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The researchers of this document found this to be truer than true! Be that as it may, it has been a thrill to search for and find descendants of this clan. It should be stated at the outset that a margin of error exists in conducting such a human study. The larger percentage of the material contained herein is documentable with family ties based on recorded facts. But -- there are times when a logical deduction of a relationship is the only means available to continue. For example: if a family has an older son 18 years of age who appears on a given Census, and he doesn't appear on the next Census as part of that household, but he does appear on the same Census as the head of a household; and living next door; and of an age exactly 10 years older; then it is reasonably certain that he and his spouse and any children named are of the same family. If there is anthing you wish corrected or expanded, provide the necessary information, pictures, etc... Finally: this is a lengthy document, so we are providing each family head with one (1) copy. Therefore, we plead with you to have copies made very soon and circulate them within your immediate and extended family. DESCENDANTS OF DANIEL LEWIS JENKINS OF NORTH CAROLINA (1760-1845) Initially a point of clarification must be made so that the reader of this genealogy is assured that the research included herein bears out the true facts and the true identity of Lewis Jenkins of Edgecombe, North Carolina and Meriwether County, Georgia. Historical documents indicate and support the existence of two Lewis Jenkins -- one residing in the Onslow County, North Carolina area; the other residing originally in Edgecombe County, North Carolina area -- both born in the year 1760.[39] [79] There appears to be some confusion concerning the Revolutionary War records of these two men, but other than that the movement of these two North Carolinians and their families to separate areas of Georgia is quite clear and well documented. Over a period of some fifty-odd years, the Lewis Jenkins of Onslow County, N. C. migrated, with his family, to Greene and Washington Counties, Georgia.[40] The Lewis Jenkins of Edgecombe County N. C. , apparently migrated to Rowan County, N. C., in 1796 [6] and then to Gwinnett County, Georgia, where he received land from the Cherokee Land Lottery in 1827. He eventually settled in Meriwether County, Georgia.[50] [77] Further, the Onslow Lewis is buried in Greene County, Ga. [40]; the Edgecombe Lewis is buried in Meriwether County, Ga.[37] It is well-documented that the Onslow Lewis Jenkins, with wife Annie Jones, had children: Uriah, Hezikiah, Drury, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Esther, and Patty.[52] The Edgecombe Lewis Jenkins, with wife Jemima (possibly Jones) , had children William, David , John, Lewis, Kinchean, Allen, Daniel, Rebecca, Nancy, and Susanna.[6] [43] Only one of the children, Kinchean Jenkins, remained in Gwinnett County, Ga., and raised a large family. The other children settled in both Meriwether and adjoining Harris County. Deeds, census rolls, Wills, marriage, birth and death records (some contained in family Bibles), all support the separate existence and the areas of migration of these two men and their families. A major point of difference lies within the Pension Records of these two men that exist within the National Archives.[79] Unfortunately it appears that various individuals seeking DAR membership have mistakenly used the pension record of Lewis Jenkins from Edgecombe County, North Carolina to support the Revolutionary War record and application for pension of Lewis Jenkins of Onslow County, North Carolina. A search of the records shows conclusively that Lewis Jenkins of Edgecombe was mustered into the Continental service for a term of three years in Wake County, North Carolina. His affidavit, recorded in Gwinnett County , Georgia Inferior Court in 1833 states that fact.[79] The affidavit of Lewis Jenkins of Onslow, taken in Court in Washington County, Georgia, states that he entered service first as a draftee in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and later as a volunteer in Hillsborough, North Carolina. More important to the point under discussion is the documentation that Lewis Jenkins from Edgecombe County, N. C., applied for and received a Revolutionary War Pension under Pension Record #S31771 while living in Gwinnett County, Ga. in 1832. Though the Lewis Jenkins from Onslow County, N. C. appeared to be a true patriot with an acceptable Revolutionary War service record, his application for pension was rejected under Pension Record #R5772.[79] It is quite possible (from inferences found in some of the literature) that he may have received pension approval at a later date, but these researchers have not been able to document that fact. THE FAMILY 1.0 -- Daniel Lewis Jenkins, b. 1760; d. 11/18/1845; m. Jemima _______, b. 2/12/1779; d. 10/5/1843 Issue: 10 children (all born in North Carolina) [6] [43] 1.1 -- William (Billy) Jenkins, b. 2/3/1802; d. 2/12/1878 1.2 -- David Jenkins, b. 11/3/1804; d. 1870 1.3 -- John Jenkins, b. 7/1/1806; d. 2/6/1832 1.4 -- Nancy Jenkins, b. 2/7/1807; d. 3/8/1850 1.5 -- Lewis Jenkins, b. 9/1/1808; d. 1/11/1867 1.6 -- Kinchean Jenkins, b. 4/29/1810; d. 9/1/1883 1.7 -- Susanna Jenkins, b.2/11/1812; d. 3/14/1875 1.8 -- Rebecca Jenkins, b. 5/15/1813; d. 1840 1.9 -- Allen Jenkins, b. 6/21/1815; d. 2/21/1895 1.10 - Daniel Jenkins, b. 11/20/1816; d. 9/1/1879 Apparently, Lewis Jenkins initially migrated from Edgecombe County, North Carolina to Rowan County, N. C. around 1795; thence to Gwinnett County, Ga. during the early 1820s. While in Gwinnett the family had resided in the Rockbridge and Sweetwater districts (now Lawrenceville and Duluth, Ga.);[41] however, Lewis, his wife Jemima, and all ten of their children were born in North Carolina. His name appears on the Roster of North Carolina soldiers participating in the American Revolution, and he is listed as receiving Bounty Land in “the Cumberland” on Warrant #3890, deeding 374 Acres “to self”. This land was later transferred to a Lazarus Whitehead [79] who, in turn, sold land in Rowan County, NC to Lewis in the year 1796. Prior to his family’s entry into Georgia, Lewis Jenkins sold his land in Rowan County in the year 1824.[83] Lewis’ last child, Daniel, was born in 1816; thus, it was some time after that date that the family moved into Georgia. The first record of their presence in Gwinnett County, Ga. is the appearance of the names of Lewis, his wife and children (with the exception of William , John and a younger Lewis) on an early membership roll in 1833 of the Friendship Baptist Church at Five Forks, just outside Lawrenceville, Ga.[47] At about this same time the names of the parents, Lewis and Jemima, and the names of all ten(10) children appear in the Minutes of the Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Church of Duluth, GA. The Friendship and Sweetwater Baptist Churches were both part of the Yellow River Baptist Church Association. Billy, their first child, married in 1825 and had his first child in 1828. That child, James M. Jenkins, was listed on the Census rolls as being born in Georgia. Thus, the family had migrated to Georgia before that date. At that time, after the Cherokee Land Lottery of 1827, Lewis was given land in Gwinnett County (District 6, Section 36, Lot #125). [94] (Mention should be made at this point that John had passed away in 1832; logically, his name would not appear on either a Church roll or a Census). Deed books indicate that Lewis had purchased land in Troup County, Ga. in the area that later became Meriwether County; that land being Lot #13, 7th District. The purchase was made in the year 1833.[79] Obviously, Lewis had continued his migration down into Meriwether at that time, Evidently, he had preceded his family to that area of Georgia as evidenced by Church records and land deeds of that County. In the Census of 1840, Lewis Jenkins, the “Well Spring” of this genealogy, appears in Meriwether County, Ga.[8] Also, deed books of that County, dated September 1841, contain a transfer of “that tract of land on which I live” by Lewis Jenkins to his son, Daniel, effective upon his and Jemima’s death. This was Lot #13, District 7. There is little doubt that Lewis and his wife, Jemima, are buried on the land that once was part of his farm in Meriwether County, Ga.. It is believed that the burial site may be found in the Marchum-Brooks family plot some 4.1 miles North of Greenville, Ga. just at the side of State Road #100. The graves are unmarked; however, a search of the former Lewis Jenkins farm indicates no other probable site since Lewis retained “one Rod Square” for a gravesite when the land was sold to Hezikiah Wimbish in 1845. Daniel made this land sale after his father’s death since Lewis had transferred the family house and land to Daniel for “love and affection” and to be effective upon Jemima’s death. The graves, topped with red brick, are visible, but overgrown with ground cover and disturbed by the growth of a large tree. This gravesite was photographed by these researchers December, 1994.[73] THE LINEAGE 1.1.0 -- William (Billy Jenkins), b. 2/3/1802 in Rowan County N. C .; d. 2/12/1878 in Coweta County, Ga. ; migrated to Harris County, Ga. about 1830 from Gwinnett County, Ga.; active in the Bethany Baptist Church, Chipley, Ga. (now Pine Mountain, Ga.); [3] in 1869 he sold his Harris County property to his nephew, Capt. John F. Jenkins; he appears on the 1870 Census roll of Coweta County, Ga.; [16] m. Jane Chapman, b. 7/4/1803 in N. C. ; d. 2/3/1881; (daughter of William Chapman); had sister who lived in Miss. [70] Issue: 11 children [10] [11] [77] 1.1.1 -- James M. Jenkins, Confederate veteran ; b. 2/3/1828 in Gwinnett County, Ga. ; d. 2/12/1878; m. 12/3/1847 to Mary Ann Ware [9] Issue: 6 children [16] -- Henry Alton Jenkins (twin) -- Calvin Jenkins (twin) -- Lewis Jenkins -- Clayborn Jenkins -- George W. Jenkins -- Nancy Jenkins, m. a Bill Turner Issue: 3 children ( no information found) 1.1.2 -- Granberry Jenkins , b. 1830; d.1863 in Civil War; unmarried 1.1.3 -- Sarah Jane Jenkins, b. 2/21/1832 in Gwinnett County, Ga.; d. 12/5/1910; m. 1/7/1848 to James Drew Lancaster, b. 2/3/1828; d. 7/22/1885 Issue: 3 children -- Lily Lancaster, b. 9/1/1850; d. 10/19/1922; m. 6/17/1876 to Dr. Robert Cameron, Confederate veteran; b. 11/29/1843; d. 6/30/1893; re-married 10/23/1894 to Robert Peavey, d. 1910; re-married to A. J. Blackwell, Floyd County, Texas. Issue: 2 children with Cameron -- Etheline Cameron, m. Allen Knox, Deaf Smith County, Texas -- Georgia Cameron, m. Alexander Holmes, Green County, Texas -- Emma L. Lancaster, b. 6/18/1853; d. 1918; m. 1896 to John Hudson -- James William Lancaster, b. 8/20/1855; d. ____; m. 1/18/1880 to Ida Barton Hackett 1.1.4 -- Martha Jenkins, b. 1834; d. _____; m. 1854 to John Middlebrooks Issue: 3 children -- Sally Middlebrooks -- Hiram Middlebrooks -- Robert Lee Middlebrooks 1.1.5 -- Susan Jenkins, b. _____; d. _____; m. Posey Stamps 1.1.6 -- Mary C. Jenkins, b. 3/6/1836; d. 11/31/1878; m. 12/4/1860 to John Abner Nunnalee, b. 1/29/1838; d. 9/18/1863 in Civil War; [52] re-married to James M. F. Petty, b. 1/12/1826; d. 8/28/1883 (killed in his own saloon in Greensboro. Ga) Issue: 1 child by Nunnalee 1 child by Petty -- John Thomas Nunnalee, b. 8//1861; d._____; m. 12/31/1891 to Ida Raley -- Walter Lewis Petty , b. 3/23/1868 1.1.7 -- Frances (Fannie) Jenkins, b. 1846; d.1862 1.1.8 -- Lewis Red) Harris Jenkins, b. 4/11/1840; d. 7/29/1905; m. Antoinette Hopkins b. 1846; d.___ Issue: 6 children [19] [27] -- Robert (called”Bob”) Jenkins, b. 1859; d. _____; m. a Mary L. ???? ; b. 5/1859; d. ____ Issue 9 children [27] -- Steve Jenkins, b. 4/1881 -- Metta Jenkins, b. 4/1883 -- Nora Jenkins, b. 1/1885 -- Berry Jenkins, b. 3/1887 -- Eddie Jenkins, b. 8/1889 -- Cramer Jenkins, b. 8/1891 -- John H. Jenkins, b. 8/1894 -- Willie M. Jenkins, b. 8/1896 -- Flora. B. Jenkins, b. 3/1898 -- George Z. Jenkins, b. 4/1874; d. ____; m. to a Flora, b.3/1876 [27] -- Alice Jenkins --Oscar Jenkins --Mary Jenkins -- Howard Jenkins 1.1.9 -- Thomas J. Jenkins, Confederate veteran, b. 1842; d. ____; m. Sally_____, in Coweta County, Ga. Issue: 2 children (records infer that there may have been more) [27] -- Charles Jenkins -- Ruth Jenkins 1.1.10 - Lizzie Mae Jenkins, b. _____; d. _____; m. a Langley 1.1.11 - John Jenkins, b. _____; d. _____; unmarried 1.2.0 -- David Jenkins, b. 11/3/1804 in N. C. ; d. 1870 in Harris County, Ga.; migrated to Harris County about 1830; [10] active in the Bethany Baptist Church in Chipley, Ga. (now Pine Mountain, Ga.); [3] served as a representative to the General Assembly; was a member of the Board of Education for 14 years; was a Mason; m. Elizabeth Cooper¸said to have been born in 1806 in Ga.