I have compiled as much information on WOMACKS in Arizona as I can find
at the present.  I plan to visit the cemeteries and take photos of the 
markers to add whenever I have the time. I already have some from the
Mesa AZ City and Tombstone City Cemeteries.

This information has been gleaned from censuses, city directories, 
birth [thru 1933] and death certificates [thru 1958], Social Security 
Death Index and any other data I can find. You will find links to 
birth/death certificates and Arizona Censuses.

At a later date I will be adding ancestral data for as many of
these people as I can. I know some of them at the present time, some 
documented, some not.

Any additional info you may hae to augment/correct this; feel free to
send to me and I will make appropriate annotations.


Residence 1940, 1942: 118 Tombstone Canyon, Box 118
Widow of Theodore.
Name: Ella E Womack 

Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002
Name: Theodore O Womack 
Marriage Date: 20 Sep 1912 
Marriage Location: Fredericktown, Madison, Missouri  
Marriage County: Madison  
Spouse Name: Ella E Voelker 
The original license is available on line at Ancestry.Com
and Womack Discussion files.

Ella Womack
Home in 1930: Bisbee, Cochise, Arizona
Age: 41 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1889  

Record for St Louis > 1889 -  
Ella Voelker
9 Feb 1889 St Louis  Anna George 
Birth record online at Ancestry.com and
Womack Discussion files.

Birthplace: Missouri  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Race: White 
Parents' birthplace: Father IL; Mother MO
Age at first mariage not given, census says divorced. 
Household Members: Name Age 
Ella E Womack 41  
Cloyce M Womack 15  both parents born in MO
Johmy E Siems 22  

This should be him
Theodore Osmond Womack  [from LDS]  
Birth:   13 Jun 1888 St. Mary's,Perry,Missouri 
Original birth record online at Ancestry.com, verifies this data. 
Image at Womack Discussion files.
Father:  William F. Womack b. MO [1930 census]      
Mother:  Mary A. McCarver  b. Mo [1930 census]

1930 Census shows what is apparently a second wife;
and step children. Shows his first marriage at 24;
but no name. Age 24 would have put that at about 1912/3,
two years before the birth of Cloyce.

From here down--LDS:

William F. Womack     
Birth:   Dec 1854 Perry,Missouri  
Father:  Robert Marion Womack         
Mother:  Louisa       
Spouse:  Mary A. McCarver b. abt 1856, TN     
Marriage:  abt 1878 
Robert Marion Womack     
Birth:   1828 Tennessee
Death:   Ste. Genevieve,Missouri,  
Father:  William Womack  b. abt 1795, NC marriage ab t 1821 TN     
Mother:  Sarah b. abt 1796 GA     
Spouse:  Louisa  LNU b . abt 1836, IN      
Marriage:  abt 1853  Of, , Missouri  
Spouse:  Malinda (Belinda) Hahn   b. abt 1834, MO
d. Oct 1852, St Genevieve MO   
Marriage:  2 Dec 1851  Perry, Missouri 

1920 Census Ste Genevieve Co MO
Name: Ella E Womack 
Home in 1920: Danville Ward 5, Vermilion, Illinois 
Age: 31 years  
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1889 
Birthplace: Missouri 
Relation to Head of House: Wife  
Spouse's Name: Theodore O 
Father's Birth Place: Missouri  
Mother's Birth Place: Missouri  
Marital Status: Married  
Race: White 
Household Members: Name Age 
Theodore O Womack 31  
Ella E Womack 31  
Cloyce M Womack 5  

Name: Theodore O Womack 
Home in 1930: Danville, Vermilion, Illinois
Age: 41 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1889  
Birthplace: Missouri  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Spouse's Name: Allie M 
Race: White 
Age at first marriage: 24
Parents' birthplace: See above LDS info
Household Members: Name Age 
Theodore O Womack 41  
Allie M Womack 39  
Gladys V Hall 16  
Helen M Hall 11  
Dorothy V Hall 9  
Taking into consideration the two censuses, they must
have divorced sometime in the 1920's.

WWI Draft Card - Danville IL
Theodore Osmond Womack
b. Jun 13 1888, Perryville MO
Occupation Locomotive Fireman

Says he supported wife and one child, no names.
Description: Tall, Medium build, eyes Light Blue, Hair light, 
signed June 15 1917 gave age as 28

I think I have just about worn this one out. anyone wanting
to go back further is welcome to do so. Would appreciate
any  info on this line that may be found.
Residence 1942, 1946: 237C Brewery, PO Box 2296
wife: Polly S
I believe this is the son of Maria Del Refugio Escalante Womack,
b. in abt 1924 per 1930 Cochise Co census. If so, he is not a true
Womack, I know the true details; but will keep them under wraps.

384-J ELLA WOMACK KIRSCH, Probably Ella E Above,remarried?

1936 thru 1941

Note: there was a Womack Avenue in Phoenix.
Note: There were no directory entries for 1939.
b. abt 1907, TN - Parents John D and Beulah below.[1910 census]
Residence 1936: 1401 N 3d St
residence 1938: 1537 W Van Buren
Residence 1940: 1301 Hubbell
Residence 1941: 1702 Laurel
Worked for P W womack Construction[1936]
1937: Andrew Womack Building Co?
Wife: Ruby [1940 directory]
Is this him from SSDI?: Andrew Womack 20 Feb 1903 Dec 1960 

1910 Census, Maricopa Co Az
Name: Andrew J Womack 
Age in 1910: 3 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1907 
Birthplace: Tennessee 
Relation to Head of House: Son  
Father's Name: John D 
Father's Birth Place: Tennessee  
Mother's Name: Beulah D  
Mother's Birth Place: Tennessee  
Home in 1910: Osborn, Maricopa, Arizona 
Marital Status: Single  
Race: White 
Gender: Male  

1937: 1015 N 15th Ave 
1938: 1360 Grand 

Residence 1937: 314 E Buchanan
Porter with John Lynch

Residence 1936: Orang Rd, Rt 10 Box 333d
Residence 1938: N 32 St, Rt 10 Box 333d
b. 10 Apr 1900, TN; d. 19 Oct 1990 Cottonwood, Yavapai, Arizona[SSDI] 
Wife: Alta Mae
b. 9 Nov 1904, AZ; d. 11 Jun 2000 Cottonwood, Yavapai, Arizona[SSDI]
Son Donald L b. Mar 1927, census Apr 4 1930,
[age on census 3 1/12].
Worked with Poultry.

