Descendants of Nicholas Lanier

Generation No. 1
1. NICHOLAS1 LANIER1,2 was born in Rouen, France3, and died January 31, 1611/12 in East Greenwich, County Kent, England3. He married LUCREECE BASSANO4 February 13, 1570/71 in All Hallows Barking Parish, London, England5. She was born September 24, 1556 in London, England5, and died in London, England. Notes for NICHOLAS LANIER: Nicholas, of Rouen, France, played flute and cornet. He was first master flutist to Henri II of France. During the Protestant persecutions, he was a Huguenot, he moved to England with safe passage arranged for him by his patroness (the widow Queen Catherine de Medici. Nicholas arrived at the new court of Elizabeth I in 1561. Queen Elizabeth, thrilled at the new age she generated, drew artists, poets, scholars and musicians to England from all over Europe. Naturally they wished to be near the brilliant star, Elizabeth. Arts were glofied . This was the time of William Shakespeare and Ben Johnson, Explorers such as Francis Drake were discovering new worlds; and colonist Walter Raleigh was forming expeditions to colonize them. The Laniers were right in the midst of it. In court, marriages were arranaged by the Queen. Nicholas Lanier was paired with Lucreece Bassano, daughter of an Italian musician of the Royal Orchestra. Nicholas was made Master of Flutes for Elizabeth I and James I. Nicholas and Lucreece prospered and aquired a great deal of property in East Greenwich, Blackheath, and nearby. Three generations of Laniers served the British Monarchy as court musicians, poets and artists. Their accomplishments are well documented and they were well rewarded . Nicholas's Will was proved 1/28/1611-12. More About NICHOLAS LANIER: Burial: East Greenwich, County Kent, England5 Notes for LUCREECE BASSANO: Also spelled Lucretia. Also spelled Lucretia. Daughter of Bassano family of musicians who came to England to serve Henry VIII, from City of Bassano del Grappo near Venice. The fabulous Renaissance courts of the Medici were winding down and the artists and musicians of those courts were seeking work elsewhere. Lucreece had a very cultured background. She was as instrumental as her husband, Nicholas, in passing her own enlightment on to her children. More About LUCREECE BASSANO: Burial: January 04, 1633/34, St. Alfrege's, East Greeenwich, England5 Children of NICHOLAS LANIER and LUCREECE BASSANO are: i. INNOCENT2 LANIER6, d. August 12, 16257; m. MARY8. Notes for INNOCENT LANIER: Musician, Gentleman of the King's Chamber. 2. ii. ANDREA LANIER, d. 1660. iii. MARY LANIER8, d. 16769. More About MARY LANIER: Burial: October 13, 1676, St. Alphege's, Greenwich9 iv. KATHERINE LANIER10, d. 166011; m. DANIEL FERRAND12, February 28, 1620/21; d. 165113. Notes for DANIEL FERRAND: Violinist More About DANIEL FERRAND: Burial: At. Alphege's, Greenwich13 3. v. SR. JOHN LANIER, b. 1565, London, England; d. December 05, 1616, St. Giles, Camberwell. vi. ANNE LANIER, b. July 24, 1565, St. Olave's Hart Street, London, England. More About ANNE LANIER: Christening: July 24, 1565, St. Olave's, Hart Stree 4. vii. CLEMENT LANIER, b. Abt. 1572; d. East Greenwich. 5. viii. ALPHONSE LANIER, b. 1572; d. 1613. 6. ix. ELLEN LANIER, b. Abt. 1577; d. August 03, 1638, Greenwich, England. 