( though her family was originally from S. C.) ; d. 1881 in Harris County, Ga.[2] David and Elizabeth Cooper Jenkins are buried together in the Bethany Baptist Cemetery, Pine Mountain, Ga.. Their graves are openly visible and the headstones readable. [4]Issue: 7 children [2] [10] [11] [41] 1.2.1 -- George Washington Jenkins, b. 2/29/1830 , probably in Harris County;; d. 10/14/1903; m. Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) Wilkinson, b. 12/10/1834; d. 3/6/1896; Issue: 5 children [24] [31] -- John D. Jenkins, LaGrange, Ga. b. 1856 -- Earnest Jenkins, Carrollton, Ga. b.1869 -- Charles J. Jenkins, (called “Jep”) b. 1871 -- Mrs. Mamie Stripling -- Mrs. Anne Phillips, b. 9/1/1866; d. 6/17/1890 in Chipley, Ga.(Pine M’tn) Issue: 2 daughters (information not located) 1.2.2 -- Henry Jenkins, b. 1832 in Gwinnett County; Ga.; d. killed in Civil War [58] 1.2.3 -- Frances Marion Jenkins, b. 3/4/1833 in Gwinnett County, Ga.; d. 6/24/1914 in Harris County, Ga.; m. 12/18/1860 to Julia Ann McGee, (daughter of James Turner McGee and Elizabeth Wilson); b. 12/27/1840; d. 9/11/1919; Frances and Julia are both buried in Bethany Baptist Cemetery, Pine Mountain, Ga. Issue: 8 children [31] -- Ida Ann Jenkins, b. 1/12/1862; d. 6/1/1938; unmarried -- Wilde Ector Jenkins, b. 8/5/1866; d. 3/2/1938; m. 1890 to Mary Satterwhite; remarried 1929 to Marietta Fry; buried in Bibb County, Ga. Issue: 1 child -- Henry Alton Jenkins, b. 7/19/1904; d. 3/17/1906 -- Belah Henry Jenkins, b. 5/14/1870; d. ______; m. 1900 to Alma Roberta Booth -- Mary Corilla Jenkins, b. 1/6/1872; d. 1/26/1931; unmarried -- Walter Cooper Jenkins, b. 1/17/1875; d 6/1/1930; m. 1898 to Frances Hunter of Texas, b. 5/22/1874; d. 12/24/1955 Issue: 6 children (3 unlisted) -- Walter Cooper Jenkins, Jr. -- Minnie Eva Jenkins (died in infancy) -- Hunter Marion Jenkins (died in infancy) [no available information on three daughters ] -- Roena Inettie Jenkins, b. 12/23/1876; d._____; Harris County,. Ga. m. 4/8/1908 to Richard Thomas Jones -- Etta Lula Jenkins, b. 1/16/1879; d. _____; m. 7/8/1907 to William Thomas Hinton -- Mintie Ozella Jenkins, b. 4/22/1882; d. _____; m. 11/12/1908 to James Emmet Fort, Sr. Issue: 1 child -- James E. Fort, Jr.b. 10/4/1909; d. 6/28/1910 1.2.4 -- Lewis Howell Jenkins (called “Black Lewis”), b. 2/8/1836; d. 7/29/1905; m. 12/16/1858 to Nancy Virginia Stevens, b. 10/25/1839; d. 3/25/1913; both buried in Bethany Baptist Cemetery, Harris County, Ga.; served in Co. “D”, 3rd Regiment, Ga. Cavalry CSA; owned land (Dist. 4, Land Lot 111, Troup County after Civil War) Issue: 10 children (3 deceased infants) [31] -- Marhall David Jenkins, b. 11/18/1859, Harris County, GA; d. 9/21/1926, Chipley, GA [31]; a Baptist and a farmer; buried Harris County, GA, Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery; m. 11/18/1877 Mary Samantha Pogue, b. 5/28/1862; d. 4/25/1901; a Methodist, buried Troup County at Salem United Methodist Church Cemetery; re-married 12/26/1901, Martha Washington Brown Issue: 10 children [31] [44] -- Mattie Lou Jenkins, b. 3/20/1879; d. 10/27/1957; m. Wess Prophet -- Arthur David Jenkins, b. 5/21/1881; d. 12/29/1932; m. 9/14/1914 to Florence Bullman -- Nancy Annie Jenkins, b. 7/29/1883; d. 10/27/1950; m. 1/19/1903 to Robert Butts -- Luther Lewis Jenkins, b. 1/14/1886; d. 1/28/1963; m. 12/15/1903 to Lillian Mabry Murphy -- Susan Beatrice Jenkins, b. 7/20/1888; d. 6/7/1889 -- James Mathew Jenkins, b. 8/3/1890; d. 2/26/1962; m. 1/19/1919 Wearsville, GA to Ruby Hurie Elizabeth Lester Hubert Winton Jenkins, b. 9/26/1892, Troup County, GA; d. 1/7/1972; m. 5/17/1917 Mattie Kate Barnwell -- Raleigh Marshall Jenkins, b. 5/23/1895; d. 10/7/1968; m. 5/31/1928 to Ida Nellie Thibedeau -- Willie Whitfield Jenkins, b. 8/3/1896;, Troup County, Ga.; d,.11/1/1960; buried Shadowlawn Cemetery,LaGrange, GA; m. 6/15/1929 Clara Lou Organ, (former wife of a Ronald Organ) Hood River, Oregon , b. 12/10/1907 Neosho, MO, re-married 1936 to Flossy Worley Wright; a Presbyterian and Veteran of WWI(1914-20); participated in the Bonus March on Washington at that time; was a self-employed merchant [54] Issue: 3 children -- Beverly Lou Organ (from Clara Lou’s 1st marriage),b. 6/30/1929 Lancaster, CA; d. 10/7/1994; a member of the First Church of the Nazarene and an educator with the Kankakee,IL school system; buried at Mound Grove Gardens, Kankakee, IL; m.8/19/1950 Kansas City, Kan. To LeRoy “Buck” Wright Issue: 3 children -- Ronald Wright, m. a Jan -- Paula Wright, m. a David -- Nancy Wright, m. a Brian -- Barbara Jean Jenkins, b. 2/3/1931 Madera, CA; m. 5/24/1951 West Point, GA Durell Freeman, b. 5/30/1929, Randolph County, AL; re-married Bob Moberly ; attended Columbus College and Barbara and Bob both are retired from General Dynamics and reside in San Diego, CA Issue: 2 children by Durrell Freeman -- Beverly Jean Freeman, b. 8/18/1952,LaGrange, GA; m. Mark Erland Blase; re-married 2/25/1983 Richard Ennis Patton, Jr. Lahaina, Maui, b. 2/5/1960 LaJolla, CA; Instructional Assistant, LaGrange, GA Issue: 1 child by Blase 3 children by Patton -- Nicole Ori Amber Blase, b. 8/7/1977, San Diego,CA -- Matthew Richrad Patton, b. 5/7/1985, San Diego, CA -- Benjamin Durell Patton, b. 2/26/1987, San Diego, CA -- Molly Jean Patton, b. 4/4/1994, San Diego, CA -- Karen Ann Freeman, b. 11/5/1957, San Diego, CA; m. James Michael “Jim” Dunn, b. 3/15/1957 Issue: 2 children -- Lance Tyler Dunn, b. 10/4/1982, San Diego, CA -- Brooke Lindsey Dunn, b. 11/11/1987, San Diego,CA -- Billy Lee Jenkins, b. 2/15/1932, Madera, California; served in U. S. Naval forces 13 years; served in Korea and the Cuban Missile Crisis; on board ship that plucked astronaut Alan Shephard from Atlantic Ocean; currently resides in LaGrange, Ga.(1995); m. LaGrange, Ga.,7/3/1957 to Edna June Bishop, b. 6/6/1931 in York, Alabama; re-married 12/19/1983 to Willeta Hope Tilloy. b. 2/17/1949 in Kentucky; retired electrical contractor; member of Sons of Confederate Veterans; Order of the First World War; American Legion; Disabled American Veterans; Veterans of Foreign Wars,and, “Cooties” (Honor Society of VFW); attended Ga. State Univ, Atlanta, GA Issue: 3 children by Edna Bishop [54] -- Charles Wayne Jenkins, b. 8/9/1957 in LaGrange, Ga. m. Connie Lee Miller, b. 10/16/1959, Whooster, Ohio Issue: 2 children -- Jason Shawn Jenkins, b. 10/9/1977, LaGrange, GA re-married Jennifer Ann White -- Malissa Lynn Jenkins, b. 3/14/1980, LaGrange, GA -- Carrie Leigh Jenkins, b. 10/23/1958 in Atlanta, GA; m. Joseph Malone Sellers, b. 4/18/1975, Issue: 2 children -- William Joseph Sellers, b. 9/12/1976, LaGrange, GA -- Bonnie Nicole Sellers, b. 12/14/1983, Carrollton, GA -- Michael Alan Jenkins b. 2/17/1960 in LaGrange, GA m. 6/25/1987, Secquita Diane Gordy, b. 5/22/1961; re-married Carlene Ann Ledford Issue: 1 child by Gordy -- April Dee Jenkins, b. 5/22/1988, Meriwether County, GA -- Walter Beeland, b. 1/14/1900; m. 5/20/1923, Mary Alma Layton -- William Lewis Jenkins, b. 6/21/1861; d. 3/29/1929 Harris County, GA m. 11/18/1877 Alice Eulalia Goodman , b. 8/4/1863; d. 10/7/1907; was a Mason Issue: 6 children -- Ruth (Nancy) Jenkins, b.2/15/1896; d. 6/3/1972; m. a Swint Issue: 1 child -- Alice Swint of Pine Mountain, Ga. -- Bessie Jenkins -- Hiram Lewis Jenkins, 4/15/1890; d. 3/17/1970; buried in Bethany Baptist Cemetery, Pine Mountain, Ga.; m. Nancy Elizabeth, b. 10/25/1887; d. 4/171945 -- George Steven Jenkins, b. 10/6/1892; d. 6/3/1960; was a Mason -- Susie J. Jenkins, m. James Milton Robinson, b. 3/30/1904 d. 3/15/1973 -- Iva J. Jenkins, m. a Ward -- BeatriceVirginia Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 11/12/1864; d. 3/29/1929 m. 12/23/1886 Robert Owen Phillips -- Irene Castalia Jenkins, b. 9/6/1866; d. 3/8/1917 -- Mercer Eugene Jenkins, b. 2/18/1869; d. 7/29/1873 -- Infant Daughter, b. 2/19/1870; d. 3/6/1870 -- Infant Daughter, b. 2/4/1874; d. 2/4/1874 -- Infant Son, b. 10/15/1875; d. 10/15/1875 -- Clarence Howell Spurgeon Jenkins, b. 4/7/1881; d. 12/31/1937 - Clayton C. Jenkins, b. 9/7/1883; d. 7/26/1909 1.2.5 -- John Franklin Jenkins, Capt., Co. “H”, 17th Georgia Regiment, CSA; . b.10/16/1838; d. 6/25/1914, Harris County, Ga.; was a Mason; m. Mary Jane Evans, b. 1/7/1846; . d. 7/23/1884; (daughter of Jackson and Martha Walker Evans); re-married Mrs. Jennie Murray DeLoach, daughter of Thomas Murray; lived with brother, George W.Jenkins, as per the 1900 Meriwether County Census Issue: 5 children by Mary Jane Evans [2] [23] [41] -- George Washington Jenkins, Sr.,b. 2/22/1870; d. 2/16/1943; founded and operated a general store in Harris, Ga.; moved to Atlanta, Ga. in 1923 ; buried West View Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga. (Grave #1 , Sec. 19, Lot 246); [55] [73] m. 2/3/1897 to Minnie Lee Crawford, b._____; d. 5/16/1897; re-married 11/21/1899 to Annie Snelson, b. 2/12/1875; d. 9/4/1961; buried West View Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.; Annie was a close friend of Ora Lee JenkinsCaldwell, whom she met at LaGrange Women’s College Issue: 8 children [55] -- Anna Jenkins, b. 8/25/1900; d. 6/13/1988; m. 9/16/1919 to Frank Reginald Snelson, b. 5/4/1898; d. 1/1/1936, Gainesville, Fla. Issue: 2 children -- Frank Snelson, Jr., b. 7/24/1920; d. 1922 -- Joanne Snelson, b. 7/25/1923; m. 7/13/1908, Edwin Pearce Issue: 2 children -- Anne Pearce, b. 7/18/1950, Atlanta, Ga. -- Virginia Pearce, b. 5/8/1952, Atlanta, Ga.; m. Gregory Charles Jensen, b. 8/30/1953 Issue: 3 children -- Jenifer Marie Jensen, b. 7/11/1981, Portland, OR -- Christie Alaine Jensen, b. 5/9/1984, Portland, OR -- Jon Christopher Jensen , b. 11/3/1986, Portland, OR -- Catherine Pearce, b. 10/23/1953, Atlanta. GA; m. John Reynolds Morris, b. 7/2/1951 Issue: 2 children -- Jeffrey Pearce Morris, b. 9/8/1983 -- Christopher Reynolds Moris, b. 1/26/1989 -- Edwin M. Pearce, Jr., b. 5/3/1956 -- Franklin Snelson, b. 7/13/1925, Hawthorne, FL; d. 8/8/1926 -- Carolyn Snelson, b. 4/29/1927, Hawthorne, FL; m. Lawrence Vern Stringer, b. Texarkana, TX; d. 4/17/1990, Atlanta, GA, buried Laurelwood Cemetery, Doraville, GA; re-married a Robert Newman, b.11/18/1926, Orlando,FL Issue: 4 children -- Stacy Vern Stringer, b. 11/7/1948, Ft. Worth, TX -- Pamela Stringer, b. 1/31/1951, Atlanta, GA; m. John Griffin Roark, b. 10/24/1950, Sylacauga, AL Issue: 3 children -- Jay Griffin Roark, b. 8/25/ 1979, Columbia, SC -- Anna Leigh Roark, b. 2/13/1982, Columbia, SC -- Amy Elizabeth Roark, b. 3/19/1984, Greenwood, SC -- Frank Loring Stringer, b. 8/2/1954, Atlanta, GA; m. Ellen Welsch, b. 1/18/1955, Wiesbaden, Germany Issue: 2 children -- Christopher Dominque Stringer, b. 12/16/1982, Atlanta, GA -- Cathryn Grace Stringer, b. 4/29/1985, Atlanta, GA -- Gayle Stringer, b. 2/2/1958, Atlanta, GA; m. Robert Scott Lane, 3/19/1959, Quantico, VA Issue: 2 children -- Mallory Stringer Lane, b. 6/25/1988 -- Robert McLarn Lane, b. 3/20/1992 -- Elizabeth Snelson, b. 1/25/1932, Gainesville, FL m. Charles Edward Martin, b. 5/15/1930, Canton, GA Issue: 5 children -- Diane Martin, b. 8/21/1952, Atlanta, GA; m. Wardell Townsend, b. 10/16/1952, Baltimore, MD Issue: 4 children -- Sarah Townsend, b.11/9/1979, Morgantown, W. VA -- Claire Townsend, b. 11/9/1979, Morgantown, W. VA -- Jordan Townsend, b. 10/5/1985, Tocoma Pk., MD -- Aaron Townsend, b. 4/27/1989, Tocoma Pk. MD -- David Edward Martin, b. 6/7/1955, Atlnta, GA; m. Yolando Tarvillo, b. 3/5/1961, Guadalajara, Spain Issue: 3 children -- Charles David Martin, b. 5/29/1981, Torrejon, Spain -- Anna Martin, b. 2/19/1983, Torrejon, Spain -- April Martin, b. 8/21/1988, Chattanooga, TN -- Blake Allen Martin, b. 8/16/1958, Atlanta, GA; m. Janet Kilbourne, b. 5/16/1958, Wilmington, DEL Issue: 2 children -- Christopher Martin, b. 6/4/1984, Conway, SC -- Whitney Martin, b. 2/11/1987, Conway, SC -- Bret Andrew Martin, b. 1/14/1960. Atlanta, GA;m. Amy Caplette, b. 10/30/1964, Central Falls, RI Issue: 3 children -- Joshua Martin, b. 8/21/1983, Hickory, NC -- Jacob Martin, b. 1/15/1991, Snellville, GA -- Abigail Martin, b. 4/1/1992, Snellville, GA -- Scott Anthony Martin, b. 11/16/1967, Asheville, NC -- Ethel Jenkins, b. 3/19/1902; d. 8/13,1989, Atlanta, GA -- Louise Jenkins, b. 4/14/1904; d. 5/1980 -- Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 12/9/1905; m. 6/5/1936 Ernest Miles, b. 3/4/1901; d. 12/9/1972; buried