====================================================================== Albemarle, VA WOMACK, Jennie HOWELL, Chas E 13 Apr 1888 WOMACK, John GARLAND, Kitty 15 Mar 1883 ====================================================================== Bedford, VA WOMACK, Mary FOULDEN, John 31 Dec 1789 WOMACK, Sarah HANCOCK, Edward 04 Sep 1792 WOMACK, William GILPIN, Rachel 28 Oct 1797 ===================================================================== Botetourt, VA WOMACK, William POAGE, Jane 01 Nov 1810 ===================================================================== BRISTOL PARISH Duncan YOUNG and Susannah WOMACK Dinwiddie Jul 07, 1784 Thomas HARRIS & Elizabeth WOMACK Pr. George Jul 03, 1787 Abraham WOMACK & Joanna LEVISAY Pr George Oct 18, 1788 Thomas LIVESAY & Ann WOMACK Pr. George Jan 20, 1791 William WOMACK & Elizabeth PERKINSON Chesterfield Jun 09, 1791 David WELLS & Eliza WAMOCK Petersburg Apr 03, 1790 ===================================================================== Charlotte, VA (or Charles City) WOMACK, Elizabeth BUCKNER, Henry Jr 28 Jul 1792 Daughter of Alexander and Milly Buckner Womack ===================================================================== Chesterfield, VA WOMACK, Anne BRAUGHTON, Jeremiah 28 May 1798 WOMACK, John BAUGH, Ann 08 Dec 1794 WOMACK, Mary HORNER, Daniel 09 May 1808 WOMACK, Sally WEST, James 17 Mar 1797 WOMACK, Sarah MILLS, Henry 16 Nov 1786 WOMACK, Sarah SMITH, William 11 Nov 1805 WOMACK, Susanna SPEARS, John 09 Apr 1804 WOMACK, William PURKINSON, Elizabeth 09 May 1791 WOMACK, William DAVIS, Polly 02 Feb 1804 ===================================================================== Culpeper, VA WOMACK, Peter UTTERBACK, Crissey 29 Nov 1786 ===================================================================== Greensville, VA (or Greene) WOMACK, Delilah THOMPSON, LODWICK 18 Mar 1793 WOMACK, Mary BRITT, Presly 26 May 1796 ==================================================================== Lunenburg, VA WOMACK, Anne ALDAY, Josiah 14 Jan 1760 WOMACK, Desdemonia MOORE, Richard 09 Jan 1812* WOMACK, Susan RIVERS, William 10 Apr 1817* WOMACK, William ELLIS, Margarett 04 Feb 1790** WOMMACK, Jacob BATES, Nancy 13 Apr 1824* *Sisters and Brother-children of Jacob and Mary Wills Womack **Brother to Jacob - son of Alexander and Milly Buckner Womack ===================================================================== Pittsylvania, VA WOMACK, Byrd HASKINS, Rebecca 15 Sep 1800 WOMACK JR, Charles MCDANIEL, Sally W 22 May 1797 WOMACK, Elizabeth CARTER, Leven 07 Feb 1795 Pittsylvania County Marriages 1860-1869 WOMACK, Charles A., age 22, single, occupation Farmer, son of Allen W. and Catherine A. Womack to Mary A. W. Younger, age 17, single, daughter of John M. and Mary R. Younger. 20 November 1866. Married by William B. McGilvray. WOMACK, John, age 23, single, occupation Farmer, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Coleman to Lavinia Kesee, age 19, single, daughter of William and Ailcey Kesee. 29 December 1869. Married by James Anderson. WOMACK, Nathan, age 22, single, occupation Farmer, son of James and Emily Womack to Mary Waller, age 17, single, daughter of John and Catherine Womack. 14 December 1867. Married by James Anderson. WOMACK, Nelson, age 24, single, occupation Farmer, son of Henry and Cindy Womack to Mary Jones, age 17, single, daughter of Joseph and Jane Jones. 