7. x. JEROME LANIER, b. Abt. 1589; d. November 1661. xi. FRANCIS LANIER14, b. Abt. 159615; m. THOMAS FOXE16, February 04, 1617/18, St. Margaret's. Lee, Kent, England17; b. , Egham, Surry17; d. Abt. 163317. Notes for FRANCIS LANIER: Musician Notes for THOMAS FOXE: Musician . Generation No. 2 2. ANDREA2 LANIER (NICHOLAS1)18 died 166019. He married JOYCE PERRY20 June 1628 in St. Alfege's, East Greenwich, England. She died June 10, 168121. Notes for ANDREA LANIER: Musician , flutist and teacher of musicians. Succeed his father, Nicholas, as Master of the Flutes for life. Andrea Lanier signed a will 9/1/1660, More About ANDREA LANIER: Burial: November 02, 1660, St. Alphege's, East Greenwich, England21 More About JOYCE PERRY: Burial: St. Alphege's, East Greenwich, England21 Children of ANDREA LANIER and JOYCE PERRY are: i. ELIZABETH3 LANIER22, d. Infant23. ii. CLEMENT LANIER24. iii. ANDREA LANIER24. iv. WILLIAM LANIER24. v. ROBERT LANIER24. vi. EDYMION LANIER24. vii. THOMAS LANIER24, b. 163325; m. JOAN PETTIWARD26. Notes for THOMAS LANIER: Still living in 1692. Thomas was a musician, Flutist. .3. SR. JOHN2 LANIER (NICHOLAS1) was born 1565 in London, England, and died December 05, 1616 in St. Giles, Camberwell. He married FRANCES GALLIARDELLO October 12, 1585 in Holy Trinity, Minories. She was born November 04, 1566 in Holy Trinity, Minories, and died Aft. 1616. Notes for SR. JOHN LANIER: Married Frances Galliardello from a family of Italian musicians to the court of Henry VIII. John, son of Nicholas, spent his life as a court musician to Elizabeth I and James I. His son, "Nicholas Lanier the Younger" carried on the tradition. Other sons, Mark Anthony Lanier and John Lanier were also great musicians. More About SR. JOHN LANIER: Burial: December 28, 1568, St. Olave's, Hart Street Christening: November 04, 1566 Notes for FRANCES GALLIARDELLO: From a family of Italian musicians to the court of Henry VIII. More About FRANCES GALLIARDELLO: Christening: November 04, 1566 Children of JOHN LANIER and FRANCES GALLIARDELLO are: i. NICHOLAS LANIER, b. 1588; d. February 1664/65, East Greenwich, England; m. (1) ELIZABETH; d. 1673; m. (2) CATHERINE; d. Aft. 1631. Notes for II NICHOLAS LANIER: Nicholas, known as "NICHOLAS LANIER THE YOUNGER", son of John Lanie r and Frances Galliardello, was the most well-known of all the Lanier s of England. Great musician, composer and artist. He was MASTER O F FLUTES for Charles I. Composed music for the masques of Ben Johnso n. Nicholas was sent abroard to aquire artworks for the king. More About II NICHOLAS LANIER: Christening: September 10, 1588, Holy Trinity, Minories More About ELIZABETH: Burial: St. Martins-in-the-Fields ii. JUDITH LANIER, b. 1591; d. 1617; m. EDWARD NORGATE, September 21, 1613, Shudy Camps, County Cambridge, England; b. 1581; d. 1650. More About EDWARD NORGATE: Burial: St. Benet's, Paul's Wharf, London, England iii. MARK ANTHONY LANIER, b. 1592; d. 1666, Stepney; m. JUDITH. Notes for MARK ANTHONY LANIER: Mark Anthony Lanier, son of John Lanier and Frances Galliardello, wa s also a great musician. More About MARK ANTHONY LANIER: Burial: Holy Trinity, Minories Christening: July 20, 1587, Holy Trinity, Minories iv. JOHN LANIER, b. Abt. 1594; d. Abt. 1650; m. ELEANOR, Abt. 1631; d. 1652. . Notes for JOHN LANIER: John Lanier, son of John Lanier and Frances Galliardello, was als o a great musician. More About JOHN LANIER: Burial: St. Giles, Camberwell More About ELEANOR: Burial: St. Giles, Camberwell v. FRANCIS LANIER, b. Abt. 1596. vi. ELIZABETH LANIER, b. Aft. 1598; d. Aft. 1666; m. ATKINS. vii. LUCRETIA LANIER, b. Aft. 1598. 