West View Cemetery, Atlanta, GA Issue: 2 children -- George Ernest Miles, b. 8/14/1938 -- Barbara Miles, b. 12/16/1938, Memphis, TN;m. 8/25/1961 Fred R. Underwood, Jr., b. 9/20/1938, Tampa, FL Issue: 2 children -- Frederick Rand Underwood, III, b. 10/13/1964, Dallas,TX; m. Tiffany Allison, b. 1/5/1967, Dallas, TX . -- Laura Peyton Underwood, b. 12/14/1965, Dallas, TX; m. Gregory Charles Bender, b. 5/20/1966, New Braunfels, TX -- Robert Allen Miles, b. 7/31/1942 -- George Washington Jenkins, Jr., b. 9/29/1907, Harris, GA; worked in father’s general store as a boy; moved to Atlanta, with his family and was employed at a Piggly- Wiggly food market; founded and operated the first PUBLIX supermarket in Winter Haven, Fla. in 1940; PUBLIX is now a multi-million dollar grocery chain and is one of the largest independently owned operations in the nation; George currently resides in Lakeland, Fla. (1995) m. 1940 to Lee Savings , MineralWells, Texas; b. _______; d. 1942; re-married in 1947 to Anne MacGregor, Atlanta Ga.; divorced in 1974. Issue: 6 children (Dolores Savings adopted by George Jenkins)[55] -- Julie Ansley Jenkins 10/28/1949, Lakeland, FL -- Howard McGregor Jenkins, b. 3/10/1951, Lakeland, FL -- Kenneth Holmes Jenkins,b. 3/29/1952; d. 1974,Lakeland, FL -- Nancy Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 5/11/1954,Lakeland, FL -- Carol Linda Jenkins, b. 9/30/1956; m. Barney Barnett, Comptroller, PUBLIX MARKETS Issue: 2 children [55] -- -- -- David Franklin Jenkins, b. 8/14/1959 -- Eugenie Jenkins, b. 1/20/1910 -- John Abner Jenkins, b. 6/27/1912; d. Largo, FL -- Charles H. Jenkins, Sr. ,b. 2/8/1915; currently resides in Lakeland, Fla. ( 1995); retired Air Force Major; retired Vice-president PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS; Commerce degree, Univ. of Ga. 1933; m. 8/27/1940 to Mildred Carter, b. 12/6/1914 Issue: 2 children -- Charles H. Jenkins, Jr., b. 4/3/1943; ;m.Dorothy Chao, b. 9/1/1945, Sop Chow , China; Chairman, PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS Issue: 2 children -- Charles Anthony Jenkins, b. 4/1/1974; BS Rice University -- Jennifer Jenkins, b. 6/22/1972; BA Rice University, Duke University Law School,(1995) -- Jane Jenkins, b. 10/6/1956, Lakeland, FL; m. Dr. Wooten; re-married Griner Waters; divorced Issue: 1 child -- Alexandria Elizabeth Waters, b. 1985 -- Ora Lee Jenkins, b.1873; d. 1952; attended Brenau College; graduate of LaGrange Women’s College, LaGrange, Ga.; met and befriended Annie Snelson while at that institution; m. James Wesley Caldwell, Mayor of Pine Mountain; d. 1952; both buried Pine Mountain, GA Issue: 10 children (1 a deceased infant) -- Mary Emma Caldwell,b. 2/28/1898; d. 4/29/1990; b. Forest Lawn Cemetery, Newnan,GA; m. 3/7/1921, James Hamilton Estes; d. 5/8/1965 Issue: 1 child -- James Hamiltin Estes, Jr., b. 1922; m. 1945 Myrtle Hutchinson Issue: 2 children -- Mary Marcia Estes, b. 9/256/1948; m. 1967 Keith Colvin Issue: 2 children -- Kimberly Michelle Colvin, b. 1967 -- Angela Dawn Colvin -- William Mitchell Estes, b. 9/15/1954 -- Minnie May Caldwell. b. 4/12/1899; d. 2/20/1984; buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Newnan, Ga -- James Carlton Caldwell, b. 11/23/1901; d. 2/3/1965; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN; m. 6/6/1924 Jewel Farrar, b. 4/8/1902; d. 10/4/1991; buried Greenwood Cemetery, Chattanooga, TNIssue: 2 children -- James C. Caldwell, Jr. b. ____; m. Mary Griswold Issue: 4 children -- James Wesley Caldwell, b. 7/28/1949 -- Carlton DeWitt Caldwell, b. 11/19/1950 -- Mark Rankin Caldwell, b. 8/5/1954 -- Bruce Griswold Caldwell, b. 11/5/1957 -- Dorothy Marie Caldwell; m. Henry R. Doss. Issue: 1 child --Donna Leigh Doss -- William Clifford Caldwell, b. 10/4/1903; d. 6/18/1988; buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Newnan, GA; m. 7/4/1928 Margaret Bailey; d. 2/8/1982; Forest Lawn Cemetery, Newnan, GAIssue: 1 child -- William Clifford Caldwell, Jr., b. 1934; m. 1959 Anne Bishop Issue: 2 children -- Mary Margaret Caldwell, b. 1960 -- William Clifford Caldwell, III, b. 1964 -- Elizabeth Caldwell, b. 8/16/1905; m. 6/25/1927 Ralph Martin Prior; divorced 10/11/1933 -- John Franklin Caldwell, b. 4/20/1907; d. 8/17/1993 Huntsville, AL; buried Newnan, GA; m. 9/21/1928 Dorothy Stripling, b. 1/24/1919; d. 5/28/1978; buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Newnan, GA Issue: 2 children -- John Franklin Caldwell, Jr., b. 2/22/1934; m. 1957 Anne Derseweh; Issue: 2 children -- John Franklin Caldwell, III, b. 1959; m. Cindy_____ -- Mary Caroline Caldwell, b. 1963 -- Robert Wesley Caldwell, m. Kitty McNeill Issue: 4 children -- Dorothy Elizabeth Caldwell -- Robert Wesley Caldwell, Jr. -- Franklin Caldwell -- Daniel Caldwell George Wesley Caldwell, b. 2/21/1909; d. 8/12/1989, Foley, AL; m. 11/27/1930 Evelyn Albright, b. 7/25/1905 Issue: 3 children -- Jeanette Caldwell; m. Frank Calvert Issue: 3 children -- Danny Calvert -- George Calvert -- Robert Wm. Calvert -- Willam Gerald Caldwell; m. Diana Clem Issue: 2 children -- William Gerald Caldwell, Jr. -- Janis Marke Caldwell -- Shirley Caldwell; m. A. L. Morrison Issue: 2 children -- Mary Karen Morrison -- Jill Evelyn Morrison -- Charles Creed Caldwell, 12/22/1910; m. 10/1/1942 LuAlice Carter Issue: 3 children -- Charles Creed Caldwell, Jr.; m. _______ Issue: 2 children -- Carter Creed Caldwell -- Carrie Caldwell -- Jane Alice Caldwell -- David Henry Caldwell -- Ada Marie Caldwell, b. 1/25/1913 1.2..5.2.10 - Infant Caldwell, b. 4/28/1916 -- Minnie Mae Jenkins, b. 1875; d. 1899; m. 11/6/1895 H. W. Newman, LaGrange, Ga.; Minnie attended Brenau College Issue: 1 child -- Mary Newman; m. 9/1925 Emmet J. Pope Issue: 3 children -- Jean Newman Pope, b. 4/1928 -- Mary Elizabeth Pope, b.9/1930 -- Emmet J. Pope, Jr., b. 10/3/1931 -- John Franklin Jenkins, b. 2/3/77; d 12/21/1932; lived with brother (George W. Jenkins, Sr.) 1900; buried Asheville, NC; m.12/12/1912 Leila Jackson b. 12/1/1883, Buncombe County, NC; d. 12/25/1962, Buncombe County, NC -- Charles Clifford Jenkins, b. 3/24/1879; d. 8/12/1935; buried Chipley,GA m.1/19/1918 in Swint home, Harris County, GA, Mary Will Swint, b. 7/26/1888, Harris County, GA; d. 3/10/1986; buried Pine Mountain Cemetery (Formerly Chipley, GA) Issue: 2 children -- Charles Clifford Jenkins, Jr., b. 2/5/1919; d. 1/31/1963, Columbus, Ga. Buried Parkhill Cemetery; m. 10/19/1947, Columbus, GA ,Sara Katherine King, b. 4/11/1922, Lee County, AL; d. 6/21/1989 Montgomery, AL; buried Columbus,GA Issue: 2 children -- Patricia Ann Jenkins, b. 3/20/1951, Columbus, GA; m. Neil Kyle Lowery, b. 5/7/1951 Issue: 1 child -- Benjamin Kyle Lowery -- Charles Clifford Jenkins, III, b. 10/10/1957 Columbus, GA; m. Delina Collier Wills, b. 9/29/1966 -- William Kenneth Jenkins, Sr. b.. 5/28/1921, retired banker; Pine Mountain, Ga.; m. 10/1949 Pine Mountain, GA Mary Carolyn Pittman, b. 3/27/1923 Issue: 2 children -- William Kenneth Jenkins, Jr.; b. 12/29/1955,Muscogee County, GA banker, Pine Mountain, GA; m. 6/19/1988 Virginia “Ginger” DeLong, b. 6/19/1952 Issue: 1 child -- Jason “Jay” William Jenkins, b. 9/29/1992 Troup County, GA -- Mary Jane Jenkins, b. 11/24/1961, Muscogee County, GA m. 10/17/1987 Lance Andrew Lawson, b. 11/20/1958 Germany -- Mary Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 1/6/1924 Meriwether County, GA; m.12/19/1946, Savannah, Chatham County Ga to Gittis Washington Gosdin, b. 2/22/1919 Heard County, GA Issue: 2 children -- Mary Kathryn “Kay” Gosdin, b.8/29/1949; m. 5/21/1977, Wieuca Rd. Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA, D. Michael Snow, b. 3/19/1947.;( family will reside In Denver, CO after February, 1996 ) Issue: 2 children -- Meghan Ann Snow, b. 10/13/1980, N.Side Women’s Hospital Atlanta, GA -- Dana Elizabeth Snow, b. 8/17/1992, N.Side Women’s Hospital Atlanta, GA -- Margaret Ann Gosdin, b. 2/25/ 1953; m. 6/4/1983 Wieuca Rd. Baptist Church, Atlanta, GA , Thomas Dixon Hannaford, b. 9/15/1952 Mississippi Issue: 2 children -- Christopher Thomas Hannaford, b. 10/18/1988, Atlanta, Ga. -- Mary Margaret Hannaford, b. 5/20/1992, Atlanta, Ga. 1.2.6 -- H. Annie E. (“Holly”) Jenkins b. 10/7/1845; d. 4/26/1908; m. J. T. Forester [11] 1.2.7 -- Mary (“Molly”) J. Jenkins, b. 8/8/1857; d. 6/14/1919; m. Pless Dunham [11] 1.3.0 -- John Jenkins, b. 7/1/1806; Rowan County, N. C.; d. 2/6/1832; name appears in family Bible and on tax rolls, Harris County, Ga.; (no other information has been l ocated at this writing ) 1.4.0 -- Nancy Jenkins, b.2/7/1807, Rowan County, N. C. ; d. 3/8/1850; appears with the family on membership roll of Friendship Primitive Baptist Church, Five Forks, near Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia; this was prior to 1833; (no other information has been located at this writing.) 1.5.0 -- Lewis Jenkins (called “Black Lewis”), b. 9/6/1808, Rowan County, N. C. ; d. 1/11/1865, Meriwether County, Ga. m. 3/12/1835 to Mary Ann Williams, Meriwether County, [85] b. 4/29/1810; d/ 6/12/1894; both buried in Hendry-Jenkins Cemetery, Meriwether County, Ga. (Dist. 2, Land lot #27); Lewis migrated to Harris County, Ga. with his father, Daniel Lewis Jenkins, from Gwinnett County, Ga. ; his name appears on the 1850 Census roll of Harris County and on deed books of that era; his Will may be found in Will Book “B”, Meriwether County, Ga.; [73] his wife, Mary Ann Jenkins, appears on Meriwether County, Ga. Census roll, 1880, as “ widow living with her daughter and family.” [24] Issue: 5 children [15] 1.5.1 -- Catherine Jenkins b. 1836; d. _____m. 1/15/1858 to Francis C. Hendry; both buried in Hendry-Jenkins Family Cemetery, Meriwether County, Ga. Issue: 4 children -- Albertis C. Hendry, b. 1859 -- Lewis F. Jendry, b. 1861 -- John W. Hendry, b. 1866 -- Emmett J. Hendry, b. 1876 1.5.2 -- Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 1838; d. ______ 1.5.3 -- Caroline Jenkins, b. 1839; d.. _____ 1.5.4 -- John L. Jenkins, b. 1844; mustered into Co. “F”, 41st Regiment, Army of Tenn., CSA; captured in Nashville and died of illness there ,4/3/1862 1.5.5 -- Mary E. Jenkins, b. 1848; d. _____; m. 12/19/1867 to Thomas J. Fold ( her cousin, Martha , also married a Fold) 1.6.0 -- Kinchean Jenkins, b. 4/29/1810, Rowan County, N. C. d. 9/1/1883, Gwinnett County, Ga.; m. Lucetta Lanier b. 12/12/1816 in Georgia; d. 1/12/1888; (very probable that Lucetta was the daughter of Sampson and Margaret Lanier of Gwinnett County , Ga., a member of the church Kinchean and Lucetta first attended when coming to Gwinnett); both buried in Sweetwater Primitive Church Cemetery, Pleasant Hill Rd., Duluth, Georgia, where Kinchean was an Ordained Deacon (the headstones are visible and readable) [73] Because of the rarity of his name, Kinchean and his family appear incorrectly interpreted by a typist of the original 1850 Gwinnett County Census.[9] The typist read an unclear “Kinchen” as “Richard”; however the correct names of his wife, Lucetta, and their children makes identification positive; his name appears again in the 1860 Census of Gwinnett as simply “K” [14] and in 1870 as “Hinchon” -- again with all other names of wife and children correctly entered; [17] also appears in the 1880 Census; [22] this family came to Gwinnett County, Ga. from North Carolina, during the early 1820’s, along with the rest of the Daniel Lewis Jenkins family who had migrated to Gwinnett County, Ga at that time. Kinchean lived and died in the proximity of Lawrenceville and Duluth, Ga. (both in Gwinnett County); on 7/12/1862 Kinchean was mustered into Troop”C”, 10th Cavalry Regiment, Confederate States Army at 53 years of age; this family appears on the 1833 membership roll of the Friendship Primitive Baptist Church at Five Forks (Lawrenceville, Ga.) and throughout the Minutes of the Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Church at Duluth, Ga. from 1869 until 1890. Kincheans’ Will is recorded and on file at the Gwinnett County, Ga. Courthouse, Probate Div. Will Book “A”, ( File #B-418.) [66] Issue: 9 children 1.6.1 -- Margaret (Margaretta) Jenkins, b. 1834; d. 1855; buried in plot next to her mother and father, Lucetta and Kinchean Jenkins, at Sweetwater Primitive Church Cemetery, Duluth, Ga.;( no other information is available at this writing) [5] [73] 1.6.2 -- William Jasper Jenkins, (later used the signature “J. W. Jenkins” after moving to Texas in 1876 and called “Jasper”).; his signature appears on the probate papers of his father’s(Kinchean’s) Will in 1885, at which time J. W. Jenkins of Mason, Texas granted Power of Attorney to a John Knox , of Gwinnett County, Ga.