy Minter, Henry Harrison, Caroline V, 
Eugenia, Harvey and Laura.

Henry Harrison Womack b. Jul 10, 1845, d. Dec 5, 1915. m. 
Virginia Victoria Bingham, b. Jul 7, 1856, d. Mar 28 1933. 
Henry H was in the Confederate Army Aug 21, 1863 in Choctaw Co. 
He served with PN Co B, 31st Regt,of the MS Volunteers. 
Henry and Virginia's children: Nora,b. Jun 1, 1877 m.
Reb. J.F. Mitchell (Reb = Rev.??).


Person Co, Roxboro NC Womack Marriages by Ann Whitfield, Ass't Registrar 
Deeds,in reply to letter of 27 Aug 1974:

	Henry Womack to Mataida Walls, 1813
	Jesse Womack to Cathean McNeill, 6-27-1805
	John G Womack to Mary Evans, 1-4-1829
	Eliz Womack to Elijah Daniel, 3-1-1801
	Lucy Womack to William McFarland, 8-3-1798

Letter, Bettie McKay Fraine, Tulsa OK, Aug 20 1974

	Letter discusses a collection of papers put together by Rev 
	Francis Campbell Symonds (DD), who had Womack in his lineage.  
	He is a Womack descendant.

	Basic Womack information as follows:

	Maria Augusta Womack (1842-1894) married Francis Watkins Campbell Jr
	Elizabeth Womack Campbell married Charles Randolph Campbell.

	Maria Augusta was daughter of Green Womack and Ann (McBryde) McIver
	Ann was widow of Rev Kenneth McIver when she married Green in 1825.

	Ann was daughter of Archibald McBryde and Lydia Ramsey McBryde
	Lydia was daughter of John Ramsey and Sarah Birdsong Drake Ramsey. 
	John was Sarah's second husband as she was married for a short
     time to Francis Drake.
	Writer of letter mentioned that Rev Symonds sent her copy of 
	MCBryde Family Bible pages wich records birth of Jane E Womack 
	in Pittsborough No.Car. onthe 10th day of October 1828. Jane 
	was daughter of Green and Ann above and she married 
	Dr William Archibald Hayes

Lincoln Co, Lincolnton, NC reply to letter 21 Aug 1974 for 
	Womack Data

	Handwritten on bottom of my letter:
	The only reference that I have in our index to wills is for 
	an Abraham Womack to James Womack etal dated 1803. This will 
	is on file the Department of Archives
	Raleigh NC under file of w-y
					M L Huggins,Clerk of Court

Extract of Letter Aug 12, 1974, from Sylvia Olson, Springfield OH
Info from Book:  Tennessee Records-Bible Records and Marriage Bonds,
by Jeannette Tillotson Acklen, pub Gen Pub Co, 1967	
Mostly marriages unless otherwise shown

Page 54	Melvina Womack m.Wm D Thompson, mat 7, 1854 Wilson Co
page 95	mention of Womack's Fort on Holston River (I have photo of
		Historical marker for this fort someone sent me).
Page 162	Nancy Womack b. Dec 26, 1819 Putnam Co
Page 226	Naomi Daniel m. Andrew Womack Nov 14,1921 in Corpus Christi
		TX, She m (2) Fred Olson, Oct 15, 1926
Page 227	Dorothy Womack b. Oct 16,1922, Corpus Christi TX(dtr of above)
Page 389	Isaac Warmack m. Nancy Lonas, 4 Jan 1823, Knox Co
		Rest Wilson Co TN Marriages
Page 415	Polly Warmack to John Smith 24 Jan 1807 
		William Warmack surety
Page 417	Elenor Warmack to Bennajah Gray, Mar 1, 1808
Page 417	Jennie Warmack to James Crator 312 Dec 1808
Page 419	Susannah Womack to Joseph Hubbard 22 Mar 1809
		Richard Womack surety
Page 429	Richard Warmack to Agey Smith, 12 Sep 1812
		Ricahrd Warmack and John Smith surety
Page 433	Elijah Wamack to Elizabeth Patterson 6 Nov 1815
Page 438	Lucy Warmack to Wm F Jones 23 Sep 1817
Page 450	Patsey Wormack to Wm Shanks 10 Jul 1819
Page 456	John Womack to Milley Webster 23 Aug 1820
Page 459	Granville Wammack to Rachael Cropper 17 Jun 1824

Letter, May 25, 1974, Lena Womack, Montgomery AL

Extract:   Charles Edward Womack  
		 b. 28 May 1905 Franklin Co TN(Estille Sprgs)
		 d. 31 Dec 1954,plane crash Ramer AL	
		 Wife:  Lena didnt give maiden name in letter
		 Only child: Martha Geneva Womack married Robert Eugene Garrett,
			Decatur AL

	Charles father was Willie Wylie Womack mother Martha Prudence Cleek
	Three brothers:  Robert Henry, Ollie B and Arthur Clarence.
	Only Sister:	 Irene Womack who married a Jack Statum, son of
				 John Statum
Letter, 2 Feb 1977, Joyce l Rhodes, Redwood City CA

Extract:  My 2 great grandfather was Abraham Womack, b. 10 Dec 1802
          in VA or NC who married Lucinda Aikman 14 Feb 1826 Lafayette 
		Co MO.

		She states a cousin wrote that Abraham's father was Allen Womack
		b. ca 1770-90 died after 1840 by Sep 1848 (Really 5 May 1846) 
         is in a will book she has,  Allen married a Nancy ? and named 
         following children in will:  Charles Womack, Abraham Womack, 
         Allen Womack, William Womack and Sarah Crocker.

Orange Co NC Wills, 1752 to 1850.

	E201, will dated 12 May 1824, Proved Nov Court 1829
		John Faddis sr of Town of Hillsborough.
		Wife: Nancy "all estate during her life."
		My Two Children:  Nancy Womack and Thomas J Faddis.
		Grandaughters:  Eliza and Mary Jane Womack.
		Named: Jacob P Womack husband of daughter Nancy
		       also called Ann.
		Executors:  Wife Nancy, Son Thomas J and Jonathan P Sneed.
		Witness:  James Webb, F.B. Phillips.

028--Abraham Womack Will

   	State of No Carolina
	Lincoln County

	In the name of God amen I Abraham Womack of the state and country
	aforesaid being weak of boudy but being of sound memory bequeath of 
	all my estate as follows

	First i give to my grandson James Womack son to Abraham Womack my
	Bible and the remaining of the following articles to be divided 
	between my grand-children of my son Abnor Womack one bead and 
     furniter and beadstead one chist one oven one scilet 3 poter pleatts 
	ond one sadle and bridle
	one beason all the above property to be sold and the money arising 
	theron to be eaqiely divided amongst the heirs of my son Abnor Womack.

	Item no 2  All the rest of the household property to Margaret Henker
    (Hager)also one house also ten head of catle and eleven head of hogs 
     and six head of shepe and nine head of gees with all and the 
     money arising from so property to be sold to the sd Mrgrat Hager
	(Henker) uese as wihup my hand and seal this
	forth of August 1803.

	Signed and delivered in the presence of us

	H. L. M gee					Abraham Womack (seal)
	John Boot
	John Robertson

	North Carolina
	Lincoln County

	I, Thos. ERhodes,Clerk of the Superior Court of Lincoln County N.C. 
	do herebycertify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy of 
	the will of AbrahamWomack as far as could be made out, as taken from
	the original now on file in this office.

			This the 15th day of July, 1944

							(s) Thos E Rhodes
							Clerk of Superior Court