First, let me say that many will be offended by this. Personally, I don't give a damn whether you are or not. What I am talking is, irresponsible and waste of time, genealogy. That, which when posted to the web makes one have to go on and on to many different sites rather than key into the one that may do the most good. One of the recent posts on the web is a good example. A post of the 1830 census, state is not relevant,indicating a family group of 20001; 0100001. Now, the 1830 census has 13 slots for male and 13 for female, where the hell do I fit this tripe?? The best the inconsiderate idiot that posted that could have done, since, I now have to go to some library and look up the films for that census, is to have posted the name and page number on that census. The information is worthless as given. Another stupidity is that of GenWeb, RootsWeb and others that allow duplication and do not police their sites.. I ran across 5 duplications of the same information, IN A ROW, on a Roots site; and a similar one on a GenWEb site. That not only takes needed space, but is non contributory to genealogy. Overzealous people, wanting to say, "Hey, look what I did!" causes a lot of this. Again, look at Roots, GenWeb, WFT, Ancestry, et al, you get lackadaisical genealogy - no standards. On Womack Genealogy Net, we rarely have a dupe unless a newby comes in. That is understandable.. The IGI is despicable in duplication - so are the other so-called "genealogy helpers." Some castigate me on my anti-DAR philosophy. Any organization that the originators could not meet the today standards, is not an organization. Nor, is any that allows an entry on an individual who is my 4th great grandmother, she is really the wife of the first cuz of the Rev War individual, makes me snort in disgust. I'll bet those two cousins may have had a had a few words on that!! Standards are OK; but should be correct. Again, no real standards. Documentation is great. But, in many instances, all we have is family tradtion and legend. Are those of us who dont have a person that was on the Mayflower or whatever to be pushed aside because we may not have been of some quasi elite group? The Mayflower people were "Johnnie Come Latelies." They deserve consideration because they made it here and they made a life for themselves; BUT, the Jamestown people were the true immigrants and should not be pushed aside for latecomers. Check your history on the real hardships of the true immigrants to this country - the Mayflower group had it easy considering - Genealogy is history; and history is perplexing, wraught with holes, and misinformation... remember man and his frailties; and remember man wrote history..Mine and yours ....... Am I harsh on this? YES, I damn sure am! No one person made this country. Many did. Some almost destroyed it because of personal interests and lack of consideration because of what they thought their exalted and rightful position was. Bluebloods make me puke! Remember, we were the immigrants to this country; and I have yet to see a certificate of naturalization issued by any American Indian Tribe to my ancestors, or yours for that matter!! If you are going to post genealogical information to the net; do it right or not at all!! If you ask me, or anyone else for that matter, for information; give your own. Not that "Joe Blow" was yer grandpop whatha got?" Or, I saw on your web page John Doe, what else do you have? I have over 1700 different sites. Give me the correct URL or dont ask. Lastly, If you are afraid to share your information, or you are only looking so you can do a book for profit, DONT'T ASK!!!!!!! Between Roger and I, I am not sure about some others, we have the most complete information on any single surname in the world. We didnt do it all by ourselves; but there damn sure weren't that many people helpin us.....just a few that did... On WGN, WFN, and WOL, we share freely without any problems.. just you do the brag, jest your information, share freely; OR, get out....... Nuff Sed??
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