25 December 1868. Married by William H. Plunkett. WOMACK, Sawney, age 26, single, occupation Farmer, son of Ned Coleman and Eliza his wife to Mary Leftwich, age 17, single, daughter of Rawley Wilkenson and Roady his wife. 4 January 1867. Married by William H. COLES, Edward, age 21, single, occ Farmer, s/o Charles and Catharine Coles to Adaline Womack, age 19, single, d/o Archer and Sallie Womack.29 December 1869. Married by William H.Plunkett. MOON, Edward B., age 23, single, occupation Farmer, son of Parham and Susan C. Moon to Emma V. Womack, age 18, single, daughter of Allen W. and Catharine W. Womack. 28 February 1865. Married by William B. McGilvray. ADAMS, Tobe, age 21, single, occ Farmer, s/o John and Nancy Adams to Susan Fitzgerald, age 17, single, d/o Daniel Womack and Willie Fitzgerald. 25 December 1867. Married by William H. Plunkett. DIXON, John, age 27, single, occ Farmer, s/o Daniel Womack and Aggy Dixon to Louisa Terry, age 25, single, d/o Carmy and Isabel Terry. 27 December 1869. FITZGERALD, Allen, age 21, single, occ Farmer, s/o Evan Womack and Susan his wife to Manerva White, age 21, single, d/o George White and Paulina Motley. 16 December 1869. Married by James Anderson. ===================================================================== Prince Edward, VA WOMACK, Alexander MCDEARMAN, Sarah 25 Dec 1798 WOMACK, Anthony BRANCH, Prudence 28 Nov 1805 WOMACK, Archer FLOURNOY, Ann Farish 21 Nov 1797 WOMACK, Betsey DAVIDSON, Baker 03 Jul 1795 WOMACK, Charles WOMACK, Patsy 01 Apr 1799 WOMACK, Cressy STION, John 07 Sep 1784 WOMACK, Elizabeth DABNEY, John 20 Jun 1808 WOMACK, Massanello VENABLE, Elizabeth 10 Feb 1775 WOMACK, Nancy ELLIOTT, Andrew 11 Feb 1787 WOMACK, Patty PLANT, James 12 Dec 1801 WOMACK, Polly BALDWIN, Samuel 16 Sep 1799 WOMACK, Robert V GLENN, Martha 17 Nov 1806 WOMACK, Tignal MEADOWS, Nancy 07 Jul 1795 WOMACK, William L VENABLE, Mary C 14 Mar 1808 ===================================================================== Richmond, VA WAMACK, Lucinda BOWLES, Spotswood F 10 Nov 1834 ===================================================================== Southampton, VA WOMACK, Gincey THOMAS, David 20 Sep 1803 WOMACK, James Brantley ELLIS, Polly 12 Jan 1787 WOMACK, John SMITH, Elizabeth 02 Apr 1808 WOMACK, Polly MARKS, William 28 Jun 1800 WOMACK, Rebecca MARKS, William 20 Dec 1786 WOMACK, Tempce ALSOBROOK, James 13 Mar 1783 WOMACK, Temperence ALSOBROOK, James 13 Mar 1783 WOMACK, Tempce ALSOBROOK, James 13 Mar 1783 WOMACK, Temperence ALSOBROOK, James 13 Mar 1783 WOMMACK, James SIMPSON, Sarah 25 Feb 1781 ===================================================================== UNKNOWN COUNTY Ann Eliza Blankenship and Lafayette Womack April 3, 1858 page 173, parents were Charles W. and Mary L. Womack and Braxton and Orentha Blankenship, married by Silvany Gardner Mary Emma Blankenship, age 24, married Jno Dallas Womack, age 22, of Halifax, February 15, 1893, parents were J.T. and Bettie B. Blankenship, page 203 ===================================================================== REGISTER OF ST. JAMES NORTHAM PARISH, GOOCHLAND COUNTY. Oct.10, 1750 Ralph Graves & Judith Womack, dau. Sally, b. Sept. 1, 1756. (you figure this one out!) DEEDS, WILLS, PROBATES BRUNSWICK CO--Deed Book 3 (1744-1749) Indenture made 1 March 1746,....etc..... Court March 5,1746, Indenture and Memorandum proved by the oaths of ........ and William Womack and Sarah the wife of George Reives personally appeared and relinquished her Right of Dower. Deed Book 3, Page 261. Indenture made 4 March 1746, ...etc.. Signed Benjamin Rives and Timothy Rives. Witnesses: William Wommack, etc Court March 5, 1746, Indenture and Memorandum proved by the oaths of ...... and William Womack. Deed Book 3, Page 267. William Womack of St. Andrews Parish, Brunswick County, for Love and Affection which I bare to my son in law Benjamin Syks ofsame, 30, 21 January 1746. Signed William Womack. Witnesses: Burrell Brown, Timothy Reves, George Rives. Court March 5, 1746, Deed acknowledged by William Womack. Deed Book 3, Page 273. Articles of Agreement dated 10 March 1746/7, between John Wamock of Brunswick County and John Willis, that John Wamock &his wife, their heirs Executores & Administrators or Assigns will make, seal deliver execute and acknowledge deed & Deeds,assurances conveyances whatsoever as the said John shall reasonably devise or advise or require of for 300a, being part of the Survey that Pace's enter'd. Signed John Wamock (bhm). Witnesses: Samuel Lucas, William Barlow (bhm), John Gladish. Court August 6, 1747, Articles of Agreement proved by the oaths of Samuel Lucas, William Barlow & John Gladish. Deed Book 3, Page 339. HENRY CO--Deed Index Grantee Page 55 A B.S. Parrish, etal to C. T. Womack Bk. 50 p. 378 , 1930 HALIFAX CO--Will Book 3, pp. 137-139. William Watkins Will made 13 September 1794, proven 27 October 1794. I Lend to my Daughter Patsey Womack one Negroe Wench Nam Jude Which she now hath in possession also one Negroe girl Named Hannah During her Life after her Death my Will and Desire is the aforementioned Negroes should be Equally Divided Between all her Children to be given to them and to their Heris and Assigns and Assigns and Assigns for Ever. CHARLOTTE CO--Will Book 2 1791-1805, Index to Abstracts WOMACK, Elizabeth 209 Thomas 209 William 209 PITTSYLVANIA CO--Mixed Probate Records, Book 9-1827-1830 Womack, Byrd Womack, William H. Gdn BOTECOURT CO--Will Book G, 528-533 Inventory - Estate of James Kyle, Feb 1848 We do further report that there is a quantity of Pork, Flax, Flour, Salt, and other things, and some rough food which was laid in for the use of the family and stock, which we did not think proper to appraise. All of which are respectively submitted this 4th day of February, 1848. G.McDonald Peter Hammon(Harrmon) J.W. Womack J.K Womack NOTTOWAY CO--Will Book I - 1789-1802 (INDEX) WOMACK Bird Gdn's Acct. 503 WOMACK Joseph Inv. App. 445 WOMACK Josiah Will 412 WOMACK Josiah Exr's Acct. 462 WOMACK Josiah Est. Acct. Sales 463 MILITARY Muster Roll, Company K, Third Virginia Cavalry (Civil War) A. C. Womack A. W. Womack D. G. Womack Eugene Womack Frank L. Womack Jimmy Womack W. W. Womack 54th Virginia Infantry Roster WOMACK, WILLIAM D.: Co. E MISCELLANEOUS CHARLOTTE COUNTY BUSINESS DIRECTORY 1893-94 MILLWRIGHTS Womack J, County Line X Roads FARMERS A W Womack, E A Womack, N D Womack - County Line X Roads HALIFAX CO--Clerk's Account/1763 Dec. Ct 1763, Claims: the Sheriff for summoning 5 called Courts for the examination of: Mary Ann WARNOCK, 4 others, 200 lbs. each court. The Sheriff for committing and releasing Mary Ann WORNOCK and maintaining her for 9 days -65 lbs. Thomas SPRAGGINS, assignee of James LEAKE for guarding Mary Ann WARNOCK 9 days-225 lbs. Thomas SPRAGGINS, assignee of Isham WOMACK for guarding MAYNARD's Negro 4 days-100 lbs. TITHABLES, ETC 1749 Appears to be Lunenburg Co Richard Womack ............................................. 