REsidence 1941: 1111 S 5th Ave

Residence 1936: 2310 Dayton
Not on 1930 Census
Typist with WPA

Residence 1937, 1938: 2328 N Mitchell

GEO T WOMACK [shown as G T also]
1938 Residence 2221 N Mitchell
Wife: Helen

Residence 1940, 1941: 2108 E Jefferson
 Grace Womack 5 Feb 1908 4 Dec 1994 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona [SSDI]

HAGAN W WOMACK [1920 Census was a roomer] [also shown as Hogan, HW]
Residence 1936: 2226 N 21 St
Residene 1937: 757 E Pierce
Residence 1938, 1940: 2107 N 25th Pl [shown as W Hagan, W H, Wallace H]
Not on 1930 census
Wife Ruth.. 
Superintendent with P W Womack Construction
Residence 1937: 757 E Pierce
B. ABT 1903, 

1930 cENSUS: 
Name: Harold Womack 
Home in 1930: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
Age: 27 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1903  
Birthplace: Color 
His parents  b. CO 
Relation to Head of House: Lodger  
Lodger with Ester Laveen
Cook in Hotel.

Harold Womack
Home in 1930: Coldwater, Maricopa, Arizona
Age: 24 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1906  
Birthplace: Colorado  
Relation to Head of House: Cook  
Race: White 
Wife: Sarah , age 22, b. CO
Age at First Marriage: he 20, she 18
His father b. CO,  mother PA
Her parents b. CO 
JAMES A WOMACK [shown as Jas A]
Residence 1940: 900 E Moreland

1930 Census Maricopa Co AZ
James A Womack 
Home in 1930: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
View Map 
Age: 9 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1921  
Relation to Head of House: Son  
Parent's Name: May E 
Race: White 
Household Members: Name Age 
May E Womack 48  
James A Womack 9  
Eva Gardner 20  
Richard D Gardner 8/12  


Residence 1936: 826 N 3d Ave
Residence 1938: 16 W Moreland
REsidence 1940: 1334 W Portland
Residence 1941: 318 E Coronado
Not on 1930 Census
Clerk with CCC

Residence 1937: N 13 Ave
[same as John D?]

Residence 1937: 29 N 17th St [rear]

b. abt 1872, TN; D. Aug 1963, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Birth Date: 19 Feb 1871  
Death Date: Aug 1963  
Social Security Number:  527-14-9821  
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued:  Arizona 
Actual Death Residence:  Arizona 

Cannot place on 1880 Census. Two Johns, both born abt 1871.
One son of Ransom and Josie Womack; the other Dan and 
Elvira Womack. Both McMinn Co.

Shown as John C on 1900, Bedford Co TN census
John C Womack 29  
Beulah Womack 23  
Annie D Womack 1 

1910 Census Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
John D Womack 38  
Beulah D Womack 33  
Annie D Womack 11  
Wallace H Womack 8  
Porter W Womack 7  
Andrew J Womack 3  
John R Womack 1 2/12  
Not on 1920 under his, her nor children's names 
Soundex, etc, even checked TN in case went back. 
1930 Phoenix, Maicopa, AZ[found under Beulah!]
John D Wamack 59  
Beulah Wamack 53  
Andrew J Wamack 23  
John Richard Wamack 21  
Lucille Wamack 17  
Virginia Wamack 12  

Residence 1936: 332 N 20 Pl W
Residence 1937, 1938: 824 N 13 Ave
REsidence 1940, 1941: 1522 W Willetta
Residence at death of wife: 1522 W Willetta, Phoenix AZ
Marriage: Dec 24 1895, Bedford Co, TN [per LDS]
Wife: Beulah [shown as Beulah Bell and Beulah Dell] 
b. Bedford Co TN, b. Jul 16 1876; d. Sep 5 1945, Phoenix Maricopa AZ
Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, Sep 7 1945.
Her parents: Joshua Wilson Hix; Elizabeth Porter Holt  
1880 Census Bedford Co TN
Joshauay HIX   Self   M   Male   W   25   TN   Farmer   SC   TN  
 Bettie HIX   Wife   M   Female   W   23   TN   Keeping House   TN   TN  
 Walter HIX   Son   S   Male   W   5   TN      TN   TN  
 Beulah HIX   Dau   S   Female   W   4   TN      TN   TN  
 John HIX   Son   S   Male   W   1   TN      TN   TN  
Link to her death certificate: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/075/10751421.pdf

He was employee with P W womack construction[carpenter]

In addition to sons listed, they had a daughter: Annie D[avis], b. abt 1899,
TN, per 1910 census, Maricopa Co AZ;
Death Cert shows Sep 29, 1896. d. d. Oct 3 1930
1900 Census shows her inBedford Co TN; death certificate shows born in TN
Husband; Turner Jackson
Death Cert  http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/042/10422261.pdf
Buried in Mesa AZ City Cemetery
Birth:   25 Jun 1897   Bowie, Montague, Tx   
Father:  Calvin Alonzo JACKSON  Mother:  Melissa Paralee HALL     
Spouse:  Edna Mae THOMPSON  
Marriage:  1 Jan 1935  
Spouse:  Annie Davis WOMACK  
Marriage:  Dec 1920 
1930 Census, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ
Turner Jackson 33  
Annie Jackson 31  
Harried E Jackson 7  
Millon T Jackson 1 6/12 