4. CLEMENT2 LANIER (NICHOLAS1)26,27 was born Abt. 157228, and died in East Greenwich28. He married HANNAH COLLETT29 March 1627/28 in St. Margaret's, Lee, Kent, England. She died December 22, 1653 in East Greenwich, County Kent, England30. Notes for CLEMENT LANIER: Clement, as a Musician, was Gentleman of the King's Chamber to Jame s I and Charles I - a special title afforded to some musicans and actors. Clement was a musician on the Recorder. He purchased some of t he great art collection (assembled for Charles 1 by his cousin Nichol as Lanier, son of John and Frances Lanier) when Oliver Cromwell wa s running the country. When Charles I was executed, the Laniers suffered financial setbacks and hardships while supporting the Prince of Wales (later Charles II) and his struggles to gain right to the Throne. They regained some of their fortunes after Restoration. His Will proved 12/3/1661, registered 5/20/1662. More About CLEMENT LANIER: Burial: November 06, 1661, St. Alfrege's, East Greeenwich, England30 More About HANNAH COLLETT: Burial: St. Alfrege's, East Greeenwich, England30 Children of CLEMENT LANIER and HANNAH COLLETT are: i. LIONEL3 LANIER31, d. September 19, 166532. More About LIONEL LANIER: Burial: In The Aisle Of St. Benet, At Paul's Wharf Church32 Christening: February 17, 1642/43 8. ii. ROBERT LANIER. iii. SUSANNAH LANIER33, d. Aft. 167634. More About SUSANNAH LANIER: Christening: June 10, 1633 iv. CHARLES LANIER35, d. February 14, 1650/51, England36. v. HANNAH LANIER37, b. January 13, 1628/2938; d. Aft. 167638; m. THOMAS SWETNAM39, November 16, 1655. Notes for HANNAH LANIER: Marriage may have been 11/16/1666 Burial: St. Benet's Church, Paul's Wharf, England40 Notes for THOMAS SWETNAM: Thomas Swetnam ws a haberdasher. 9. vi. JOHN L. LANIER, b. October 1631, Lewisham District, London, England; d. Abt. 1683, Prince George County Or Charles City County, VA. vii. NICHOLAS LANIER41, b. March 26, 163542; d. 1659, England42. viii. LUCRETIA LANIER43, b. January 17, 1637/3844. ix. ELIZABETH LANIER45, b. 164546. x. FRANCIS LANIER47, b. April 02, 164648; d. 167548; m. RICHARD BELL49, February 27, 1669/70, St. Giles Cripplegate. xi. WILLIAM LANIER49, b. September 14, 164750; d. 165950. 5. ALPHONSE2 LANIER (NICHOLAS1)51 was born 157252, and died 161352. He married EMELIA BASSANO53 October 18, 1592 in St. Botolph's, Bishopgate, England54. She was born January 27, 1568/6954, and died April 1645 in Clerkenwell, London, England54. Notes for ALPHONSE LANIER: Alphonse was an instumentalist for Elizabeth I (he played at her funeral) and James I. Alphonse was given a position as Captain in the Irish Naval Service and sent off to sea after he married Emelia, who was pregnant. Emelia's father died when she was very young. She was brought up b y the Countess of Kent. Emelia had a long term affair with Lord Chamberlain Henry Hunsdon, son of Mary Boleyn (former mistress to Henry V III and sister to Queen Anne Boleyn, aunt of Queen Elizabeth I). Mary Boleyn was a Patron to William Shakespeare's theatrical company. When Emelia became pregant with Lord Chamberlain Henry Hundson's child , a marriage was arranged for her by the Queen (cousin to Lord Hundson). Emelia ended her affair with Hunsdon in the early 1590's. She was a published feminist poet. She had 2 children by Hundson: Henry Lanier, a flutist, and and a daughter Odilla, who died as an infant. More About EMELIA BASSANO: Burial: April 03, 1645, St. James, Clerkenwell54 Christening: January 27, 1568/69, St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, England Children of ALPHONSE LANIER and EMELIA BASSANO are: i. HENRY3 LANIER55, b. 159256; m. JOYCE57. ii. ODILLA LANIER57, b. 159858. 