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Notes for Thomas B Jr SCARBOROUGH

Was called Sam.

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Notes for Thomas H SCARBOROUGH

Thomas H Scarborough was a doctor.
Have been unable to locate Thomas and wife since the 1860 census.

ThomasH   1804      Wake      NC  1824 m Mary Jones 10-20-1824, Samuel Malone Bd
ThomasH             Wake      NC  1842l Deed Thomas H Scarborough to Tignal Jones 
10-8-1842 Bk 15 Pg 190.
ThomasH             Wake      NC  1859l Deed Thomas H Scarborough to Charles Manly 
3-2-1859 Bk 22 Pg 441

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Notes for Arethusa Randals WOODARD

Arethusa died sometime after the family went to TX in or around 1902. We know they were there as
Anna Malinda Scarborough was married in Clarkville, Red River Co, TX, during 1902 after their arrival in TX..Arethuisa did not accompany the family on the trip back to AR approximately 2 years later..Have been unable to locate her burial site yet..

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