A daughter Lucile b. Jan 8 1913
Birth Cert: http://genealogy.az.gov/azbirth/412/412-0272.pdf

A daughter Virginia, b. Mar 4 1918
Residence 1937: 824 N 13 Ave
Birth Cert: http://genealogy.az.gov/azbirth/425/4250376.pdf

b. abt Mar 1909, TN Parents John D and Beaula above.
Residence 1937: 806 n 10th Ave
Residence 1938: 2103 N 25th PL Name shown as J Richd, wife same
Residence 1940: 2118 Yale [also shown as J R]
Residence 1941: 1714 Laurel
Wife: Rowena
superintendent with P W Womack Construction
Is this him from SSDI?:  John R. Womack 30 Dec 1908 15 Oct 2004 Payson, Gila, Arizona 
John Richard Womack 
Tuesday, October 19, 2004 John Richard Womack, 95, of Payson, died Oct. 15, 2004. 
He was born Dec. 30, 1908 in Phoenix. 
Mr. Womack, along with Porter Womack, founded Womack Construction of Phoenix, in 1921. 
He held membership in the Phoenix J.C. and the Masonic Lodge in Phoenix, and had been a 
resident of Payson since about 1996. 
He is survived by a daughter, Beverly Jean Garva of Payson; a son, Donald Richard Womack 
of Scottsdale; sisters, Lucille Taylor of Bend, Ore. and Virginia Beebe of Oregon; three 
grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. 
Arrangements handled by Messinger Payson Funeral Home.


[unless she is May E b. 1882, TX, widow
on 1930 census;Son James A, age 9, b. AZ]
Residence 1936: 915 E Pierce
Residence 1937: 717 E Washington
Residence 1938: 717 1/2 E Washington

MRS MARTHA L WOMACK [death cert: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0224/02241428.pdf]
Residence 1936, 1937, 1938, 1940, 1941: 617 N 10th Ave
Residence at death Sep 27 1956, Same
Link to death certificate: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0224/02241428.pdf
Yancy Toombs Womack 
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/036/10361969.pdf
Not on 1930 census

Residence 1941: 821 Mitchell Dr

B. ABT 1907, co
1930 Census: Lodger with Ester Laveen
Waitress in Cafe-both parents b. CO
[See Harold, wife?; sister?].

Residence 1938: 915 E Pierce
Residence 1940, 1941: 915 E Pierce [shown as May E]

Residence 1938: 1717 1/2 E Washington 

1930 Census, Maricopa Co AZ
Home in 1930: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
View Map 
Age: 48 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1882  
Birthplace: Texas  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Race: White 
Household Members: Name Age 
May E Womack 48  
James A Womack 9  
Eva Gardner 20  
Richard D Gardner 8/12  


Residence 1937; With W R Gunkle

Owner of P W Womack Construction Co, 600 E Jefferson.
1940 Construction Co now at 1702 S Central [Ave] & 1712 S Central
Residence 1936, 1937, 1938, 1940: 1006 W Roosevelt
Residence 1941: 1632 Palmcroft Way SE
Born 21 Jan 1903, TN; d. Jan 1969, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ[Source-SSDI]
Wife, Lolita M born 02 Sep 1903; d. Jul 1991, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ[SSDI]
2 Children: Barbara L born  abt1928; Ilah M, b Dec 1929
[census Apr 4 1930, age on census 5/12].
Porter was son of John D and Beulah above[1910 Census Osborn,
Maricopa, AZ

1930 Census
Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
View Map 
Age: 27 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1903  
Birthplace: Tennessee  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Spouse's Name: Lolita M 
Race: White 
Age at first marriage: He 20, she 20
Parents' birthplace:  Both TN
Household Members: Name Age 
Porter W Womack 27  
Lolita M Womack 26  b. OR, parents b. KS
Barbara L Womack 2 11/12  b. CA
Ilah M Womack 5/12  b. AZ
Census Apr 4 1930 


THOMAS WOMACK[also shown as Thos L]
Residence 1938: 1107b S 9th Ave [also Thos]
Residence 1940, 1941: 2134 E Buchanan[also shown as T L]
Wife: Myrtle


Residenc 1940, 1941: 1010 1/2 E Willetta[also shown as T W]
Wife Dorothy

Residence 1938: 824 N 13 Ave [See John D above]
REsidence 1940, 1941: 1522 W Willetta

WALLACE A WOMACK [1930 census]
1910 Census:  Wallace H, parents John and Beulah above.
Building Contractor
b. abt 1902, AL
Wife Ruth, b. abt 1904, IA
Daughter Dorothy, b. abt 1922, AZ

1930 Census, Maricopa Co AZ
Home in 1930: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona
View Map 
Age: 28 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1902  
Birthplace: Alabama  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Spouse's Name: Ruth 
Race: White 
Age at First Marriage: He 21, she 19
Household Members: Name Age 
Wallace A Womack 28  Parents born TN
Ruth Womack 26  b. IA, Parents born IA
Dorothy Womack 8  b. AZ
Adrian Reed 41, Lodger, b. WI 



Residence 121 W 5th St


Womack, Billy Joe [Eliz] 90 Santa Rita Dr
Milton L [Lucille] 3402 Benson Hwy
Womarck, Rogberta R 408 E Michigan

Other cities/Counties

Jacob Milledge Womack
Name: Jacob M Wamack
[Jacob M Womack]  
Home in 1920: Chandler, Maricopa, Arizona 
Age: 28 years  
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1892 
Birthplace: Texas 
Relation to Head of House: Stepson  
Father's Birth Place: Texas  
Mother's Name: Ida A [maiden name r\Reynolds]
Mother's Birth Place: Georgia  
Father: b. TX 
Marital Status: Single  
Race: White 
Household Members: Name Age 
John M Young 56  
Ida A Young 49  [second marriage]
Jacob M Wamack 28  
Robert L Wamack 19  b. TX
Wilma J Wamack 14   b. TX