6. ELLEN2 LANIER (NICHOLAS1)59 was born Abt. 157760, and died August 03, 1638 in Greenwich, England60. She married ALPHONSE FERRABOSCA61 Abt. 1608. He was born Abt. 1575 in Greenwich, England62, and died March 11, 1627/28 in Greenwich, England62. More About ELLEN LANIER: Burial: St. Alphege's, East Greenwich, England62 Notes for ALPHONSE FERRABOSCA: Alphonse was a Viloinist and Composer of the King's music. Burial: St. Alfege's62 Children of ELLEN LANIER and ALPHONSE FERRABOSCA are: i. ALPHONSE3 FERRABOSCO Jr63. Notes for ALPHONSE FERRABOSCO Jr: Musician ii. HENRY FERRABOSCO63. Notes for HENRY FERRABOSCO: Musician iii. SUSANNNA FERRABOSCO63. iv. MARY FERRABOSCO63. v. KATHERINE FERRABOSCO63. vi. JOHN FERRABOSCO63. Notes for JOHN FERRABOSCO: Musician and Organist at Trinity Church. Ely. vii. ELLEN LANIER FERRABOSCO63, d. 162864; m. HUSBAND65. More About ELLEN LANIER FERRABOSCO: Burial: East Greenwich, England66 More About HUSBAND: Burial: East Greenwich, England66. 7. JEROME2 LANIER (NICHOLAS1)67 was born Abt. 158968, and died November 166168. He married (1) PHRISDEWITH "FRISWITH" GRAFTON69 December 20, 1610 in St. Margaret's Lee. She died in East Greenwich, England70. He married (2) ELIZABETH WILLFORD71 January 10, 1627/28 in St. Margaret's Church In Westminister, London, England. She died November 23, 166172. Notes for JEROME LANIER: Musician on the sackbut (something like the trombone) and artist. At least one of his children was a musician. More About JEROME LANIER: Burial: December 01, 1657, St. Alfrege's, East Greeenwich, England72 More About PHRISDEWITH "FRISWITH" GRAFTON: Burial: December 30, 1626, St. Margaret's, Lee, England72 More About ELIZABETH WILLFORD: Burial: East Greenwich, England72 Children of JEROME LANIER and PHRISDEWITH GRAFTON are: i. ELLYN3 LANIER73, b. 161574; d. 161574. ii. WILLIAM LANIER75, b. 161876; d. 166176. Notes for WILLIAM LANIER: A Musician iii. NICHOLAS LANIER77, b. 162178; d. 162478. Notes for NICHOLAS LANIER: Died young. iv. BRIDGET LANIER79, b. 162280. Children of JEROME LANIER and ELIZABETH WILLFORD are: v. ANN3 LANIER81. Notes for ANN LANIER: died young vi. ENDYMION LANIER81, b. 162982; d. 168282; m. ELIZABETH BARON83, St. George's, Southwark, Surrey. vii. ELIZABETH LANIER83, b. 163084; d. Aft. 167584; m. THOMAS SLADE85, March 27, 1654, St. Alphege's, Greenwich. viii. JEROME LANIER85, b. 163286; d. 163286. Notes for JEROME LANIER: Died young ix. ARUNDEL LANIER87, b. 163388; d. 163488. Notes for ARUNDEL LANIER: Died as an infant. . x. PHRISDEWITH LANIER89, b. 163590; m. RICHARD WHINYARD91, July 23, 1655. xi. KATHERINE LANIER91, b. 163792; d. Aft. 167592; m. BERNARD BARRANCLEVE93, March 27, 1654. xii. AMPHILLIS LANIER93, b. 164294; d. Aft. 167594; m. MR. SEAGLER95, Bef. 1675. xiii. FRANCES LANIER95, b. 164396; d. Aft. 167596; m. MR. MEACHAM97. Generation No. 3 8. ROBERT3 LANIER (CLEMENT2, NICHOLAS1) He married REBECCA97 1695 in VA98. She was born 163998. Notes for ROBERT LANIER: Robert and Rebecca Lanier went to Barbados and are known as the Barbados Line of Laniers. Their 3 sons: Clement, Robert and Lemuel went f rom Barbados to live in Virginia, USA. More About ROBERT LANIER: Christening: May 22, 1642, St. Alphege, East Greenwich Children of ROBERT LANIER and REBECCA are: 10. i. ROBERT4 LANIER, b. Bef. 1678, Barbados; d. Aft. 1744. 