Name			Date of Birth	Place		Date of Death	Place			Remarks

Wamack, Geneva		Apr 04, 1920	Polk Co		Apr 11, 1920	Polk Co			Parents T J and Ella
												Vaughn Wamack

Wamack, Mary Gladys	Jan 01, 1926	Temple GA	Mar 13, 1927	Carroll Co		Parents Buna and Ruby
												Rutledge Wamack

Womach, H Robert	Age 34		GA		Sec 28, 1927	Fulton Co		Wife Lula Newbill; parents
												J W and Sarah Thomasson 													Womack

Womack, Infant [m]	Dec 20, 1925	Bulloch Co	Dec 20, 1925	Bulloch Co		A B and Zadie Ham Womack

Womack, Amanda		Age 50		GA		Dec 08, 1919	Atlanta Fulton Co	Widow, Father Bill Warwick

Womack, Annie Eliza	Aug 14, 1865	Clay Co		April 02, 1921	Blakely Early Co	Parents Benjamin F and 														Cordelia Poole Womack
												Husband Joseph

Womack, Bertie		Aug 22, 1920	GA		Nov 04, 1911	Bartow Co		Parents G L and Cora 														Darmathey Womack

Womack, Donzie		Apr 05, 1908	Paulding Co	Nov 07, 1919	Cherokee Co		Parents John W and Sarah 													Thomasen Womack

Womack, Emma		Age 57		Glynn Co	Jul 30, 1924	DeKalb Co		Widow, Father William 														Humphrey

Womack, Fred		Jul 07, 1900	GA		May 16, 1927	Paulaing Co		Parents M M and ? Richards
												Womack; married no spouse 													name

Womack, H T		Age 23				Not Shown	Bibb Co			Cert signed Jul 22, 1929

Womack, J L		Age 71		NC		Apr 01, 1926	Crisp Co		Wife Laura A; Parents Jonah 													and Sarah Milton Womack	

Womack, James Lemuel	Jan 21, 1922	DeKalb Co	Jan 22, 1922	DeKalb GA		Parents J L and Maggie Landon 												Womack	

Womack, James M		Jun 03, 1855	DeKalb Co	Oct 07, 1923	Emanuel Co		Parents Thomas H and Rebecca 													Womack

Womack, Jenette		Apr 13, 1834	Newton Co	May 30, 1919	DeKalb Co		Widow; parents James and 													Mattie Keys Gardner

Womack, John L		Jun 15, 1926	Crisp Co	Jun 20, 1926	Crisp Co		Parents  L and Lula G Roberts 												Womack

Womack, JOhn Roland	Sep 03, 1886	Jones Co	Dec 03, 1921	Bibb Co			Married-spouse name not 													shown; Father J B Womack

Womack, Joseph Emerson	Sep 20, 1858	Ellaville GA	Mar 21, 1926	Early Co		Widowed; parents A J and
												Jane Dinkins Womack

Womack, Lemuel Evans	Feb 07, 1925	GA		Feb 08, 1925	DeKalb Co		Parents J L and Maggie 														Landers Womack

Womack, Lizzie		Jun 18, 1845	Tift Co		Oct 08 1926	Tift Co			Husband W A Womack; father
												Hiram Carter

Womack, Mary A		Age 64		Jones Co	Sep 18, 1923	Jones Co		Widow, husband W T; Father
												James Green

Womack, Mozell		Oct 05, 1918	Lyndale GA	Nov 11, 1923	Floyd Co		Parents A P and Minnie 														Streetman Womack

Womack, R J		Oct 31, 1925	Paulding Co	Nov 21, 1925	Paulding Co		Parents Tom and Florence
												Tarry Womack

Womack, Virgil		Sep 03, 1856	GA		Oct 23, 1926	Fulton Co		Wife Viola; parents A J and
												Irene Dinkins Womack
Wommack, Fannie Gertrude Jun 04 1916	Muscogee Co	Jun 04, 1916	Muscogee		Parents F R and ? Skipper 

Wommack, Thomas Henry	Jan 28, 1852	Paulding Co	SEp 09, 1929	Polk			Widowedl; parents Tom and
												Estell Goss Wommack



Name			County		Date		Cert#	Remarks

Wammock, Mrs W J	Washington	Apr 17		11599-J
Wammock, Virginia	Washington	May 10		14388-J	
Warmack, Samuel		Bibb		Jun 13		14665-J
Warmack, Willie D	Wheeler		Nov 05		31164-J
Womack, Clide A		Paulding	Nov 02		30497-J	Infant
Womack, Hardy		Terrell		Oct 22		27888-J
Womack, John B		Twiggs		Oct 14		28025-J
Womack, Julius I	Bartow		Feb 07		2932-J
Womack, Laura C [Mrs]	Bibb		Feb 17		3019-J
Womack, Mary M		Stewart		May 17		14058-J
Womack, Matthew T	Paulding	Oct 02		27552-J
Womack, Myrtle		Polk		Feb 26		8076-J


Warmack, Isabelle	Walker		Mar 11		9196-K
Womack, Alaska		Paulding	Dec 26		33557-K
Womack, Ambrose		Polk		Jan 20		3122-K	Infant
Womack, Ebeneza P	Gwinnett	Jun 02		15999-K
Womack, Martha N [Mrs]	Bibb		Sep 18		23132-K
Womack, Velma J		Fulton		Aug 22		21215-K
Wormack, Sarah U [Mrs]	Bulloch		Sep 23		23199-K


Wamack, Lillie		Paulding	Jan 11 		1880
Wammock, J E		Washington	Jan 19		2405	Infant, also entry for Jan 20
Wamock, Cynthia S	Fulton		Oct 28		27234
Warmack, Ollie E	Lowndes		Oct 20		27645
Warmock, Alberta P	Sumter		Oct 24		28179
Womack, Frank R		DeKalb		Feb 14		3255
Womack, H C		Jeff Davis	Mar 29		10154	Infant
Womack, John D		Chatham		Mar 24		5883
Womack, Martha M	Sumter		Apr 18		10892
Womack, Mary F		Paulding	Mar 12		7598
Womack, Sallie M [Mrs]	Laurens		Jun 29		19412
Womack, Sarah N [Mrs]	Brooks		Oct 28		34245	
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