Jacob Milledge Womack
b. Jan 12 1892, TX; d. Nov 28 1922, Mesa, Maricopa AZ
Never married.
Father: Robert Noland Womack; Mother:  Ida May Reynolds
Both born TX per death cert; but census says she born GA
as were her parents.
Buried Mesa City Cemetery, Mesa AZ, a family plot;
mother buried in same plot under second marriage name.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/026/10260969.pdf

Mary E Warnock
[Mary E Womack]  [I read Womack on census]
Home in 1920: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona 
Age: 59 years  
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1861 
Birthplace: Ohio 
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Father's Birth Place: Ohio  
Mother's Birth Place: Ohio  
Marital Status: Widow  
Race: White 
Household Members: Name Age 
Mary E Warnock 59  
Paul W Bertram 28  [soninlaw] he and parents born OH
Claire M Bertram 28  daughter, father was born OH
William C Bertram 3 1/12  Grandson, b. OH
Ruth C Bertram 6  Granddaughter, b. OH

Raymond Womack 
Home in 1930: Osborn, Maricopa, Arizona
Age: 30 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1900  
Birthplace: Kentucky  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Spouse's Name: Effie 
Race: White 
Age at first marriage: He, 
Parents' birthplace:  US
Household Members: Name Age 
Raymond Womack 30  
Effie Womack 29  she and parents b. KY
Wanetta Womack 8  b. OH
Junior Womack 8/12  b, AZ [Census Apr 4, 1930]
Sarah Johnson 55, servant, LA

Thomas F Womack
1930 Census Maricopa Co aZ
Thomas F Womack 
Home in 1930: Glendale, Maricopa, Arizona
Age: 45 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1885  
Birthplace: Texas  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Spouse's Name: Sophie 
b. abt 1882, IL
Race: White 
He was 27, she 30 when they married per census.

Name: Thomas R Womack 
Home in 1930: Wickenburg, Maricopa, Arizona
Age: 37 
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1893  
Birthplace: Tennessee  
Relation to Head of House: Head  
Spouse's Name: Allie 
Race: White 
Age at first marriage: He 28, she 21
Parents' birthplace:   Father, US; Mother, TN.  
Household Members: Name Age 
Thomas R Womack 37  
Allie Womack 30 b. OK; father IA; Mother, KS.
Thomas W Womack 8  [all children born AZ]
Jenn C Womack 6  
Robert E Womack 1  
Rolland E Womack 1  
Daisy M Womack    


Alex R [Alexander Roosevelt] Womack  
aka Alejandro Roosevelt]. 
b. Oct 27 1908, Benson AZ; d. Sep 17 1941, Apache Powder Plant,
rural Benson, Cochise, AZ.
Wife; Jane 
Son of David Gaw and Maria "Hattie" del Refugio Escalante Womack
Shown as Mexican on death certificate.
As you go into the Tombstone City Cemetery, not Boot Hill,
down lane to near back and you will find his marker. He was a powder man with a 
mining company and was blown to bits in an explosion.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/065/10652759.pdf

Arthur Fred Womack  
b, Oct 28 1890, in AR; d. Jan 11 1913, Tucson, Pima AZ
Son of John and Mary J Cecil womack, born b. AR.
Single; was a telegrapher.
Taken to Harrison AR for burial
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/010/10103013.pdf


Ben F Womack
b. Oct 9 1901, Beltran AR;; d. Mar 5, 1944, Morenci, Greenlee, AZ
Usual REsidence: Clifton, Greenlee, AZ
Son of Alex Womack, b. TN; and Louise LNY, b. Beltran AR
Catepillar operation for Phelps Dodge Corp [copper mining]
Burial: Socorro NM - Mar 7 1944.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/071/10712367.pdf

Dallas Womack  
This one I need help to figure out!! Parents names are Indian names.
Born and died on Navajo Reservation when about 9 months old. I think]
there was a Womack who was an engineer or something on the reservation
about this time - Perhaps he was a friend and the child was named after
him and the real last name was not put on the death certificate. Or,
perhaps the Womack pulled an Abraham??

Name of Womack on reservation:
Alexander H Womack Bessie F Moqui Reserve, Navajo, Arizona 

No Burial information.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/014/10141651.pdf

Daniel Webster Womack 
b. Nov 7 1861, Fairgrove Missouri
d. May 1 1938, Prescot, Yavapai, AZ
Wife: Mary
Son of: 
Richard B Womack, b, Green Co MO
Lucinda Triplett, b. MO
Burial: Mt View Cemetery, Prescott AZ May 3 1944
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/058/10582807.pdf

David Lionel Womack
b. Nov 12 1900, TX; d. Jun 26 1955, Gila Co AZ
Parents: David H and Roxie McMahon Womack, both b. TX
Death certificate indicates no spouse
Burial; Mausoleum of Last Supper Rural Cemetery, Central Heights AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0219/02191995.pdf

Daniel Whitfield Womack
b. Feb 16 1870, TX; d. Dec 31 1949, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Daniel Womack, b. TX; Mother: Caroline Tullow, b. LA
Burial Memorial Park, Phoenix AZ
Was divorced.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/090/10900471.pdf

Della Elizabeth Womack
b. Sep 30 1879, TX; d. Jul 30 1954, Flagstaff, Coconino, AZ
Usual REsidence; San Gabriel, Los angeles, CA
Husband Samuell Womack, 253 Junipero St, San Gabriel CA
Death certificate shows father's last name as Borden, no info on 
mother. Was taken to Ft Smith AR for burial.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/215/02151886.pdf