11. ii. CLEMENT LANIER, b. 1678; d. 1715. iii. LEMUEL LANIER99, b. Bef. 1680, Barbadoa100; d. 1762100. Notes for LEMUEL LANIER: Moved from Barbados to Virginia. Robert and Rebecca Lanier went to B arbados and are known as the Barbados Line of Laniers. Lemuel appeared in Chowan Co., NC about 1718, where his brother Rober t lived. 9. JOHN L.3 LANIER (CLEMENT2, NICHOLAS1)101,102 was born October 1631 in Lewisham District, London, England103, and died Abt. 1683 in Prince George County Or Charles City County, VA103. He married LUCREECE BASSANO104,105 Abt. 1650 in London, ENG106. She was born in England107, and died in Virginia107. Notes for JOHN L. LANIER: John and Lucreece are considered to be the first Laniers in Virginia . They received a grant from King Charles II. About 1656 they settled on the South Side of the James River in Charles City County, VA, ( later became Prince George County, VA), about 1656, bringing John Jr . with them. Probably wanted to raise tobacco. John and Lucreece, though reduced in circumstances because of the (English) Civil War, were accustomed to a royal environment. Surely, they anticipated a sty lish English country experience in the New World, hardly the primitive circumstances they encountered. They were ill prepared for carving a successful enterprise from the Virginia frontier wilderness. Times were tough for the planters on the frontier by 1670's. They no longer enjoyed happy relations with the Natives of the area. The market was down for tobacco; Sir William Berkeley, Governor of the British Colony, imposed heavy taxes on the colonists and refused to allow elections; and now the Indian attacks. John Lanier and his son John, Jr., participated in "Bacon's Rebellion" to protest the refusal of Berkley to provide protection from the Powhatan Confederacy. The planters were not allowed to retaliate. In April of 1676, men of th e South side of the James River met at Jordan's Point (near present day Hopewell, Prince George County). John Lanier and John Woodlief were chosen to meet with the Governor in Jamestown. They asked Berkeley for permission to act against the Indian attacks. Berkeley called them "fools and loggerheads" It is ironic to note the very superior Berkeley took offense at having to deal with such "shabby rabble" as he called the settlers. How far the Laniers had come, from royalty to rabble. But the situation was far more serious. The two representatives (Lanier and Woodlief) returned to the James River camp and reported Berkeley's response. The group was comprised of men who had come to the colony with royal grants, like John Lanier, and former indentured servants. They were joined by a wealthy planter, Nathanial Bacon, who lived on the opposite side of the river. Bacon took command and led attacks against the Pamunky Tribe, and WON. Bacon entered Jamestown a s a hero, but was condemned by the Governor. Subsequently there was another war of sorts, this time, the rebels against Berkeley. "The freeholders against the elite of the colony." Eventually a force o f 500 Bacon followers, free men with servants and slaves added to th ir numbers, laid seige on Jamestown and burned it. Many of the rebels were hanged or imprisoned by Berkeley. British ships, sent by Char les II, arrived