(signed 10/2/1885 and recorded 10/3/1887) for the purpose of probating Kinchean’s Will); b. 4/10/1837; d. 2/2/1911, Brady, Texas; originally listed on the Census rolls of Georgia as “William Jasper Jenkins”; [14] also listed in his father’s Will as “William Jasper Jenkins”; migrated to Mason County, Texas in 1878, leaving Gwinnett County, Ga. with his wife, five children, household items, mules, horses and cattle, traveling down the Mississippi River to Galveston and eventually up to Mason, Texas where he owned a cattle ranch ten miles from Mason City on the old Chisolm Trail; m. to Sara Ellen Juhan, a certified school teacher of Gwinnett County, Ga.; b. 12/11/1835; d. 9/8/1916; she operated a Post Office at Capitola, Texas (now called “Ten Mile”); [74] the Juhan family name is still prominent in Gwinnett County, Ga.; Sara Ellen was identified, along with her mother-in-law, Lucetta Jenkins, and her sister-in-law, Narcissus Jones Jenkins (wife of deceased Confederate Veteran Allen Sampson Jenkins, Sr, killed in the Battle of New Hope Church , Ga., 1864 ), as mending socks for Confederate soldiers in Gwinnett; [46] Jasper and Sara Ellen Jenkins are buried in the Jenkins family plot in Mason, Texas [74] Issue: 6 children [17] [33] [34] [65] -- Ferdinand Wood Jenkins, b. 10/12/1860, Gwinnett County, Ga.; d. 11/5/1952; (Ferdinand is a Juhan Family name)m. 9/17/1885 to Augusta Land, daughter of Jacob and Johanna Land, immigrants fromPrussia, b. 12/1/1862; d. 4/25/1943; Ferdinand came to be known as “Fernando” when living in the West and made his living as a cattle rancher; often entertained his grand- children by telling tales of his “riding with Jesse James”; buried in Baptist Church Cemetery, Mason, Texas Issue:10 children [33] [34] [74] -- George Washington Jenkins -- b. 7/10/1886; d. 5/19/1965; m. 12/24/1913 to Mittie Wooten, b. 9/1/1884; d. 8/9/1963; both are buried in the Jenkins family plot in Brady Cemetery, Brady, Texas Issue: 3 children -- GeorgeDewey Jenkins , b. 7/17/1916, m. to Lois Mae Conn, b. 8/13/1918; currently residing in Plano, Texas (1995) Issue: 2 children -- Beverly Kay Jenkins , b. 9/21/1947; m. 8/29/1972; m. to James C Mahan; currently residing in Richardson, Texas (1995) Issue: 2 children -- Jennifer Leigh Mahan, b. 11/8/1975 -- Mark Ryan Mahan, b. 5/28/1978 -- Kenneth Glen Jenkins, b. 2/22/1952; d. 2/9/1994, buried BrownwoodCemetery, Brownwood, Texas; m. 6/16/1973 to Vicki Dorothea Deverey, b. 8/14/1950 Issue: 2 children -- Austin Michael Jenkins, b. 3/26/1977 -- Amber Michelle Jenkins, b. 7/22/1982 -- Marion Travis Jenkins, b. 9/3/1919; m. 12/27/1942 to Mildred Gibbens; currently residing in Colleyville, Texas (1995) [74] Issue: 1 child -- Kerry Ann Jenkins, b. 1/27/1948; m. 12/27/1969 to James Edgar Kniese, 9/28/1847,; currently residing in Colleyville, Texas (1995) Issue: 2 children -- Nicole Rene Kniese, b.6/3/1972; m. 5/27/1995 to Eric Alan Austin, b. 8/23/1969 -- Michelle Lyn Kniese, b. 1/18/1974 -- Dee Ray Jenkins, b. 3/1/1922; m. 12/22/1947 to Patsye Ruth Priest, b. 2/21/1928 Issue: 3 children -- Brenda Jo Jenkins, b. 12/3/1949; m. to Johnny Max Jones,. b. 11/21/1948 re-married 7/24/1987 to Anthony Redd; currently residing in Zachary, La. Issue: 1 child from Johnny Max Jones 3 step-children from Anthony Redd -- Dejon Max Jones . b. 10/11/1976 (legally changed name to Redd) October, 1994 -- Anthony Wayne Redd, b. 7/31/196 -- Connie Rene Redd, b. 7/23/1970 -- Toni Lynn Redd, b. 7/23/1975 -- Darla Dee Jenkins , b. 10/13/1954; m. 8/23/1975 to Ray Lanham Grimes,b. 11/30/1955; currently residing in Cleburne, Texas Issue: 2 children -- Linsye Rae Grimes, b. 2/11/1983 -- Jennie Elizabeth Grimes b. 9/13/1 -- Jeffrey Todd Jenkins, b. 1/17/1965; m. to Vali L Forrest, . b. 1/25/1967 currently residing in Amarillo, Texas Issue: 1 child -- Jake Forrest Jenkins, b. 4/14/1994 -- Bess Lilley Jenkins, b. 8/22/1887;d. 9/15/1966 Mason, TX; ranchwoman; m. 7/25/1906 to James Alfred McWilliams, b. 7/9/1887; d. 7/23/1948 (deserted his family, 1928) Issue: 3 children -- Howard Ferdinand McWilliams, b. 6/24/2910, Mason, TX; m. Bernice Elizabeth Long, b. 6/22/1911; moved from San Saba, TX,1944, to Anchorage, Alaska (Construction, Real Estate, Fishing and Gold Mining) Issue: 1 child: -- Betty Dawn McWilliams, b. 11/13/1946; m. Frank Kirk Issue: 1 child -- Dessa Elizabeth Kirk, b. 4/3/1974 -- Allegra McWilliams, m. Glen Russell -- John Russell McWilliams, b. 10/5/1914 Menard, TX; d. 10/7/1950 (plane crash near Denver,CO while operating an aircraft charter and pilot training company in Grand Island, NEB); buried Grand Island NEB; m. Elaine Spring Issue: 1 child (adopted) -- John McWilliams, b. 1/10/195; d. 1970 -- Archie Jenkins, 11/3/1888; d. 1/14/1979; Texas rancher; m.. Lena Harrison, b. 4/22/1888; d. 3/6/1933 -- Sara Ellen Jenkins, a teacher (named for mother, Sara Ellen Juhan, also a teacher), b. 11/30/1889; d. _____; m. 6/30/1914 to J. Ed Alexander, b. 1/5/1886; d. 12/24/1975; -- Paul Jones Jenkins, 11/2/1893; d. 2/26/1895 (15 months of age) -- Kathryn E. (called “Katy”) Jenkins, b. 6/1/1895; d. 9/1/1987; m. 6/3/1920 to Harry Burres, d. 1/11/1962; also a teacher -- Henry Jenkins, b. 9/10/1896; d. 1/15/1979; m. 10/19/1932 to Margaret Mae Roach, b. 1/21/1901; d. 6/25/1982; was a railroad machinist -- Raymond Jenkins, b. 5/7/1899; d. 5/22/1980; m. 12/31/1926 to Jessie Fischer, b. 4/9/1903; d. 3/26/1960; was a railroad machinist -- Dora Sophie Jenkins, b. 12/28/1900; d. 6/20/1977; m. 4/2/1927 to Walter Schmidt, b. 9/6/1901; d. 1/12/1966; she was a pharmacist - Augusta Jenkins, b. 8/1/1903; m. 5/29/1934 to Fritz Stengel, b. 7/4/1904; d. 9/22/1981; Augusta is also a teacher currently residing in Mason, Texas, at age 93 (1996) Issue: 3 children - Katy, m. Harold Williams - Karl - Kris -- William Franklin (called “Willie” ) Jenkins, b. 11/4/ 1862,Gwinnett County, GA; d. 4/23/1936, San Angelo, TX; m.7/2/1890 Emma Bell Wilkes; b. 4/15/1871,San Marcos, TX; d.12/28/1926 Eden, TX at home of Willie Lou; family living in Menard County, Texas in 1920(Census,1920); both buried Menard, TX Issue: 5 children (all born in Menard County, TX) -- Norene Jenkins, b. 6/25/1896; m. 11/3/1915 to George P. Eckardt d. 1981, Menard, TX -- Willie Lou Jenkins, b 6/29/1898; d. 7/1981; buried San Angelo,TX m. 2/11/1920 to.R. L. Russell; divorced and re-married 4/2/1924 Frank Millar; b.7/25/1895 buried San Angelo, TX -- Franklin Juhan Jenkins, b. 6/29/1900, Menard County, TX; d.2/22/1986 Kerrville, TX m. 6/23/1929 Bessie Zuberbueler, b. 5/19/1904,Rock Springs, TX; d. 6/17/1981 San Antonio, TX; both buried Rock Springs, TX Issue: 2 children -- Joyce Jenkins, b. 1/16/1932,Rock Springs, TX; m. 6/9/1952 to William T. B. Phillips, b. 5/25/1931, Junction, TX Issue: 2 children -- Kathy Phillips, b. 8/2/1954, Kerrville, TX;m. Ron York; re-married David Newman Issue: 1 child by York 1 child by Newman -- Melody York, b. 9/24/1979, Kerrville, TX -- Mellisa Newman, b. 11/15/1985, Beeville, TX -- William Russell Phillips, b. 10/22/1959,Uvalde, TX; m. Mynde Merrit -- Albert Russell Jenkins, b. 1/28/1934, Rock Springs, TX; d. 6/10/1980, San Antonio, TX; m. 3/3/1962 Neddie Clark -- Mamie Roselee Jenkins, b. 12/14/1902 Menard, TX; m. William Knox; currently living in nursing home, Austin, TX, (1996) Issue: 1 child (adopted) -- Emma Lou Knox Lockhart -- Jasper Henry Jenkins, b. 4/22/1907; d. 12/1981; buried Pontotoc, TX; m. Alice Rheinburg -- Allen Claudesley Jenkins, b. 6/2/1866; d. 6/2/1866 -- Dora Jenkins, b. 6/8/1867; d. _____; (named for mother’s sister)[69] m. to Jake Yoas Issue: 1 child -- Jake Yoas, Jr. -- Charles Oscar (called “Charlie”) Jenkins, b. 5/11/1869 in Ga.; d. _____;. m. Martha E. ____, 2/18/1878 in Alabama Issue: 4 children (as indicated in Texas Census roll, 1920) -- Clinton R. Jenkins, b. 5/1899; resided Big Springs, Texas (1942) -- Lula Jenkins, b. 1901, Texas -- Olive Jenkins, b. 1909, Texas -- Loretta, b. 1912 -- Alpha Jenkins, b. 9/5/1872; d.7/7/1939 1.6.3 -- Allen Sampson Jenkins, Sr. b. 1839; d. killed during Civil War at Battle of New Hope Church, Dallas, Ga, on 5/25/1864; mustered into service 3/4/1862; served with Co. “B”, 42nd Infantry Regiment, Georgia Volunteers, Confederate States of America; fought at Vicksburg, Chicamaugua, and Atlanta; m. 1861, to Francis Narcissus Jones, Walton County, Ga., (daughter of Armstead and Mary Jones); [13] Narcissus appears on the 1870 Census roll of Walton County as: “living with her mother”, Mary Polly Jones. [21] After Sampson’s death she re-married to a John Hay; they bore a son, Walter Hay. The family moved to Atlanta, Ga. from Social Circle, Ga. (Walton County) in 1882. [51] John Hay is then identified as residing on Houston St., Atlanta, Ga working as a carpenter with Narcissus working as a dressmaker; John and his son, Walter, are buried in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga ..(though she is probably buried in the same family plot, Narcissus’ headstone could not be located) Issue: 2 sons by Allen Sampson Jenkins, Sr. [51] [53] [63] [65] [66] -- John Madison Jenkins, b. 9/6/1862; d. 4/19/1922,Candler St., DeKalb County Ga. m. Mary Ida Zimmer Haynes, b. 10/6//1873; d. 11/12/1941; both are buried at Westview Cemetery,, Atlanta,Ga.;his eventual death wa related to a serious injury in an earlier fire at Fulton Bag Cotton Mills Atlanta, Ga.; [51] he appears on the 1900 Georgia Census Issue: 2 children [31] -- Marie Jenkins, b. 1/1893 -- Sadie Jenkins, b. 3/1895 -- Allen Sampson Jenkins, Jr., (called “Boss”), b. 3/11/1864, in Social Circle, Georgia; d. 6/2/1952, Atlanta, Ga.; m. 1886, Lawrenceville, Ga. to Mary Ladovia Hannah (called “Dovey” and “Dinny”) of Gwinnett County, Ga. (daughter of William and Elizabeth Hannah); had brothers , Norman Hannah and James Hannah,who boarded with A. S. Jenkins, Jr. in 1900) [27] b. 12/22/1869 in Snellville, Ga.; d. 12/20/1960, Atlanta, Ga.; Allen moved to Atlanta in 1882 with his mother, brother John, step- brother Walter Hay, and his step-father, John Hay;he worked several years as a horse drawn and electric street-car operator and as a fireman, but his real love was the railroad; served 53 years as a railroad locomotive engineer; retired from Southern Railroad in1939; was member of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and was a devout member of the Oakhurst Baptist Church, Decatur, Ga., at the time of his death [51] [85] Issue: 10 children [28] (no information on 3 infants deceased) -- Maybelle Jenkins (called “Bunny”), b. 1/12/1891; d. 8/24/1972; m. Henry C. Murphy; re-married James M. Morris; and re-married a Jackson; no children from any marriage; buried with her father and mother in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga. [73] -- Harry S. Jenkins, b. 1893; d. 12/9/1977; m. ____ Annie Wood Lowe; was a railroad per diem clerk with the Southern Railroad for many years; buried in Arlington Memorial Cemetery, Sandy Springs, Ga.; Annie Wood d. 2/11/1996 at 100 years of age; interred with her husband at Arlington Memorial Cemetery -- Earl C. Jenkins, b. 12/6/1894; d. 9/18/1980;clerk with the Southern Railroad; m. Alva Mae McCann, b. _____; d. 1857; both buried in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.; served in the Artillery in Europe in WWI; re-married to Mary Irwin, b. ____; d. _____ Issue: 2 children by Alva Mae [61] -- John Allen Jenkins, b. 8/7/1921; currently residing in San Diego, CA m. 1/6/46 to Rebecca E.McHood, b. 4/6/1925, daughter of Robert McHood and Erma Douglas; d. 9/9/1959; buried at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, San Diego re-married 2/11/1960 to Marian Willert, b. 8/19/1926 in Richey, Montana, daughter of Peter Willert (born in Hungary) and Petra Mickelson of Minnesota; John is a 1939 graduate of Decatur Boys High School, Decatur, Ga.; served 22 years in the U. S. Naval Air Force, retiring as Chief in 1961; employed thereafter by Security Pacific National Bank until his final retirement in 1984; Marian, his second wife , secured her degree from UCLA and taught for 28 years at San Diego Community College, also retiring on 5/3/1984 Issue: 2 children by Rebecca McHood [61] -- Robert Jenkins, b. 11/7/1947, Corpus Christi, Texas 1.2 -- Sharon Jenkins, b. 12/6/1949, Corpus Christi, Texas; graduated with honors from high school and secured her degree from the University of California at San Diego in 1971; m. 12/30/1972 to Joseph Russell, New Britain, Conn.; currently residing in Richmond Heights, Cleveland, Ohio -- Gloria Jenkins, b. 1924; m. John McHue, b. _____; d. 1993; Gloria is a 1942 graduate of Decatur Girls High school, Decatur, Ga.; she currently resides in Maysville, KY -- Ida Lou Jenkins, b. 12/2/1897, Atlanta, Ga.; d. 1/28/1981, Birmingham, Ala.; m. 1918 Atlanta, Ga. to Allen A. Sim, b. 1886, Ontario , Canada (divorced , 1924); re-married 8/15/1929 to Charles Theodore Forster, Chicago. Ill.., b. 9/26/1897 in Chicago, the son of German immigrants; d. 2/15/1973; both are buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Ala. [78] Issue: 2 children by Allen Sim ( no children by Charles Forster) -- Mary Elizabeth Sim, b. 4/25/1920, Elizabeth, N. J.; m. 1939 to Leonard Jedrzejas, the son of Polish immigrants; b. _____d.1943 (drowned); buried in Chicago Cemetery; in 1946 Elizabeth re-married to Frank Claussen, Chicago; d. 1946; buried in Chicago Cemetery; in 1964 she re-married in Birmingham,Ala. to James J. Brocato, the son of Italian immigrants, b. 1/27/1909; d. 10/15/1978; buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Ala. no children by any marriage; currently resides in Birmingham, Ala.