Dora Womack
b. Oct 22 1882, GA; d. Nov 10 1915, Bisbee, Cochise, AZ
Husband's name not given, but a WJ or WT Womack of Bisbee was informant.
Fathers name unknown but says b. Germany; no info on mother.
Taken to Corning CA for burial.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/014/10140536.pdf
Fredrick Theodrick Womack
b. Jul 29 1887, MO; d. Jan 12 1952, Prescott, Yavapai, AZ
Parents: George W and phoebe Wire Womack, both born MO
Burial: Mt View Cemetery, Prescott AZ
Says married but Wife's name not given
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0206/dc1350.pdf

George Russell Womack
b. mar 24 1880, AL; d. Mar 17 1947, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Parents: John Russell and Mary Etta LNU Womack, both born AL
Wifes name: Ethel
Son Burt signed as informant
Burial: Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/079/10791671.pdf

Guy V Womack
b. abt 1888 TX; d. Aug 9 1927, Holbrook, Navajo, AZ
Usual Residence: Altus OK
Cause of death: Auto accident.
Father: K R Womack, b. AL; mother Sally Gossipe, b. unknown
Was taken to Altus OK for burial
Soource: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/035/10351383.pdf

Helen Alice Womack
b. Mar 29 1900, TX; d. Mar 6 1953, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Tom Jacobs; mother: Lina Bryant, both born TX
Married: Husband's name not given.
Buried: Greenwood Memorial Park, Phoenix AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/210/2258.pdf

Joel C Womack
b. Apr 8 1901, GA; d. Nov 181 1940, Hackberry, Mohave, AZ
Usual Residence: 511 Queen Court, Needles, San Bernardino, CA
Father: John Womack, b. unknown; mother no name or other info
A Eugenia Womack signed as informant, wife?? Was married
Was taken to Needles CA for burial.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/064/10640303.pdf

Linda Irene Womack
b. Morenci, Greenlee, AZ, May 7 1948; d. May 17, 1945, Morenci AZ
Father: James P Womack, b. Big Springs TX
Mother: Rowena Eldred, b. Los Alamos CO
Mother signed death certificate as informant using maiden name.
Buried: Clifton, Greenlee, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/083/10830169.pdf

Paricia Eileen Womack
b. Dec 10 1945, Phoenix, Maricopa AZ; d. Oct 15 1945, same place.
Father: James Womack, b. OH; mother Eileen Robinson, b. NE
Buried: St Francis Cemetery, Phoenix AZ
Father was a Lieutenant, possibly pilot trainee at either
Luke or Williams Air Force Base AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/076/10760246.pdf

Ralph Raymond Womack
b. Mar 30 1900, ID; d. Aut 24 1952, Prescott, Yavapai, AZ
Father: Franklin P Womack, b. MS; Mother: Lizzie Pepper, b. MS
Was married, wife's Freda.
Was taken to Weiser ID for burial.
source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0208/dc0527.pdf

Richard A Womack
b. Jun 9 1888, IL; s. Dec 30 1913, Tucson, Pima, AZ
Father: John D womack, b.IL; Mother: Julia Reynolds, b. SC
Former  Residence: Carin IL [had been in AZ 3 years
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/012/10120803.pdf

Willis Rudolph Womack
b. Nov 18 1870, St Genevieve Co, MO
d. Feb 3 1932, San Simon, Cochise Co, AZ
Father: B B Womack, b. TN; Mother: Sarah E Lane, b. IL
Married, wife's name Nettie J Forshee
Buried: San Simon Cemetery, Cochise Co, AZ
I think this man was exhumed and removed to MO and 
reburied there in 1952 after a family controversy.
LDS has two burial dates. The death certificate
onlu shows teh San Simon burial.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/045/10451510.pdf

Yancy Tombs Womack
b. Jan 7 1861< LA; d. Mar 2 1928, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father; William Womack, b. GA; Mother: FNU Meyers, b. LA
Wife Martha L [Kerr]; See Martha L Womack above.
Buried: Glendale, Maricopa, Az Cemetery.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/036/10361969.pdf

 Death Name Other Than Womack, by Last Name
Minnie Womack Allen 
b. Apr 25 1871, Flat Creek TN; d. Jun 18 1943, Prescott, Yavapai, AZ
Father/Mother, See Baxter G Womack above.
Husbands first name not given
Buried Prescoptt AZ 
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/069/10693237.pdf

Ruth Evelyn Ashley
b.&d. Jan 4 1925, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Henry Ashley, b. IN 
Mother Wilma Womack, b. Santa Anna TX
Buried: Mesa Cemetery, Mesa AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/030/10300180.pdf

Maude O Womack Bemis  
b. Jul 14 1884, TN; d. Jan 31 1955, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father Alex Womack, b, TN; Mother: Mahala Thompson, b. TN
Was a widow - husband's anme not given.
Buried: Greenwood Memorial Park, Phoenix, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0218/02180585.pdf

Mary Louis Womack Chaves  
Jan 20 1907, Huntland TN; d. Jun 28 1932, Prescott, Yavapai, Az
Father: Oliver C Womack, b. Flat Creek TN
Mother: Minnie Mae Baxter, b. Flat Creek TN
Husband: Russell C Chaves
Buried: Mt View Cemetery, Prescott AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/046/10460890.pdf

Mary Frances Lucille Charla
b. aAug 16, 1915, Panhandle TX; d. Jun 20 1945
Usual Residence: Springfield, Green, MO
Father: Arthur Stearns, b. MO; Mother: Delya Womack, b. MO
married but husbands name listed as unknown
Was taken to Springfield MO for burial.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/074/10742657.pdf

John White Crenshaw
b. Jun 19 1859, AL; d. Jan 14 1923, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Frederick W Crenshaw, b. AL
Mother: Marie E C Womack, b. AL
wife: Mary C
Buried: Grenwood Cemetery, Phoeix AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/026/10261454.pdf

Nancy Ann Duim
b.&d. Aug 31 1947, Phoenix, Maricopa AZ
Father: Frank H Duim, b. Phoenix AX
Mother: Dorothy May Womack, b. Phoenix AZ
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/080/10802035.pdf