to settle the rebellion. At that point the surviving rebels surrendered. It is not recorded how John Lanier faired after the rebellion. We know his son, John Jr., survived. More About JOHN L. LANIER: Christening: June 10, 1633, Lewisham, Kent, England Notes for LUCREECE BASSANO: May be related to her grandmother-in-law, Lucreece Bassano. Children of JOHN LANIER and LUCREECE BASSANO are: 12. i. JR. JOHN4 LANIER, b. 1655, ENG; d. Prince George Co., VA. ii. KATHERINE LANIER108, b. May 07, 1655, Charles City Co., VA109; d. May 07, 1665109. Notes for KATHERINE LANIER: Strangled in her bed as an infant according to records from the judic ial court of William Bird. There is no mention as to identity of th e killer. [15469.ged.FTW] Strangled in her bed as an infant according to records from the judic ial court of William Bird. There is no mention as to identity of th e killer. . Generation No. 4 10. ROBERT4 LANIER (ROBERT3, CLEMENT2, NICHOLAS1)110 was born Bef. 1678 in Barbados111, and died Aft. 1744111. He married SARAH BARKER112 Abt. 1695 in VA113. She was born in VA113. Notes for ROBERT LANIER: Moved from Barbados to Virginia with his 2 brothers in Feb. 1688. Ro bert and Rebecca Lanier went to Barbados and are known as the Barbado s Line of Laniers. Robert and Sarah lived for a time in Prince George Co., VA, then move d to Chowan Co., NC. Will dated 9/20/1744 and probated 3/1745 in Tyr rell Dist., NC. Children of ROBERT LANIER and SARAH BARKER are: i. ANNANAZAH CHRISTANA5 LANIER114. ii. GRACE LANIER114. iii. JEAN LANIER114, b. Abt. 1696115. iv. ELIZABETH LANIER116, b. Abt. 1698, VA117; m. THOMAS DANIEL118, 1716, Chowan Co., NC; b. 1675119; d. 1749119. v. S ARAH LANIER120, b. 1700121. vi. SAMARIAH LANIER122, b. 1707123. Notes for SAMARIAH LANIER: Married with several children. vii. SR. WILLIAM LANIER124, b. 1720, Kent Co., England125; d. August 11, 1789, Beaufort, NC125; m. ANN MARTHA HILL126, Abt. 1745; d. June 07, 1799127. viii. JOHN ROBERT LANIER128, b. Bef. 1723129; m. SARAH ADAMS130. 11. CLEMENT4 LANIER (ROBERT3, CLEMENT2, NICHOLAS1)130 was born 1678131, and died 1715131. He married SARAH132 Bef. 1713133. She died 1750133. Notes for CLEMENT LANIER: Moved from Barbados to Virginia with his 2 brothers about 1688. He l ived with his cousin John Lanier and ?hon's? 2nd wife Sarah in Charles City Co., VA. More About CLEMENT LANIER: Christening: August 21, 1678, St. Michael's Parish In Barbados Children of CLEMENT LANIER and SARAH are: i. MARY5 LANIER134. ii. JOHN LANIER134, b. 1710135; m. SELAH SAUNDERS136. iii. NICHOLAS LANIER136, b. Bef. 1715137. 12. JOHN4 LANIER JR (JOHN L.3, CLEMENT2, NICHOLAS1)138,139 was born 1655 in ENG140, and died in Prince George Co., VA141. He married (1) KATHERINE ALICE(?) SAMPSON142 1677 in Charles City Co, VA143. She died Bef. 1685 in Charles City County, VA. He married (2) SARAH EDMUNDS145,146 1685. She was born in Charles City Co., VA147. Notes for JOHN LANIER Jr: Came to America as a baby, with his parents John and Lucreece Lanier . Grew up in Charles City County, VA at the family home on the Jame s River. Later he moved to Surry County, VA. Participated in Bacon' s Rebellion with his father in 1676, at age 22. In 1683 a land warra nt was issued to him and Peter Wycke for almost 500 acres in the Pari sh of Westover. John's first cousin Clement Lanier, Robert's son fro m Barbados, lived in their household for a while. Will dated 1/5/1717, proved 