(1996) -- Elsie Frances Sim , b. 8/3/1922; Chicago, Ill.; m. 3/22/1943, Los Angeles, to Dr. Ross Daniel Luther,MD of Adel, Iowa, (son of Roland and Ruth Luther); divorced 1949; re-married 7/27/1952 to Harold Slimer, St. Petersburg, Fla., b. 12/13/1900, Philadelphia, Pa. , son of Julius and Nannie Schleimer, German immigrants (changed name to Slimer), d. 1965; buried St. Petersburg, Fla. in Jewish Cemetery; re-married 7/18/1967 in Gardendale, Ala. to Robert Angle Love, Plumbing Contractor; divorced 2/14/1971, Birmingham, Ala.; Frances currently resides in Homewood, Ala.(1996) Issue: 2 children by Dr. Ross Luther [78] 1 child by Harold Slimer -- Diane Elizabeth Luther, b. 3/22/1944, Chicago, Ill.; m. 7/4/1965 Deruba, CA to Garry Lynn Dorman, b. 8/25/1944, Reedley, CA, son of Claude Cecil and Lizzie Viola Baerg Dorman, d. 7/5/1988 in Fresno, CA; divorced 1983 re-married 7/28/1984 to Glenn James Leahey, b. 10/28/1930, (son of Thomas Edward and Ethel Abbot Orr Leahey); d. 6/18/1995 Issue: 1 child by Dorman[78] -- Keri Nichole Dorman, b. 6/29/1969, Santa Barbara, CA ; m. 6/8/1991, Visalia, CA to Samuel Arthur Castillo, b. 9/18/1965, Visalia, CA, (son of Samuel Rubalcava and Margaret Helen Galaviz Castillo) Issue:1 child -- Adrinna Noel Castillo, b. 12/1/1994, Visalia, CA -- John Philip Luther, b. 3/3/1947, Fruita, Colorado, 2/17/1982 to Ernestine Elizabeth Soldana, b. 4/21/1956, San Bernadino, CA, daughter of JessMolina and Betty Soldana) Issue: 2 children [78] -- Jonathon Ross Luther, b. 1/31/1981, Redlands, CA -- Stephanie Christine Luther, b. 8/24/1990, Redlands, CA -- Cynthia Lou Slimer, b. 4/7/1953, St. Petersburg, Fla.; m. 8/18/1975 , Edinburgh, Scotland to David Lucas Leite, b. 1949, (son of Dr. and Mrs. Delio Fernandez Leite, Rio de Janeiro); re-married 1984 to Allan Hayden Rosen , b. 9/26/1960, Knoxville, Tenn., (son of Lawrence and Dorah Stephen Rosen) Issue: 1 child by David Leite 1 child by Allan Rosen [78] -- David Harold Leite, b. 3/24/1976, Tel Aviv, Israel -- Michael Hayden Rosen, 1/29/1986, Birmingham, Ala. -- Mark Jay Slimer, b. 7/17/1957, St. Petersburg, Fla.; m. 5/4/1977, to Judy Tordjman Yarkony, b. 8/15/1949, Casblanca, Morroco, daughter of Jaque and Blanche Tordjman, Israel; divorced 5/27/1982; re- married 9/13/1983 Birmingham, Ala. to Sarah Denise Caldwell, b. 9/13/1957, Birmingham, Ala.(daughter of James Curtis and Evelyn Marie Syx Caldwell) Issue: 2 children by Judy Tordjman 2 children by Sarah Caldwell [78] -- Karen Slimer, b. 4/25/1978, Phil., Pa. -- Daniel Slimer, b. 1/19/1981, Birmingham, Ala. . -- Matthew Harold Slimer, b. 2/7/1986, Birmingham, Ala. -- Beverly Joann Slimer, b. 7/9/1987,Birmingham, Ala. -- William Frederick Jenkins, Sr., )called “Fred”), b. 1/4/1899; d. 5/11/1985 m.12/30/1920 to Willie Winnonah Wilson (called “Billie”), b. 3/5/1901, Bainbridge, Georgia, (daughter of Frank A. Wilson Sr.( son of William Edward Wilson and Mary Amanda _____ )and Alice Agnes Walsh( daughter of Robert Philip Walsh and Margaret Josephine Robinette, both Irish immigrants from Dublin); Billie’s sister was Rosa Josephine Wilson Jenkins ,( who married Fred’s brother, Roy Arthur, and her brother was Frank A. Wilson , Jr.) ; Billie passed away 12/21/1977;Fred was born in Jonesboro, Clayton County, Georgia, but moved to Atlanta with his family at an early age; began working as a cycle carrier with the U. S. Post Office in downtown Atlanta; then worked as an errand boy for a local dental laboratory and apprenticed that trade, becoming one of the leading dental technicians in the South; 1940 began his own business after working many years with laboratories such as Eberhardt-Conway; R. D.Webb, and S. D. Bell ; 1959 he turned his business over to his youngest son, Harry M. Jenkins; after his wife’s death in 1977, he resided in Stone Mountain, Ga. until he passed away in 1985; both are interred at Mellwood Cemetery, DeKalb County, Ga. Issue: 3 children [73] [75] [76] -- William Frederick Jenkins, Jr., b. 37 Pine St., Atlanta, Ga., 8/1/1921; m. Betty Ellen Harper of Columbus, Ohio and Lawrenceville, Ga., b.8/25/1925,(daughter of Lester Earl Harper, Executive with General Shoe Corp. and Margaret Frances Harley who were married at Washington County Courthouse, Washington. Ohio,12/10/1923); Fred graduated from Decatur Boys High School Decatur, Ga., 1940; served in the 179th Field Artillery, Georgia National Guard; entered the service of the U. S. Army upon mobilization of the National Guard, WWII; served the better part of three years stationed in St. Johns,Newfoundland; received an honorable discharge in 1945; as a young man, trained in his father’s dental laboratory as a dental technician; however, joined the Southern Railroad as an electrician and worked in that capacity for 30 years until his retirement 6/28/85; wife, Betty, was employed as a manager for Hirsch’s Men Store in downtown Atlanta for a number of years before she entered real estate sales in 1970; Fred and Betty currently reside in Commerce, Georgia (1996)[75] [76] Issue: 2 children [76] -- Linda Jo Jenkins, b. 12/20/1947; m. James Davis; re-married Randy Bader; currently reside in Buford, Ga.; Linda is an administrator with an area hospital; Randy her husband, is an EMC technician and fireman Issue: 2 children by James Davis -- James Kelly Davis, b. 2/26/1970 -- Melanie Kathryn Davis, b. 10/2/1971 -- William Frederick Jenkins, III, (called “Freddie”), b. 3/22/1954; m. Vicki L. Neil, a registered nurse; Freddie is an EMC Technician and a skilled metal worker; currently resides in Royston, Ga. (1996) Issue: 2 children -- Brandon Neil Jenkins, b. 8/6/1978 -- Kristen Lea Jenkins, b. 10/4/1979 -- Dr. Robert Eugene Jenkins EdD, (called “Gene”), b. 5/30/1924, 24 Tilden Ave., Atlanta. Ga.; m. 1947, Emory University Chapel, Emory University, Ga. to Ruth Edmondson Biles b. 7/17/1925, Milledgeville, Ga., (daughter of Aubia Jefferson Biles, [called “A. J.”], b. 8/3/1891 Jackson, Ga., accountant and and retired Business Manager, Atlanta Baking Co.d.8/17/1972 and Lillian Inez Cooley (called “Inez”), m. 6/3/1916, Putnam County, Ga.; b. Eatonton, Ga.;operated private kindergarten and first grade, Decatur, Ga. for many years; both buried at Decatur Cemetery, Decatur, Ga.; (Ruth’s sister was Mary Biles Jones b. 1918;.d 1993; wife of Stacy Jones,former owner of several pharmacies [including “Stacy’s Pharmacy”], Decatur, Ga. d. 1991; Mary and Stacy retired to Cape Coral , Fla. where Stacy worked part-time at Cape Coral Hospital; both are buried in Decatur Cemetery , Decatur, Ga.; Mary chose to have her remains cremated); Gene and Ruth became residents of St. Petersburg, Fla, in 1949; Gene taught and coached at Mirror Lake Jr. High and St. Petersburg Sr. High until 1968; Ruth taught in a number of elementary schools in St. Pete., Jacksonville, and Daytona, Fla. ; Gene received a BS from Auburn Univ; 1949; a Masters from Emory Univ., 1954; a Doctorate from Univ. of Fla, 1970; Ruth secured her Bachelors in Commercial Science from Ga.State Univ., 1951; Gene served as Professor of Educational Administration at Clemson University, Clemson, S. C. until he and Ruth retired 12/20/1985; as a young man he also trained as a dental technician in his father’s laboratory and in 1978 he founded and was the first Director of the National Denturist Assoc.; before retirement was a member of the National Coaches Assoc.; National Assoc. of School Administrators; Phi Delta Kappa (National Honorary Society);and a Nationally Certified Denturist ;[73] was honorably discharged from theU. S. Army 11/1945 after serving with the 8th Armored Division during combat in the European Theater in WWII; awarded three battle stars for engagements (NOTE) Interestingly enough, the Jenkins and the Biles families resided in Rowan County, N. C. during the same decades and operated a general store as partners in the 1740’s) Issue: 2 children [73] -- Bonnie Jeanne Jenkins, b. 8/27/1948, Auburn, Ala.; m. David L. Edwards, owner and chief officer of Edwards Fruit Co., Lakeland, Fla. b. 7/29/1947; Bonnie and David attended the University of Florida; Bonnie holds an Associate Degree from Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Fla. David holds a BS in Agriculture from the University at Gainesville.; Bonnie grew up in St. Petersburg, Fla. and is a graduate of St. Petersburg Sr. High School ; David is a graduate of Lakeland Sr. High School, Lakeland,Fla. Issue: 4 children [73] -- Julie Ann Edwards, b. 5/15/1970; a graduate of the Univ. of Florida and currently employed as a counselor, residing in Tampa, Fla. -- Shannon Leigh Edwards, b. 2/15/1974, She is currently enrolled at Wharton School, Univ. of Pa., she will be a 1996 graduate of that institution in 1996 -- Katherine Hope Edwards, b. 5/8/1975; attends Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Fla. (twin to Kimberly below) -- Kimberly Jeanne Edwards, b. 5/8/1975; attends Santa Fe Community College, Gainesville, Fla.(twin to Katherine above) -- Michael Gregory Jenkins, b. 6/30/1967, Mound Park Hospital, St. Petersburg, Fla. m. 5/7/1984 to Kelly Rae Horner, Sterling CO., b. 1/1/1968 Sterling, CO, (daughter of Kenneth Woodson Horner, b. 11/25/1925 [son of Darwin Kenneth Horner and Bess Lenora Busby] and Joan Webb b. 1/1/1929; d. 2/8/1995; buried in Riverside Cemetery, Sterling, CO, [daughter of Milton James Webb and Hallie Rae Robertson] ); Kelly has : brother, James Robert Horner, b. 7/13/19 b. Greeley, CO; m. 5/29/1970 to Barbara Harris; sister, Michal Irene Horner, b. 11/25/1954, Longview, Wash. m. 11/3/1979, to Ronald Graneiri; sister, Patricia Lynn Horner, b. 1/19/1956; Portland, Oregon; m. 11/8/1976 to Thomas C. Pilkington; sister, Kendra Jo. Horner, b. 1/17/1967, Sterling, CO; m. 12/29/1989 to Michael E. Haeger) Mike is a graduate of Daniel Sr. High School, Clemson, S. C., lettering in four sports and is a graduate of the University of Florida holding a BS in Agriculture,with a major in Ornamental Horticulture; presently employed by Grizzly Landsaping and Nursery, Aspen, CO (he is employed by The Aspen Ski Co. during the Winter months); Kelly is a graduate of Sterling Sr. High School., Sterling, CO, and holds a BS in Interior Design from Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO; she holds State Certification in Interior Design and is employed by Thurston’s Inc., an appliance design, sales andinstallation firm, Aspen, CO; both Mike and Kelly are avid skiers and bikers and are currently residing inBasalt, CO [73] -- Harry Madison Jenkins, b. 2/13/1931, 16 First Ave. Atlanta, Ga. m. 11/3/1955, Sara Lee Norton, b. 7/3/1934 , (daughter of Homer and Alma Norton, Bremen, Ga., both deceased); d. 10/14/1995; buried with her parents in Bremen, Ga.; Harry graduated from Decatur Boys High School Decatur, Ga. 1950; entered the U. S. Air Force and was honorably discharged as Sgt. in 1954 employed several years as an electrician with major airlines, but re-entered training in his father’s dental laboratory in Atlanta and purchased the business in 1959; Harry is a Nationally Certified Denturist and a Past-President of The National Denturists Association; is currently retired and resides in Lithonia, Georgia; Sara was a graduate of Bremen Sr. High School, Bremen, Ga. in 1953; employed a number of years by the Standard Oil Co. and later worked with Harry in the operation of the Jenkins Dental Laboratory, Atlanta, Bremen, and Clarkston, Ga.; entered the real estate sales field in 1970 and became a top agent with Century 21 [73] Issue 1 child; Sara’s child by previous marriage; adopted by Harry -- Ricky Lee Jenkins; b. 12/18/1950; resides in Bremen, Ga. m. to Tracey Grayson Jenkins, Conyers, Ga. Issue: 2 children -- Taryn Lindsey Jenkins, Conyers, Ga. -- Rikki Lynn Jenkins, Conyers. Ga. -- Roy Arthur Jenkins, Sr. b. 12/18/1900, Atlanta, Ga.; d. 3/19/1972, Ray’sRd., Stone Mountain, Ga.; m. 12/3/1927 Atlanta, Ga. to Rosa Josephine Wilson (sister of Fred’s wife, Billie and daughter of Frank A. Wilson, Sr. and Alice AgnesWalsh; brother to Frank A. Wilson , Jr.) [71] d. 11/31/1987, Ray’s Rd., Stone Mountain,Ga.; Roy and Rosa are buried in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.; Roy was a trained dental technician, but entered the dental supply field rising to City Sales Manager of the S. S White Dental Supply Co., Atlanta, Ga.; Rosa was employed for many years as a comptometer specialist with the Atlanta and West Point Railroad; Roy was a Shriner [71] [73] Issue: 2 children [71] -- Roy Arthur Jenkins, Jr.b. 10/24/1929, Ormwood Ave., Atlanta, Ga. m. 1967, to Jane Mason; divorced , 1978 ; re-married , 5/6/1979, Stone Mountain, Connie Tidwell (Carter) (daughter of Connie Isaac Tidwell and Mildred Lucille Rice) (twin to Ray below) Issue: 1 child by Jane Mason [72] -- Todd Stephen Jenkins, b. 8/17/1968; music graduate; current residence, Yucaipa, CA Issue: 4 step-children by Connie Tidwell (Carter) [72] -- David Andrew Carter, b. 11 3/1961,Covington, Ga. 10/5/1985 to Michelle Hawkins Issue: 2 children -- Daniel Scott Carter, b. 4/1/1989 -- Justin Tyler Carter, b. 12/16/1994 -- Jennifer Karen Carter (Rice), b. 12/25/1963, Atlanta, Ga m.Timothy John Rice Issue: 3 children -- Tiffany Nicole Rice, b. 7/15/1988 -- Timothy John Rice, Jr. b. 9/17/1989 -- Amanda Rice ( from previous marriage of Timothy Rice) -- Christopher Michael Carter, b. 7/12/1965, Atlanta, Ga. m. to a Mary _____ Issue: 1 child Elizabeth Carter, b. 1993 -- Steven Douglas Carter7/13/1969; m. 6/8/1991 to Rose Marie Frank (Peyton) Issue: 3 children by Rose’s previous marriage -- Christopher Carter Peyton b. 6/11/1982 -- Matthew Carter Peyton, b. 4/12/1985 -- Patrick Carter Peyton, b. 5/18/1988 Issue: 5 children by adoption [72] -- Terri Ann Connors, b. 7/11/1969, Asheville, N. C. (divorced) -- Charles Edward Connors, b. 1/24/1971, Asheville, N. C. -- William Robert Connors, b. 1/17/1972, Asheville, N. C. -- Robert Scott Jenkins 12/8/1974, Burlington, N. C. - Thomas Roy McGuire Jenkins, b. Atlanta, Ga. -- Ray Andrew Jenkins, b. 10/24/1929, Ormewood Ave., Atlanta, Ga (twin to Roy above); m. Eleanor Rose Saye, b.5/3/1933, Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta,Ga.(daughter of James Furman Saye,Athens, Ga. and Eng. with Southern Bell Tel. Co. and Leila Mae Burns, of North Carolina); Ray is a graduate of Decatur Boys High School, Decatur,Ga.; employed as a freight agent Issue: 3 children [70] [73] -- David Allen Jenkins, b. 1/14/1957, Atlanta, Ga., unmarried; holds Degree in Journalism from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; sports writer for the “Chatanooga News Free Press” -- Amy Renee Jenkins, b. 12/26/1965 , Chattanooga, Tenn.; m. 9/19/1987 to Gregory Lee Jennings, b. 9/5/1960 Issue: 3 children [70] -- Justin Kyle Jennings, b.4/23/1989 -- Johnston Michael Jennings, b. 2/2/1992 -- Ethan Lee Jennings, b. 2/21/1993 -- James Andrew Jenkins (called “Jay”), b. 1/10/1967, Chattanooga, Tenn.; m. 4/15/1994 to Glenda Bracewell, b. 1/15/1973; Issue: 1 child -- Andrew Lee Jenkins, b. (stillborn) 9/5/1994 -- Hettie Kate Jenkins, (called “Kay”) b. 2/5/1905, Atlanta, Ga.; d. 9/30/1985, San Antonio, Texas; m. Leo Francis Fitch, Pennsylvaia; d. 1959; re-married George Robert Alberts, Chicago, Ill.; d. 5/22/1976; both are buried in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga. with Kate’s parents, Allen S. and Ladovia H. Jenkins, Issue: 2 children with Leo Fitch 1 child with George Alberts [85] -- Leo Allen Fitch, b. 5/26/1924, Beccaria, PA.; unmarried; d. 1953 -- Claire Lorraine Fitch (called “Renee”), b.6/8/1926, Hamilton, Ohio; m. 5/30/1947 to Wade Morton Sheffield, Sr. , dental supply salesman and dental laboratory owner, b. 5/26/1918, Atlanta, Ga. (son of John E. and Clara Belle Sheffield); re-married 4/1956, Atlanta, Ga. to Carl Edward Morris, b. 9/8/1924, Steff, Ky. (son of Dee M. and Iva Mae Morris); Renee and Carl are the owners and proprietors of a tax and real estate business , San Antonio, Texas, where they currently reside (1995) [85] Issue : 1 child with Morton Sheffield 1 child with Carl Morris -- Wade Morton Sheffield, Jr. b. 11/28/1951, Atlanta, Ga. m. 3/16/1980 to Kay Turner -- Randall Dee Morris,(called “Randy”), b. 8/17/1960, Davenport, Iowa; m. 7/2/1988 to Mary Denise Jarvis -- Marla Jean Alberts, b. 10/20/1941, Chicago, Ill.; m. 5/26/1961 to Morgan C. Hamby Issue: 2 children [85] -- Gregg Coleman Hamby, b. 10/2/1964, Atlanta, Ga. ; m. 6/13/1992 to Amy Colcock -- Robert Morgan Hamby, b. 6/18/1967, Atlanta, Ga. ; m. to Arnette Rebecca Butler Hamby 1.6.4 -- Alfred S. Jenkins, b. 10/15/1842, Gwinnett County, Ga.; d.2/28/1910; buried in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga. In family plot with son, Dr. Matthew Kinchean Jenkins; m. to Margaret (etta) F. Cruse, b. 12/25/1842, Gwinnett County, Ga.; d. 4/20/1884; buried beside her in-laws, Kinchean and Lucetta Jenkins, at Sweetwater Primitive Church Cemetery, Duluth, Ga.;[5] Alfred was mustered into Co. “F”, 35th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, CSA; was wounded at The Battle of theWilderness on 5/6/1864 and again at Spotsylvania on 5/12/1864; was reported as AWOL on 2/12/1865,but was reported as being a member of Graham’s Scouts after 10/1865; [5] resided in Rome (Forestville),Ga.as per the Ga. Censusroll,1880; returned Fulton County and operated a mercantile store on Auburn Ave. in Atlanta and remarried 9/15/1886 to Willie Mills, b. 6/1852; d. 2/28/1918; interred in Oakland Cemetery with her husband, Alfred )[86]; the store was still operational in 1892. Issue: 3 children by Margarette Cruse [17] -- Dr. Matthew Kinchean Jenkins, MD, b. 7/291869, Gwinnett County, Ga. d. 2/6/1956, Atlanta, Ga.; buried in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.; graduate of Georgia Medical College, 1891; was a registered Pharmacist; practiced medicine at Georgia Baptist Hospital for 50 years; was a Mason; was a Deacon in the Johnson Hills Baptist Church, Atlanta, Ga.; [43] m. 12/22/1891 to Lillie Parr, b. 9/1875; d. 9/28/1937; interred with her husband at Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta, Ga.; re-married Emma Lou Trapnell, who currently resides in Statesboro, Ga. (1995) Issue: 3 children by Lille Parr [31 [43] -- Gertrude Margarette Jenkins, b. 12/1893; m. Dr. Benjamin Taylor Beazley Issue: 2 children -- Margaret Taylor, m. Senator Paul Brown, Sr., Athens, Ga. Issue: 3 children -- Paul Brown, Jr. -- Conway C. Brown -- Michael Brown -- Benjamin Taylor, Jr. -- Annie Mae Jenkins, m. 7/1896 to Dr. Paul Conway Hunter, Sr. Issue: 2 children -- Dorothy Hunter, unmarried -- Dr. Conway Hunter , Jr. Sea Island, Ga, m. Charlotte Holbrook,. Issue: 1 child -- Conway Hunter, III (called”Chip”) -- Margaret (?) Ruth Parr Jenkins, b. 10/9/1904; d. ______ -- George M. Jenkins, b. 7/24/1871; d. 12/25/1878; buried at Sweetwater Cemetery with Mother, Margaret F. Cruse Jenkins -- Adabel Jenkins, b. 10/14/1883; d. 4/27/1884; buried at Sweetwater Cemetery with Mother, Margaret F. Cruse Jenkins 1.6.5 -- George L. Jenkins, b. 9/26/1845, Gwinnett County Ga.; d. 4/14/1864 in Civil War on way to Virginia; enlisted CSA 10/29/1863; unmarried 1.6.6 -- John R. Jenkins, (called “Red”), b. 9/9/1848, b. Gwinnett County, Ga.; d._____; Of all Kinchean Jenkins’ children, none have been as diffcult to trace and interpret as John R.. The records clearly show that he appears with the family in Gwinnett County in all early Census rolls up and into 1870. At that time he was living with his parents, Kinchean and Lucetta Jenkins. His name and signature are on Kinchean’s Will, 1883; on the Probate papers, 1885; and, on the Property Disposition documents in 1887. He is listed in the membership of Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Churcvh, Duluth, Ga.,as having joined in 1876. Further, he appears in the Church Minutes as being Excluded from the Church for “unlawful separation “ from his wife. Though there seems to be confusing and conflicting records as to his marriage, it is quite certain (based on Arnold family records, Gwinnett County Marriag Book records, the Kinchean Jenkins Family Bible, and the George Jenkins personal letter of 1931), that John R. did, in fact, wed Nancy Mahalie Arnold on Oct. 8, 1871. The Kinchean Jenkins Family Bible only addresses John R.s wife a “N.M.”, and at one pont refers to her as “Narcissus”(possibly an error in identifiction since Allen S. Jenkins married Narcissus Jones). John R.’s children (with NM) are listed as Rosalie, Estelle and Lucetta; however, Nancy Arnold Jenkins is listed as a “widow” in the Census of 1880, living with a daughter, Mary --age 7 years. No other children are listed on that Census. The 1880 date is one year after John R. and Nancy had apparently called things off. Arnold family records indicate that Nancy re-married a Charles Nash and moved to Texas She had four children with Nash, but the child, Mary, (who did not appear in Kinchean’s Bible) nor any of the other children who did appear in that Bible record, appear again in Nash family records. Oddly enough, John D. Arnold, Nancy’s father, made his Will (1897) long after John R. and Nancy had parted, and long after she and Nash had married and moved to Texas but still referred to her in the Will as the wife of John R. Jenkins even at that late date. So, documentation tells us that: 1. Nancy Arnold and John R. Jenkins married in 1871 and separated in 1879 2. they apparently had at least 3 surviving children together 3. the child, Mary,(same age as Rosalie) was with Nancy in 1880 --one year after their separation 4. though Nancy called herself a “widow” in1880, John R. Jenkins was not dead at that time 5. On 3/12/1881 Nancy M.Jenkins won a judgement against John R. Jenkins in Gwinnett County Court. This apparently was a divorce proceeding since the only costs involved were those of the Court 6. Nancy then married Charles Nash 9/29/1881 and moved to Texas; this only two years after separating from John R. Jenkins. They had 6 children; five of whom were born in Texas 7. John R. is in his father’s Will (1883); in the Probate papers (1885); in the Property Disposition papers (1887); and, in the Sweetwater Church Minutes (1890) Fulton County, Ga. Estate Records, Book “D”, p. 701, lists a John R. Jenkins as having resided on Irwin St. in Atlanta, Ga.. This is within the same square block at Howell St. where his brother, Alfred S. Jenkins lived.(Alfred probably had his mother, Lucetta with him at that time) The proximity of a John R. Jenkins to Alfred S. is almost conclusive proof (or at least, assumptive) of John R.’s prescence in Atlanta at that time. The real mystery of this family lies in the continued absence of the name of Mary, who appeared in the 1880 Gwinnett Census with Nancy Jenkins, and the continued absence of the names of the three surviving children referenced in Kinchean’s Bible.(all of this after John and Nancy’s separatioin and after Nancy married Nash and moved to Texas where she had four more children with Charles Nash). It is also a mystery as to WHY Nancy was listed as “Widow” unless the divorce had not been recognized by the Church at that time, making marriage to Nash difficult. When they moved to Texas they had already had one child, born in 1882. These researchers will continue to investigate the John R. Jenkins family. Issue: 5 children (as indicated in family records) -- Rosalie Jenkins, b. 8/16/1872; d. _____ -- Estelle Jenkins, b. 3/22/1876; d. _____ ; (possibly died as an infant) -- Estelle Jenkins, b. 7/17/1877; d. _____ (possibly named for the dead infant) -- “Little Boy” Jenkins, b. 6/3/1878; d. ____ -- Lucetta Jenkins,named for John R.’s Mother), b. 6/12/1888; d. _____ Note: data are confused in examining this family 1.6.7 -- Martha Jenkins, b. 9/5/1850; d. 12/28/1853 1.6.8 -- Perry F. Jenkins, b. 9/14/1856, Duluth, Gwinnett County, Ga.; d. 3/18/1931,Ft. Smith, Arkansas; m.6/10/1876 to Mary Ann Alford, b. 1860 in Gloster area of Gwinnett County, Ga. (daughter of Joseph Alford of N. C. and Mary Snipe of S. C.); [other children of the Alfords were: Sis, b. 1848; Matilda, b. 1850; Alvin, b. 1852; Sara b.1854; Amanda, b. 1857; Matthew, b. 1859; and, William b. 1864]; [14] Mary Ann d. 1921. ,Ft. Smith, Ark.;Perry was living on the home farmland at the time of his father’s(Kinchean’s) death and he became the Chief Executor of Kinchean’s Will; [66] moved toGreenwood, Ark. sometime shortly after 1885 and operated a general merchandise store there until about1915 at which time he moved to Ft. Smith, Ark., working as a farmer; a fireman; a watchman; and in his daughter’s (Mary Burns) floral business; lived with his daughter after his wife’s death until he died in 1931. [42] Issue: 4 children [22] [25] [42] -- Allen Max Jenkins, b. 6/14/1877; moved to California soon after his mother’s death; m. a Julia _____; possibly resided in Glendora, CA; worked as policeman; farmer; grocer; and welder while a resident of Ft. Smith, Ark. [42] Issue: 1 child -- “Dude” Jenkins -- deceased infant, b. 1879 1. 