Zena S Farmer
b. mar 1875, Travers Co TX; d. Apr 13 1930, Nogales, Santa Cruz Co, AZ
Father: O J Jones, b. unkn; Mother: Sarah Womack, LA
Husband: Henry J Farmer
Buried: Nogales Az
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/041/10412461.pdf

La Van Fleming
b. & d. May 5 1947, Phoenix, Maricopa AZ
Father: Earl Fleming, b. Riverside CA
Mother: Bennie Womack, b. Marshall TX
Used for Laboratoty Purposes.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/080/10800151.pdf

Dulce Nell Womack Hartwell  
b. FEb 23 1907, TX; d. May 18 1956, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Y T Womack [see Yancy above]; Mother: ? Kerr [see Martha L Womack]
Husband: Roy A Hartwell.
Buried: Glendale Memorial Park, Glendale, Maricopa, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0223/02231050.pdf

Agnes L Womack Henderson
b. Oct 19 1864, Watertown TN; d. Aud 17 1944, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: J S Womack, b. TN; Mother: Mary Anderson, b. TN
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/072/10722616.pdf

Ernest Malone Jeter
b. Sep 6 1880, LA; d. Jun 15 1942 Tucson, Pima, AZ
Father: Henry Malone Jeter, b; MO
Mother: FNU Womack, b. unknown
Wife's Name: Viola
Buried: Evergreen Cemetery, Tucson AZ
source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/067/10671546.pdf

Florine Womack Jumonville  
b. Jan 16 1916, TX; d. Sep 28 1947, Hwy 60 3 mi E Globe, Gila, AZ
Father:  C L Wo'mack, b. TX; Mother: No info.
Was divorced.Taken to Coree tX for Burial.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/080/10802369.pdf

Elizabeth Agnes Layne
b. Apr 16 1890, LA; d. Dec 28 1934, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: John Perkins, b. unknown; Mother: Inez Womack, b. unknown
Husband: Fred Layne
Buried: Greenwood Cemetery, Phoeniox AZ
source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/051/10510323.pdf

Alex Womack Mahle
b. Jul 20 1921, Moqui Reservation, Navajo, AZ[Hopi TGribe]
d. Jul 30 1922, Moqui Reservation, AZ
Father: Francis Mahle b. same as Alex
Mother: Dett Autsong, b. same as Alex
Burial: Place not given.
I cannot figure out why this child had a Womack name as middle one.
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/025/10252276.pdf

Martin Parra
b. Nov 20 1944, Tombstone, Cochise, AZ; d. Dec 24 1944, same place
Father: Selso Parra, b. Douglas AZ
Mother: Juanita Womack, b. Tombstone AZ 
Burial: Tombstone City Cemetery, Tombstone, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/073/10731713.pdf

Dorothea Pavatea
b. Jan 27 1945, Hopi Reservation, Polacca, Navajo, AZ
d. Mar 02 1945, same place
Father: Womack Pavatea, born same place
Mother: Garnet Dewakuku, born same place
Burial: Polacca AZ
source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/074/10740974.pdf
Another how did Womack get in the name?

Letha Womack Weeks  
b. abt 1855[age 75], AR; d. Dec 23 1923, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Larkin Womack; Mother Frances Qumas, both b. unknown
Husband C H Weeks
Buried: Twin Buttes Cem, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/043/10430316.pdf

Emma B Womack Wilbanks
b. Nov 9 1875, TX; d. Dec 23 1928, Payson, Gila , AZ  
Husband: Jack Wilbanks
Father: J S Womack, b. MP; Mother: Molly Gibson, b. IL
Buried: Payson Cemetery
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/038/10380670.pdf

Jesse James Wilbanks
b. May 23 1897, Petersburg or Oscar OK
d. Apr 09 1942, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Jack Wilbanks, b. TX
Mother: Emma Womack, b. TX [see Emma Wilbanks above]
Wife's name: Sarah
Burial: Mesa Cemetery, Mesa, Maricopa, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/067/10670198.pdf

Theodore Wilson [black]
b. abt 1853, Marshall TX; d, Dec 20 1928, Globe, Gila, AZ
Father: Manuel Wilson, b. VA
Mother: Emma Womack, b. unknown
Burial: Globe Cemetery, Globe AZ
source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/038/10380660.pdf

 Wamack, wammack, wommack, Etc, Births Deaths, Etc

Guillermo Wamack
b. Oct 23 1918, Tucson AZ; d, Jun 17 1920, Tucson, Pima, AZ
Father: David Womack, b. San Antonio TX
Mother: Cecilia Sotelo, b. Mexico
Buried: Holy Hope Cemetery [Tucson?]
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/022/10220816.pdf

Mary Wamack
b. Oct 11 1832, TN; d. Oct 4 1924, Phoenix, Maricopa AZ
Parents: father Slim Anderson, b. NC; Mother FNU Robinson, b.TN
Husband: James S Wamack
Burial:Greenwood Cemetery, Phoenix AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/029/10291874.pdf
Per LDS, Husband should be James Smith Womack, 
b. Oct 4 1818, TN; d. 10 May 1895
Her name shown on LDS as Mary Anderson Vick.
Their mariage shown as 1859
First marriage shown as Erinney Elinor LNU, 1857
His parents whown as: Richard Womack and Agnes Smith
Richard is shown as b. 1790-93,; d. between 1860-70
Richard's spouses whown as:
[1] Elizabeth Puckette, m. bef 1833
[2] Agnes Smith, m. 12 Sep 1812, wilson Co TN
[3] FNU Bailey, no date..
Theres someting wrong with the marriage info here.
Richards father shown as Richard Womack, b. 1755, VA;
d. abt 1819 Wilson Co TN, buried: Womack Fam Cem, cherry Valley,
wilson Co TN. His wife is shown as Rachel LNU, b. abt 11746, VA;
d. abt 1838/39, buried with Richard, married: abt 1775.
This Richard's father and mother shown as Alexander and Martha womack.