4 1750-Lunenburg Co Richard Womack ............................................. 2 1762-Chesterfield Co Francis Womack ...............................................1 1783-Lunenburg Co Tithes Whites Alexander Womack ...................... 1 10 Rent Roll of Virginia 1704/05 Womack Abr Henrico County, 1705, 560 acres Womack Jno Prince George County, 1704 Womack Wm Henrico County, 1705, 100 acres CEMETERIES, OBITS, ETC MARY DOUGLAS WOMACK, Miss--Sunday, December 14, 1952 Suffolk, Virginia, December 13 - Died Friday, December 12, 1952 at Falls Church, according to a report received by relatives here. She was a sister of the late J.W. WOMACK and aunt of FRANK WILSON WOMACK, 911 Howard Place, Suffolk. Funeral services were conducted Saturday, December 13, 1952 at Seminary Chapel, Alexandria and burial followed in the old Morton Family Cemetery. THOMAS B. WOMACK, Mrs.--Sunday, October 7, 1906 The funeral service was held from the Church of the Good Shepherd Sunday, October 7, 1906. The Daughters of the Confederacy, of which she was a prominent member, attending in body. Her remains were taken to her old home, Pittsboro, for burial and were accompanied there by a number of sorrowing friends. THE VILLAGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Charlotte County, Virginia(1825-58) Jane Gaines (Womack?) 27 July 1833 Dead PINEY RIDGE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH CEMETERY: Appomattox County, Virginia Lillie Richardson Womack b 1870 d 1908 CENSUS DATA - MISCELLANEOUS 1782 HALIFAX COUNTY VA HEADS OF HOUSEHOLDS Womack Abraham 2 white, 8 blacks 1785 HALIFAX COUNTY VA HEADS OF FAMILIES Womack Charles 9 white, 2 dwellings, 3 other buildings 1785 PRINCE EDWARD CO - HEADS OF HOUSEHOLDS Womack Massanello 7 white, 1 dwellings, 7 othe buildings Womack Masanello 0 1 1 Womack William 11 1 1 1810 Lunenburg Co Census WAMMOCK Jacob: Males under 10: 2 (Thomas P and Daniel J Males 10 & under 16: 2 (Jacob Jr and John) Males 26 & under 45: 1 (Jacob) Females under 10: 2 (Mary Isabell and Sarah?) Females 10 & under 16: 1 (Susan?) Females 16 & under 26: 1 (Narcissus) Females 26 and under 45: 1 (Mary Wills) Slaves: 2 Campbell County, VA - 1820 U.S. Census Womack, William 5 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS, District 2 1436 1436 Womack Lilious 43 M Virginia REMARKS: W. L. Asylum: Lilious is listed as insane 1850 Agricultural Census - Nottoway Co VA Womack FOSTER &c NOTTOWAY COUNTY, VIRGINIA - 1850 FEDERAL CENSUS 176 176 Womack Foster &c M 500 - - - an old Tan yard not occupied CHARLOTTE COUNTY, VIRGINIA - 1870 U.S. CENSUS 177b 417 417 Powell Rodrick 60 M B Gardener VA Maria 50 F M Keeping House VA F M keepimg house VA Womack Stephen 6 M B At Home VA Womack Sue 5 F B At Home VA 046 682 682 Womack Charles 25 M W Ship Carpenter 400 VA Mary 23 F W Keeping House VA Bettie 1 F W VA =====================================================================
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