6 8 3 -- Matthew E. Jenkins, b. 4/12/1879, deceased infant -- America Jenkins, b. 3/1887; m. Leo Burns, Sr. Issue: 2 children (known) -- Leo Burns, Jr.; resides in Ft. Smith, Ark.(1995) -- Francis Burns 1.6.9 -- Sarah Jenkins -- b. 1885; d. _____ 1.7.0 -- Susanna Jenkins, b. 2/11/1812, Rowan County, N. C. ; d. 5/14/1875; migrated to Gwinnett County, Ga. With her father, Daniel Lewis Jenkins, and family; m. 4/19/1841 to Hudson Birdshaw in Meriwether County, Ga. 1.8.0 -- Rebecca Jenkins, b. 5/5/1813, Rownan County, N. C. D. 9/1/1840; Migrated to Gwinnett County, Ga. With her father, Daniel Lewis Jenkins,. and family; m.3/15/1840 to John Bundy, Meriwether County, Ga. 1.9.0 -- Allen Jenkins, b. 6/21/1815, Rowan County, N. C. ; d. 2/21/1895, Delta, Clay County, Alabama; m. 5/17/1840 to Mary Ann Thrash, Meriwether County, Ga.[83], b. Putnam County, Ga., 11/12/1895 (youngest daughter of Andrew Thrash and Peggy Parrott); d. 4/28/1897; both buried in Good Hope Cemetery, Delta, Ala.; Allen migrated to Gwinnett and Troup counties in Ga. Circa , 1830s ; sold his land in Meriwether County, Ga.. 1846; migrated to Clay County, Alabama the next year (1847), and built a log cabin, where he lived the rest of his life; it was then occupied by his son, James Marion Jenkins and destroyed in 1960; appears on the Clay County Census roll of1870; was a farmer Issue: 12 children [41] [48] [58] 1.9.1 -- Frances Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 7/18/1841, Delta, Clay County, Ala.d. 8/11/1922 buried in Delta Cemetery, Delta, Ala.; m. 9/26/9/26/1858 to Napoleon Bonaparte Snow, b. 9/18/1837; d. 5/25/1867; Frances ws a school teacher; re-married to Samuel Martin McCullough Issue: 3 children with Napoleon Snow [41] 4 children with Samuel McCullough -- Thomas Allen Snow, b. 9/24/1859, d. 1/5/1865 -- Benjamin Franklin Davis Snow , b. 10/11/1861; d. 9/12/1863 -- Raymond Cicero Snow (took step-father’s name of Mccullough)b. 6/8/1867 d. 2/12/1929; buried in Delta Cemetery, Delta, Ala.; m. 9/25/1890 to Mary Jane Peoples -- Samuel Leon McCullough, b. 10/5/1871; d. 4/4/1944; buried Delta Cemetery, Delta, Ala.; m. 4/10/1903 to Lavonia Garrett -- Prior Reese McCullough, b. 12/29/1874; d. 12/24/1938; buried Delta Cemetery, Delta, Ala. -- Charles Alexander McCullough, b. 11/28/1876; d. 5/4/1879; buried in Providence Cemetery, Clay County, Ala.; unmarried -- Sara Ann Isabella McCullough, b. 8/4/1879; d. 11/9/1952; m. 4/1/1905 to L. C. Mitchell; no children 1.9.2 -- William Andrew Jenkins, b. 11/18/1843; d..1/11/1863, Calhoun County, Ala. in Civil War; unmarried [41] 1.9.3 -- George Henry Jenkins, b. 12/10/1845; d. 11/2/1920, McGregor, McClennan County, Texas; buried Crawford Cemetery, McClennan County, Texas; moved to Clay County, Ala. With his father about 1847; m. 9/18/1869 to Nancie Avarilla Cochran, Calhoun County, Ala. b. 11/4/1853; d. 8/6/1870 , in childbirth along with infant; buried with infant in Bethlehem Cemtery, Calhoun County, Texas; George moved to Osage, Coryell County, Texas about 1871; re-married 12/23/1877 to Mary Malisse Young (daughter of Joseph Brown Young and Mary Jane Black Culbertson); b. 2/10/1847 in Mississippi; d. 8/19/1925 Issue: 1 child with Nancie [41] 3 children with Malisse [41] -- infant (stillborn, 8/6/1870; mother, Nancie died also) infant (stillborn), b. 11/19/1878 -- Henry Franklin Jenkins, b. 4/11/1881; d. 3/22/1939, Ballinger, Runnels County, Texas; buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Ballinger, Texas; m. 6/15/1924 to Uda Vee Jackson Issue: 4 children -- Frank Duane Jenkins, b. 3/2/1925 d. 1981; unmarried. Frank compiled and made available to family members and various historical societies and archives, a Genealogy of that Jenkins family which apparently descended from a Captain Henry Jenkins of Virginia.( Daniel Lewis Jenkins of N. C. and Ga. is thought to be a direct descendant of Capt. Jenkins). That document has been invaluable to any who have attempted to trace that branch of the Jenkins clan [48] [58] -- John David Jenkins, b. 12/6/1927, m. 7/27/1949 to Jocelyn Patricia Miller; is a retired resident of Mexico (1995) Issue: 4 children -- Robert David Jenkins -- Carol Ann Jenkins -- Susan Darlene Jenkins -- Charlotte Elaine Jenkins -- Gloria V. Jenkins, b. 7/13/1929; m. 4.9.1955 to Richard Carl Grolla, Green Bay, Wisconsin; retired from Shell Oil Co.; resident of Houston, Texas Issue: 1 child [41] 3.1 -- Carol Diane Grolla -- Paul Bruce Jenkins, b. 12/28/1933; m. 9/1/1956, Ballinger, Texas, to Eleanor LaRuth Montgomery, b. 9/15/1939, Rockwood, Texas; works with Boy Scouts of America; Paul owned and operated Ace Electronic Service before retirement Issue: 2 children [58] -- Stephen Bruce Jenkins -- (?) -- Nannie Olive, b. 12/18/1883, McGregor, McClennon, Texas; d. 5/24/1962 m. 6/7/1925 to Josephus Keltner; no children [41] 1.9.4 -- Thomas Jefferson Jenkins, b. 6/1/1848; d. 12/3/1924, Temple, Bell County, Texas;buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, Texas; m. 7/15/1883 to Dora M. Phillips, b. 12/29/1859; d. 11/26/1890, Temple. Texas; re-married 9/8/1892 toRoxie Ann Hardy, Temple, Texas b. 3/25/1868; d. 11/20/1948; both buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Bell County, Texas; moved from Calhoun County, Ala. , afterthe Civil War, to Osage, Coryell County, Texas and from there to Temple, Texas Issue: 3 children with Dora Phillips [41] [58] 5 children with Roxie Hardy [41] [58] -- Infant, b. 5/10/1885; d. 5/10/1885 -- Louie Basken Jenkins, b. 9/3/1886; d. 1/19/1965, Temple, Texas; m. 7/2/1911,Bell County, Texas to Annie Laurie Bigham; no children -- Nobia Doris Jenkins, b. 6/17/1889; d. 11/5/1964, Gatesville, Coryell County, Texas; buried in Osage Cemetery, Coryell County, Texas; m. 4/30/1908 to Stanley Price Edwards Issue: 1 child -- Stanley Thomas Edwards, b. 8/11/1925, Gatesville, Texas; m. Wilma Earl Colvin, b. 1/14/1928, Kileen, Bell County, Texas Issue: 3 children -- Pamela Edwards, b. 8/11/1948, Gatesville, Texas; d. 8/11/1948 -- Stanley Paul Edwards, b. 8/25/1950, Gatesville,Texas; m. 9/6/1969 to Sheryl Lonette Gaham, Corsicano, Navarro County, Texas -- Christy Norine Edwards, b. 11/21/1953, Gatesville, Texas; . m. 8/15/1975 to Robert Albert Garner, Gatesville, Texas -- Sylvia Ann Edwards, b. 3/2/1958, Gatesville, Texas -- Dora Jenkins, b. 11/11/1890; d. 12/9/1956, Port Arthur, Texas; m. A Campbell [58] -- Berta Gladice Jenkins, b. 8/24/1894; d. 1973; m. Henry K. Orgain [58] -- Vera Etta Jenkins, b. 12/13/1898; d. 5/18/1899; buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Bell County, Texas -- Cleo Jenkins, b. 5/30/1900; m. Frank Waller (twin to Theo below) -- Theo Jenkins, b. 5/30/1900; m. 6/12/1929 to Effie May Cowan, Ellis County, Texas; (twin to Cleo above) -- Grady Jenkins, b. 11/9/1902; m. 8/30/1930 to Zella Jane Ball, Ft. Worth, Tarrant County, Texas 1.9.5 -- John Lewis Jenkins, b. 4/4/1850; d. 1/20/1936, Temple. Texas; buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Temple, Texas; m. Etta Moates, b. 2/5/1874; d. 2/27/1926; no children [41] 1.9.6 -- Alexander Franklin Jenkins, b. 6/10/1852; d. 4/29/1886, Clay County, Ala.;buried in Good Hope Cemetery, Clay County, Ala.; m. To Mary Ancone Haynie Issue: 1 child [41] -- a daughter (name or information not located) 1.9.7 -- Allen Pierce Jenkins, b. 6/20/1854, Alabama; d. 1924, Clay County, Ala.; m. 1/26/1876, Clay County, Ala. to Jane Elizabeth McClintock, b. 1861; d. 1950; both buried in Delta Cemetery, Clay County, Ala. Issue: 11 children [41] -- John Franklin Jenkins, 7/8/1878; m. Evie Carter -- Sydney Fleming Jenkins, b. 11/25/1880; m. Clinton Garrett -- James Allen Jenkins, b. 2/19/1883; m. Lovie Carter -- Charles Beechaus Jenkins, b. 3/20/1886; d. 2/5/1889; age 3, Delta,Clay County Ala. -- Albert Russell Jenkins, b. 6/12/1888; m. Myrtle McKay -- Zolema Lee Jenkins, b. 10/5/1890; m. Heflin Cockrell -- Nobie Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 1/5/1893; m. Nathan Atkins -- George Kirk Jenkins, b. 1/5/1897; unmarried -- Harvey Boyd Jenkins, b. 4/20/1899; m. Eva Stewart - Oswald Irvin Jenikins, b. 1902; d. 1920, Delta, Ala.; unmarried - Denver Pierce Jenkins, b. 6/26/1908; m. Florence Atkins 1.9.8 -- Mary Catherine Jenkins, b. 4/18/1857; d. 2/18/1864, Clay County, Ala. ; buried in Bethlehem Cemetery. Calhoun County, Ala.; unmarried [41] 1.9.9 -- Dr. Jefferson Davis Jenkins, b. 5/14/1859, Alabama; d. 1912, Texas; m. to Eliza Ann Elizabeth Holland, b. 1866, Alabama; d. 1931; both buried in Spring CreekCemetery Avoca, Jones County, Texas; family had moved to Texas from Clay County, Ala. Issue: 8 children [41] -- Thomas Henry Jenkins, b. 10 19 1885; d. 11/16/1954, San Antonio, Texas; m. 4/29/1906 to Pearlie Mae West -- Bessie Ann Jenkins, b. _____; d. 7/22/1938; m. to Alfred Pierce Crawford -- Sarah Jane Jenkins, b. 11/27/1889, Bell County, Texas;m. 4/20/1913 Shackleford County, Texas to Rafe Teague Ferrell !.9.9.4 -- Infant Jenkins -- Samuel Leon Jenkins, b. 7/10/1894; d. 3/9/1958; unmarried -- James Allen Jenkins, b. 7/26/1897, Alabama; d. 8/31/1955, Stamford, Jones County, Texas; buried in Highland Cemtery, Jones County, Texas -- William Lee Jenkins, b. 7/26/1897; d. 1900, (at age 3) -- Bertram Wade Jenkins, b. _____; d. ______m. Anna Lee Birdsong 1.9.10 - Sarah Elender Jenkins, b. 5/28/1861; d. _____, Jones County, Texas; m. John McClintock [41] 1.9.11 - James Marion Jenkins, b. 4/4/1964, Calhoun County, Ala.; d. 12/21/1938; m. 12/27/1887 to Sarah Ann Maroda Barnett; b. 3/15/1869, Clay County, Ala.; d. 5/2/1964, Ashland, Ala.; both buried in Good Hope Cemetery, Clay County, Ala.; James was a farmer and a devout Baptist Issue 7 children [41] -- John William Jenkins, b. 7/11/1889; d/ 11 12/1970 m. 5/15/1918, Bessemer, Ala. To Mary Alice Brown; re-married 1/28/1955 to Lucy Brown -- Henry Garrett Jenkins, b. 8/29/1891; d. _____;m. 11/30/1914, Clay County, Ala. to Leona Dempsey -- Allen Van Buren Jenkins, b. 9/17/1893; m. Ettie Collier; no children -- Marietta Melvina Jenkins, 1/0/23/1895; m. 12/30/1915, Clay County, Ala. to John Cecil Sims; re-married 4/8/1962 , Clay County, Ala., Mancil Mitchell Sims (brother of deceased husband, John) -- Theodore Roosevelt Jenkins, b. 10/17/1898;D. 8/25/1966; buried in Valhalla Cemtery, Birmingham, Ala.; m. to Ruth Barber -- Roxie Eunice Jenkins, b. 12/21/1907; m. Arthur Byard; no children -- Lanoice Cee Jenkins, b. 7/3/1910; d. 6/2/1938; buried Good Hope Cemetery, Clay County, Ala.; unmarried 1.9.12 - Ann Judson Jenkins, b. 11/28/1866; d. 9/29/1939, Delta, Ala.; m. William Eugene Reagan, b. 9/29/1859, Tallapoosa, Ala.(son of Michael and Mary Ann Henry Reagan); d. 2/28/1948, Delta, Ala.; both buried in Delta Cemetery, Clay County, Ala. Issue: 13 children [41] - William Allen Reagan, b. 9/14/1883; d. 7/9/1966; buried in Valhalla Cemetery, Bessemer, Ala.; m. 12/25/1910, Fayette County, Ala. to Annie Hobbs - Mary Bell Reagan, b. 3/2/1885; d. 1/8/1970, Ashland, Ala. m. 1/10/1903, Clay County, Ala. to Solomon Allen Britt - Alice Swillie Reagan, b. 9/26/1887; d. 9/26/1964, Clay County, Ala. ; m. 12/25/1907. Clay County, Ala. to Rev. William Robert Ingraham - Dr. Cas Reagan, b. 9/12/1889; m. 8/11/1926, Marshall County, Ala. to Irene Linn - Lillian Hester Reagan, b. 11/9/1891; d. 6/6/1896, Delta, Ala. Buried Good Hope Cemetery, Clay County, Ala. - Anna Luna Reagan, b. 1/9/1895; m. 2/27/1918, Wilcox County, Ala. to John Rollins - John Morgan Reagan, b. 1/31/1896; m. 6/6/1924, Geneva County, Ala. to Annie Jean Ford 1 9.12.8 - Frank Alexander Reagan, b. 3/22/1898; m. 8/3/1926, Chattanooga, Tenn to Nell Jo Grey - Dr. Charles Henry Reagan, b. 2/27/1900; m. 7/29/1925, Marshall County, Miss. to Catherine McCutchan - K. V. Reagan, b. 12/5/1902; d. 1/8/1966, Greenville, Ala. m . 