This has to be her but I cannot reconcile the last name Henderson.
1920 United States Federal Census 
Name: Mary Wamack 
Home in 1920: Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona 
Age: 87 years  
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1833 
Birthplace: Tennessee 
Relation to Head of House: Mother  
Father's Birth Place: Tennessee  
Mother's Birth Place: Tennessee  
Marital Status: Widow  
Race: White 
Household Members: Name Age 
W S Henderson 55  
R I Henderson 26  
H M Henderson 23  
Rudy Henderson 20  
Mary Wamack 87  

Alexander Wamack
b. Oct 27 1908
See Alexander Roosevelt Womack Above
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azbirth/402/402-2000.pdf

Sallie Wammack
b. Oct 20 1867, Brown Co TX; d. Jul 14 1940, Holbrook, Navajo, AZ
Father: Will Graves, b. MO; mother, unknown
Husband: Charly Andrew Wamack [age 71]
Informant: Steve Wammack, Overgaard AZ
Buried: Hevber AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/063/10631393.pdf

Charles Andrew Wommack
b. Nov 20 1872, place unknown per death cert.
d. Jun 5 1948, Saginaw Log Camp, S Mormon Lake,
Flagstaff, Coconino, AZ
Says Usual Residence: TX
Gunshot wound to forehead.
Parents names not given.
Burial: Flagstaff AZ, name of cemetery not given.
source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/083/10832431.pdf

Marie Wommack
b. May 12, 1911, Layton, Graham, AZ
Father: Cubby Wommack, age 23, b. Choctaw Nation OK
Mother: Bessie Clark, age 20, b. AR
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azbirth/409/409-0150.pdf

WEbb Sherwood Wommack
b. FEb 20 1923, Glendale, Maricopa, AZ
Father: George W wommack, age 48. b. OK
Mother: Pearl Curtis, age 33, b, TX
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azbirth/441/4412768.pdf

Robert Michael Norman
b. Aug 7 1957, AZ; d. Dec 4 1958, Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ
Father: Howard J Norman, b. MO; Mother: Georgia Mae Wommack, b. MO
Burial: Greenwood Memorial Park, Phoenix, AZ
Source: http://genealogy.az.gov/azdeath/0233/02331815.pdf


Luther Dale Womack, age 73, passed away on January 4, 2005 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Mr. Womack was a Civil Engineer with the City and State of Arizona for over 35 
Years, retiring in 1994. He is survived by his Aunt Cletus Seller, Several Cousins 
and Numerous Friends who loved him dearly. Funeral Services for Mr. Womack will 
be held on Friday, January 6, 2005 at 11:00am at the Phoenix Memorial Mortuary Chapel, 
200 W. Beardsley Rd. Visitation will be held from 10-11am Prior to the service. 
Phoenix Memorial Park and Mortuary in charge of arrangements. 
Published in The Arizona Republic on 1/7/2005.  

Helen L. Womack, 79, of Traverse City, formerly of Torch Lake and Sun 
City West, Ariz., died Saturday, Aug. 28, 2004, at Munson Medical Center, surrounded 
by her loving family. Born April 1, 1925, in Detroit, she was the daughter of Charles 
Lothrop and Mary Loraine (Detwiler) Hayward. On June 30, 1949, in Detroit, she married 
Donald Whitfield Womack, who preceded her in death on Jan. 15, 2000. Helen was a kind, 
generous, feisty, determined woman. She graduated from Alma College, where she was 
"Queen of Scots" and met her beloved, Don. Together they had three children and many 
family pets. Helen had been employed as a teacher in the Detroit area for over 30 years. 
After retirement, Helen and Don enjoyed many years of boating, golfing, traveling, and 
spending summers on Torch Lake socializing with their dear friends. Helen often spoke 
of the memories she had from her father's purchase of Shady Rest on Torch Lake in the 
1930s. The land, the lake, and the whispering pines, were her delight and she thoroughly
loved being there. Survivors include her three children, Mary (Ted) Brontsema of Glendale, 
Ariz., Kathryn (Steven) Holl of Traverse City and Chad (Su) of England; five grandchildren, 
Sol, Angela, Rory, Theo and Travis Juan; and a sister, Phyllis Livingstone of Kalamazoo 
and Torch Lake. A memorial service will be held at the Presbyterian Church on Friday, 
Sept. 3, 2004, at 11 a.m., with visitation from 10:30 a.m. until the time of the service. 
The Rev. Dr. Homer Nye will officiate. Memorial contributions may be directed to Phoenix 
Assistance League on 7th Street, Phoenix, Ariz. Arrangements are by the Reynolds-Jonkhoff 
Funeral Home in Traverse City.