4/14/1719 Prince George County, VA. Notes for SARAH EDMUNDS: Widow of William Edmonds Children of JOHN LANIER and KATHERINE SAMPSON are: i. ROBERT5 LANIER148,149, b. 1678150; d. Bef. May 18, 1756, Surry Co., VA151; m. PRISCILLA WASHINGTON152,153, 1727; b. 1699154. Notes for ROBERT LANIER: Lived most of his life in Surry Co., VA, on a plantation posssibly in herited from his father (next to his brother John). Both plots of land were described as being on the Well Branch and having a common mar k as "to a corner tree in Mr. Henry Harrison's Line. In 1743 Robert bought 100 acres of Brunswick Co., VA from Stephen Sisson (on the North side of Three Creeks). In 1752, Robert bought another 100 acres on the South side of Three Creeks from Richard Hill. Robert's Will probated 5/18/1756 in Surry Co., VA. More About PRISCILLA WASHINGTON: Christening: Bef 1764 ii. JOHN LANIER155,156, b. 1680157; d. Bef. March 04, 1719/20, VA158; m. ELIZABETH BIRD159, 1703, Charles City County, VA; b. Abt. 1680, Surry Co., VA160. Notes for JOHN LANIER: Lived in Surry County, VA. Thomas Bird's will states Elizabeth Lanie r, wife of John Lanier, of Southwark Parish. Taken into custody by t he Surry County Sheriff for failing to appear as a Grand Jury Man. Notes for ELIZABETH BIRD: Inherited property from her father (left to her and 2 sisters). In her will she deeded land to her sons Robert and Benjamin. Information from the March 04, 1727/28 deed of Elizabeth Lanier, wife of John L anier of Southwark Parish. The deed named 3 daughters of Thomas & Mary Bird. Elizabeth later sold the property to her sister Tabitha. iii. SAMPSON LANIER161,162, b. 1682163; d. Bef. May 05, 1743, Brunswick Co., VA164; m. ELIZABETH WASHINGTON165, Bef. 1704, Surry Co., VA; b. 1689, Surry County, VA166; d. 1773, Pitt County, NC166. Notes for SAMPSON LANIER: Sampson and Elizabeth, both, inherited 200 acres of land from Richar d Washington (Elizabeth's father). They sold the land to the Vestr y of Nottoway Parish, now Southhampton Co. before 1740. They then mo ved to Brunswick Co., VA. Sampson was a Justice, a Vestryman, and se rved on the school board. It is though Sampson's son Sampson, Jr. an d his grandson James, that the gifted poet Sidney Lanier was descended. Sampson's will was probated 5/5/1743. Children of JOHN LANIER and SARAH EDMUNDS are: iv. SARAH5 LANIER167,168, b. Abt. 1684, Charles City County, VA169; d. 1724, VA170; m. GEORGE BREWER Sr171,172, 1705, Surry Co., VA; b. 1670, Isle Of Wight, VA173; d. Bef. August 1744173. Notes for SARAH LANIER: Receieved a cow from her father, in his will, when he died. No small gift in those days. More About SARAH LANIER: Burial: Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co., VA173 More About GEORGE BREWER Sr: Burial: Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co., VA173 v. NICHOLAS LANIER174, b. 1690, Charles City Co., VA175; d. April 23, 1779175; m. MARY NANCE176. Notes for NICHOLAS LANIER: Nicholas the executor of his father (John Lanier, Jr.) estate and inherited all his father's land. Nicholas and Mary lived in Prince George Co., VA and later moved to Brunswick Co., VA. Nicholas's will offered 8/23/1779 in Brunswick Co., VA. Thomas Lanier "Tennesse" Williams is decended through Thomas Lanier , son of Nicholas, son of John Jr. and Sarah Edmonds. Records from Donald Dunnington show Nicholas Lanier's wife as Mary Nance.

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