6/5/1932, Etowah County, Ala. to Cora Lee Johnson - Esther Judson Reagan, b. 12/12/1904; m. 1/20/1933, Clay County, Ala. to Ocie C. Cotney; no children (Cotney had 3 by a first wife) - Thelma Odessa Reagan, b. 1/19/1907; m. 2/14/1927 to William Hoyt Evans - Theron Tennyson Jenkins, b. 7/7/1909; m. 12/1935, Jefferson County, Ala. to Lillian Hickman 1.10.0 - Daniel Jenkins, b. 11/20/1816, Rowan County, N. C. D. 1879, Meriwether County, Ga.; m. 4/8/1841, Adaline M. Coleman, Meriwether County, Ga., b. 1819; d. 1902, Meriwether County; Daniel migrated to Gwinnett County, Ga. with his father, and then to Meriwether County [12] -- again with his father, Daniel Lewis Jenkins, Jr.;his name appears on the roll of the Friendship Primitive Baptist Church, Five Forks, Gwinnett County, Ga. prior to 1832; [46] is listed in the Meriwether County Deed Book as Grantee, receiving the family homesite from his father, Daniel Lewis Jenkins, for “love and respect” and for “caring for his father and mother”; the transfer of the foregoing land Deed was to be effective upon the death of his parents.; this Will is found in Will Book “B”, Meriwether County, Ga., pp. 283-4 and 562-3; [56] appears in the1850 Meriwether County, Ga. Census [12] Issue: 9 children [12] [15] [20] 1.10.1 - Martha H. Jenkins, b. 1844; d. _____; m. Fold 1.10.2 - Mary Jane Jenkins, b. 1845; d. _____; m. 12/8/1865, James A. Jenkins 1.10.3 - David Andrew Jenkins, (called “DAJ”), [28] b. 12/3/1846; d. 7/26/1895; buried Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Meriwether County, Ga.; served in a Georgia Regiment during the Civil War; m. a Fannie______ Issue: I child [15] 1.10.3 1 - name unknown, b. 1869 1.10.4 - Lewis Frances Marion Jenkins, (called “Lewis F M”), b. 1849; [28] m. 10/30/1876to Mattie Steins; appears on Census, 1870 “living wiith father” [20] 1.10.5 - Sarah Elizabeth Jenkins, b. 1851; m. a Smith; (an Elizah Smith is named as Executor of Daniel Lewis’ Will and a J. V. Smith is named as a Witness) 1.10.6 - Amanda Emiline Jenkins, b. 1853; m. a Montgomery 1.10.7 - Suzanne Frances Jenkins, b. _____; m. a Will 1.10.8 - William A. Jenkins, b. 1856; m. 1/11/1867 to Amantha Rees Issue: 2 children (as of 1870) [15] - Mary Jenkins, b. 1869; d. _____ - James Jenkins, b. 1869; d. _____ 1.10.9 - Nancy Caroline, b. 1863; m. a Thompson CONCLUDING REMARKS The following comments are extracted from Frank Duane Jenkins’ unpublished work of1976 [58], along with information obtained by these researchers. An examination of a line of descent that present day generations may accept would appear as follows: Cap’t. Henry Jenkins Pasco Curle 1640 - 1698 1645 - ? Elizabeth City C’ty., Va Elizabeth City C’ty., Va. Henry Jenkins, Jr. married to: Mary Curle 1670 - 1719 ? Elizabeth City C’ty, Va. Elizabeth City C’ty, Va. John Jenkins,I 1695 - 1754 Elizabeth City C’ty, Va. John Jenkins, II 1720 - ? Elizabeth City C’ty, Va Break in record Lewis Jenkins married to: Jemima _____ 1760 - 1845 1843 - ? N. C. William David John Nancy Lewis Kinchean Susanna Rebecca Allen There have been inferences that the first Daniel Lewis Jenkins was born in 1735. Then a generation later, a Daniel Lewis Jenkins was born in 1760 (this Lewis is the focal point of this genealogy). In the 1930’s family reunions were held wherein descendants of Daniel Lewis Jenkins, Jr.were present.At just such a reunion held at Grant Park Atlanta, Ga., Lewis Jenkins was described as having been born in 1735 -- obviously this was the Senior Lewis.The news clipping shown below addresses that Reunion.(This news clipping is from the Atlanta Journal, published in Atlanta, Ga. Dated 8/6/1932 and may be found in the Alabama Archives, Montgomery, Ala.) Jenkins Family Holds Reunion at Grant Park 8/6/32 --The Atlanta Journal The annual reunion of the descendants of Daniel Jenkins, who was born in Edgecombe County, North Carolina in February, 1835, was held at Grant Park, Atlanta, Ga., July 2, 1933, with about one hundred present. Of the four sons of Daniel Jenkins' descendants, three were present. Atlanta was well represented by several of the Jenkins family. Macon, LaGrange,Warm Springs, Chipley, Columbus, Opelika, Ala., Tallahassee, Fla., Dacula, Ga., Shady Dale, Ga., and East Point were also represented. Lunch was served at the noon hour. Afterwards a business session was held. The same officers being elected to serve another year. Several of the Jenkins' in-laws made short talks. The meeting for next year will be held at Bethany Church, about one mile from Chipley, Ga.Harris County , this being the church where the family had its membership. There they helped build the house and lived in the community nearby. It was suggested that next year all people by the name of Jenkins, or who are related to the Jenkins family, be invited to attend the reunion thereby getting more of the descendants of Daniel Jenkins together Various land transactions and Wills of many of the Jenkins families of the 18th Century give clues as to their relationships with other families. Unfortunately, it seems that even though Lewis Jenkins can be traced through land deals, there is little, or no, conclusive evidence as to either his parents or his siblings. It is highly possible that Lewis came from a Lewis, Sr., born in 1735; however, it is just as possible that Lewis came from a John(possibly middle name Lewis) Jenkins, Sr., born in 1720 or thereabouts. These researchers are in possession of a land transaction, dated 2/1/1763, in which a “Jenkins, Sr.” Deeds land over to a “Jenkins, Jr.”. In the body of the Deed , Jenkins, Sr. is referenced throughout as “John Jenkins, Sr. While the Jenkins, Jr. is referenced as “the said Lewis Jenkins”.( Book “K”, p.3, Bertie County, N. C.) It may be that the reference is simply an older person to a younger one; however this has not seemed to be the case in any other legal document that has been examined in the researching of this genealogy. Therefore, the inference is that: this Lewis is a John Lewis Jenkins and may well have been the Lewis Jenkins who fathered Daniel Lewis Jenkins in 1760. It is realized that this may well be a false interpretation, but it gives food for thought in trying to pin down the predecessors of Lewis Jenkins of North Carolina and Georgia. -- the tap root of our study. In an effort to give the reader some clue as to the “land path” that Lewis took in his migration, the land transactions presented below define his participation, or the participation of those who were known to be friends or neighbors: 1. Evidence is strong that Lewis Jenkins was a descendant of the Elizabeth County, Va. Jenkins family.The family names of that family are found throughout Lewis’ immediate and extended family’s children. 2. John Jenkins, Sr. (possibly John Lewis Jenkins, Sr.) and Lewis Jenkins had connections and dealings with the Whitehead family of Edgecombe County, NC.. As presented earlier (p.2-3), Lewis was a Revolutionary War soldier (1776-79) 4. Lewis received Bounty Land “in the Cumberland” (Revolution) which he deeded to Lazarus Whitehead (the younger) 5. Lazarus Whitehead moved to Rowan County (originally that part that came to be in Iredell County; became pastor of a Church and eventually sold 162 acres of land to Lewis Jenkins in 1796) That land was at the confluence of Dutchman’s Creek and the Yadkin River -- just above Salisbury N. C. . 6. A John and a Jessie Jenkins, both obviously sons of a John, Sr, had been deeded land by their father in 1765 and 1766. That land was in the same general area whereLewis had held acreage. 7. In 1801, a Jessie Jenkins bought land on Dutchman’s Creek nearby Lewis Jenkins 8. Lewis Jenkins sold his Rowan County land in 1824 just prior to leaving for Georgia 9. In 1827 the same Lewis Jenkins received Cherokee Land Lottery acreage in Gwinnett County, Ga. 10. Lewis Jenkins, now of Gwinnett , applied for and received a Revolutionary War Pension (1832) 11. That same Lewis Jenkins(#10 above) , of Gwinnett County, Ga., purchased land lot #13 in the 7th District of Meriwether County, Ga.. in the year 1833. Eight years later, in 1841, he deeded the same land to his son, Daniel, for “love and affection”, and $5.00, citing the care Daniel had given his father and mother. 12. Also , in 1841, Daniel sold the north half of the Lewis farm to his brother Lewis, and four tears later (1845) the balance of the homeplace was sold to a Wimbish with the stipulation that”one rod square” would be reserved as the burial place for Lewis and Jemima. Again, the above chronicle of land transactions is presented to provide the reader with some idea of the path of Lewis Jenkins from his Revolutionary War enlistment in Wake County, N. C. in 1776 (age 16) to his burial in Meriwether County, Ga.in 1845. Because of his Pension Application in Gwinnett County, Ga. in 1832, we are assured that Lewis Jenkins is , in fact, the forebearer from whom we sprung. The difficulty lies in deter- mining exactly where he was born and who his parents were The most accurate assumption that we can make is that he was born either in Bertie or Wake County, N. C.. in the year 1760. SOURCES 1. Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pensions File, p. 1830 2 . History of Harris County:1827-1961, 1st and 2nd EditionsBarfield, Columbus Office Supply, Columbus, Ga. 3. Bethany Baptist Church Minutes, owned by Mrs. Herbert Champion , Pine Mountain, Ga. 4. Bethany Baptist Church, Pine Mountain, Ga.: Headstone Photographs taken by R. E. (Gene) Jenkins, Lakeland, Fla. 5. Cemeteries of Gwinnett County: 1818-1899, Gwinnett Historical Society, Lawrenceville, Ga. 6. Census, Rowan County, N. C., 1820 7. Census, Harris County, Ga., 1830 8. Census, Meriwether County, Ga., 1840 9. Census, Gwinnett County, Ga., 1850, 10. Census, Harris County, Ga.,.1840 11. Census, Harris County, Ga., 1850 12. Census, Meriwether County, Ga., 1850 13. Census, Walton County, Ga.., 1850 14. Census, Gwinnett County, Ga., 1860 15. Census, Meriwether County, Ga. 1860 16. Census, Coweta County, Ga., 1870 17. Census, Gwinnett County, Ga., 1870 18. Census, Harris County, Ga. 1870 19. Census, Troup Cpunty, Ga., 1870 20. Census, Meriwether County, Ga., 1870 21. 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And Mize, Jessie J. , 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery Heritage Papers, Danielsville, Ga., 1969 89. Roster of North Carolina Revolutionary Soldiers,National Archives, Atlanta, Ga., Revolutionary War Land Bounty Warrant, #3890 90. Roster of Confederate Soldiers:1862-1864, Vol. IV, p. 526 91. Rowan County, N. C., Deed Book #18, 92. Rowan County, N. C. , Deed Book #28 93. Rowan County, N. C. Land Map, in possession of Robert E. (Gene) Jenkins., Lakeland, Fla. 94. Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Church, Duluth, GA: Official Minutes. (Left this in "as is")d of the telephone says: "Yes, he was my father and his brother is still alive and living in ......" Then you've got a new clue and you're off to the races! These researchers had no knowledge of root relationships in Texas when they began this work, when, in fact, there is a "whole passel" of Jenkins from Daniel Lewis Jenkins of North Carolina all over that State; and Alabama; and Arkansas; and Lord knows where else. It is the hope of the researchers that all living Jenkins receiving and reading this document will appreciate the work and love that has gone into the effort, and that those now living in the present and those who are yet to be born will appreciate their roots. It is also hoped that no future Daniel Lewis Jenkins family researchers will have to dig as deeply as did the authors of this document. It behooves these researchers to stress the point that some family groups are more inclusive and displayed with more biographical information than others; i. e., treated in greater depth . Where information has been found or provided by the living Jenkins members, the facts are presented. If the reader desires more information to be included in the next draft of this document , then so inform us; communicate and it shall be done! This body of genealogical material has been assembled specifically for the family, so let us know if you know more than you have told us or more than we have found. To communicate to us in this area, let us know the numerical station thavolutionary War (probably Cumberland County, NC) which he deeded, land Creek plus Baptist Church records of that county,and that this is the family whom we have tracedLewis Factually, we know he resided with his family in Gwinnett and Meriwether Counties,GA, after migrating from Rowan County, NC, and that he died in Meriwether, 10/5/1843.. LIn possession of Mrs. Winnie Corley, Duluth, GA (Includes Minutes of 1833 and 1869-1890)
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