 Name  			Birth Date  Death Date  Last Residence

 John Womack 		19 Feb 1871 -- Aug 1963 Arizona  
 William Womack 	10 Dec 1882 -- Jul 1963 Arizona  
 Thomas Womack 		05 Sep 1891 -- Jul 1964 Arizona  
 Herman Womack 		05 Nov 1896 -- Apr 1980 Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona  
 Baxter G. Womack 	10 Apr 1900 19 Oct 1990 Cottonwood, Yavapai, Arizona  
 Pearl H. Womack 	30 Apr 1900 18 Nov 1993 Scottsdale, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Jewell Womack 		23 Mar 1901 -- Jun 1973 Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona  
 Robert Womack 		23 Jan 1901 -- May 1970 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Eugene Womack 		17 Jul 1903 -- Aug 1971 Bullhead City, Mohave, Arizona  
 Lolita M. Womack 	02 Sep 1903 -- Jul 1991 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona [wife Porter W] 
 P. Womack 		21 Jan 1903 Jan 1969 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona [Porter W] 
 Alta M. Womack 	09 Nov 1904 11 Jun 2000 Cottonwood, Yavapai, Arizona  [wife of Baxter G]
 Bertha T. Womack 	17 Aug 1904 28 Apr 1988 Cornville, Yavapai, Arizona  
 Althea N. Womack 	17 Feb 1906 02 Aug 2007 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Claud Womack 		31 Jul 1906 Apr 1976 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Sallie Womack 		19 Sep 1906 30 Sep 1997 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Grace Womack 		05 Feb 1908 04 Dec 1994 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 John R. Womack 	30 Dec 1908 15 Oct 2004 Payson, Gila, Arizona  
 C. W. Womack 		18 Nov 1909 07 Jun 1998 Springerville, Apache, Arizona  
 Leon Womack 		28 Jun 1909 -- Apr 1983 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Walter Womack 		07 Aug 1909 -- Oct 1973 Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona  
 Mildred Womack 	14 Mar 1911 21 Oct 2001 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Robert L. Womack 	19 Nov 1911 13 Dec 2001 Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona  
 Leslie M. Womack 	05 Dec 1912 12 Apr 1991 Tempe, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Willard J. Womack 	17 May 1912 29 Jun 1997 Sun City West, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Emily G. Womack 	26 Jun 1913 10 Dec 1994 Springerville, Apache, Arizona  
 L. Womack 		27 Apr 1915 -- Dec 1980 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Josephine M. Womack 	20 Nov 1918 07 Dec 2007 Scottsdale, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Dewey M. Womack 	06 Apr 1919 21 Oct 2006 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Doris Womack 		20 Aug 1920 17 Sep 2003 Glendale, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Florene S. Womack 	24 Apr 1920 16 Jan 2008 Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Lester L. Womack 	13 Aug 1920 24 Nov 1992 Prescott, Yavapai, Arizona  
 William F. Womack 	25 Jul 1920 22 Oct 2005 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Norman J. Womack 	08 Feb 1921 10 Dec 1987 Lake Havasu City, Mohave, Arizona  
 Margaret L. Womack 	30 Jul 1922 28 Dec 1997 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Mary E. Womack 	21 Aug 1922 14 Sep 2005 Tempe, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Arthur L. Womack 	23 Jun 1924 05 Sep 1995 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Robert R. Womack 	27 Mar 1924 12 Dec 2005 Chandler, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Helen V. Womack 	17 Apr 1925 15 Oct 2004 Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Benjamin Womack 	24 Sep 1926 -- Jul 1984 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Charles B. Womack 	05 Feb 1928 19 Aug 1996 Sun City, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Leldon T. Womack 	22 Dec 1929 18 Sep 1998 Litchfield Park, Maricopa, Arizona  
 W. L. Womack 		21 Feb 1929 23 Sep 1992 Yuma, Yuma, Arizona  
 L. D. Womack 		03 Feb 1931 04 Jan 2005 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 William C. Womack 	19 Apr 1935 27 Jan 2005 Mammoth, Pinal, Arizona  
 Rita R. Womack 	25 Jan 1937 11 Sep 2001 Scottsdale, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Billy J. Womack 	21 Mar 1939 22 Apr 2006 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Robert M. Womack 	03 Jun 1944 05 May 2003 Dewey, Yavapai, Arizona  
 Bethany R. Womack 	26 May 1990 17 Feb 2009 Tucson, Pima, Arizona 

 Hestle Wommack 	05 Jul 1892 -- Nov 1974 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Melvin Wommack 	08 May 1892 -- Apr 1985 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Betty J. Wommack 	30 Apr 1920 02 Sep 2006 Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona  
 James H. Wommack 	21 Oct 1923 04 Jul 2004 Tucson, Pima, Arizona  
 Donald E. Wommack 	02 Sep 1931 05 Jul 2001 Flagstaff, Coconino, Arizona 

 Robert L. Wammack 	12 Nov 1912 09 Dec 1991 Yuma, Yuma, Arizona  
 Frieda C. Wammack 	24 Dec 1919 19 May 2002 Yuma, Yuma, Arizona  
 J. Ralph Wammack 	14 Sep 1926 25 Dec 2006 Fountain Hills, Maricopa, Arizona  
 Walter E. Wammack 	03 Feb 1927 01 May 2009 Mayer, Yavapai, Arizona 

 Asa G. Waymack 	17 Feb 1921 24 Mar 2007 Lake Havasu City, Mohave, Arizona 

 Donald K. Warmack 	23 Sep 1929 20 Nov 1992 Tucson, Pima, Arizona 


 Unfortunately the date and spouse, etc is not given. However, I have included
 the book/page number for each in case someone wants to write for a copy.

 Name Gender  		Location  
 Andrew J Womack  	78/92308           
 Andrew J Womack 	71/110800            
 Anna M Womack          73/244280
 Bobby E Womack         78/50114
 Carol J Womack         78/11316
 Carolyn S Womack  	109/382            
 Cecelia Y Womack  	133/17            
 Charles E Womack  	71/35920          
 Charles R Womack  	76/57317           
 Douglas A Womack 	78/59625            
 Dusty L Womack     	71/48329        
 Garland M Womack   	71/48725          
 Kathleen J Womack  	75/25500           
 Leslie A Womack  	75/104822           
 Linda D Womack 	73/240961            
 Lois J Womack   	76/104853          
 Mark D Womack     	78/1521 	       
 Maureen G Womack  	71/110800           
 Rebecca Womack  	56/824	           
 Roberta J Womack 	124/917            
 Sandra J Womack  	71/35970           
 Sandra K Womack 	71/27963            
 Stacy K Womack     	96/1?0
 Suzanne D Womack  	73/223073           
 Tennia B Womack 	82/689            
 Vernice Womack    	78/57707         
 Victoria M Womack    	30/433         
 William F Womack   	64/813          
 Cliff C Wamacks 	73/297069

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