Descendants of James M 1 Brewer

Generation No. 1

1. JAMES M 17 BREWER (SOLOMON6, LANIER JR5, LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1825 in Wayne County, Tennessee. He married (1) ELIZABETH PARKER Abt. 1842 in Wayne County, Tennessee. She was born in Wayne County, Tennessee, and died in Wayne County, Tennessee. He married (2) MARY LUCINDA COPELAND Bef. 1853 in Prob Wayne Co TN. She was born Dec 25, 1835 in TN, and died Mar 23, 1914 in Wellington, Collingsworth Co, TX. Notes for JAMES M 1 BREWER: Legend has it that James died after 1880, when he showed up on the Oregon Co MO census; having moved from AR to MO in the 1870's. New info received from cousins in OK indicate he is buried in the Oil Springs Cemetery, Johnston Co, OK 1870 Census, Marshall Twp, Searcy Co AR he Lucinda, James A, age 17; King Alex, age 15; Sarah C, age 11; Wm G, age 7; George W age 4; Nancy E, age 2.. 1880 Census, Jobe Twp, Oregon Co, MO he Lucinda, Sarah age 20; William G, age 17; George W, age 14; Nancy E, age 11; Tennessee A, age 9; Phebe A, age 6; John ?L?, age 4; Malinda C, age 1. Notes for MARY LUCINDA COPELAND: Her first name was Mary., but there is some controversy about her last name being Copeland - no definite proof, but there was an Alexander Copeland in the area in Akansas where they were..and could explain King Alexander's name being as such after an uncle and a grandpa. Lucy was living with her daughter Nancy Brewer Bowen in Collingsworth Co TX as of the 1910 Census.. The Census stated she had 11 children, 7 of which were still living. All 11 are shown in this file. Photos of her and James were sent by a descendant of their son John Lorenzo Dow Brewer. Burial: S Fairview Cemetery, Wellington, TX Children of JAMES BREWER and ELIZABETH PARKER are: i. MARY8 BREWER, b. Abt. 1843. ii. ARTESSIMA BREWER, b. Abt. Dec 1847; m. ALISTAIR MARTIN. Children of JAMES BREWER and MARY COPELAND are: 2. iii. JAMES A8 BREWER, b. Abt. 1851. 3. iv. KING ALEXANDER BREWER, b. Nov 05, 1852, Wayne Co, TN; d. Feb 06, 1919, Hickory, Murray Co, OK. v. SARAH CAROLINE BREWER, b. Abt. 1859; m. JAMES M WILLIAMS. vi. MARGARET BREWER, b. Abt. 1860; m. JAMES WELCH. 4. vii. WILLIAM G BREWER, b. Jun 30, 1862, Arkansas; d. Aug 20, 1956, Abernathy, Texas. viii. GEORGE W 4 BREWER, b. Abt. 1866. 5. ix. NANCY ELLEN BREWER, b. Feb 19, 1869, Arkansas; d. Mar 10, 1939, Wellington, Texas. 6. x. TENNESSEE ALABAMA BREWER, b. Abt. 1871. 7. xi. PHEBE ARKANSAS BREWER, b. Abt. 1874. xii. JOHN LONZO DOW BREWER, b. Abt. 1876. Notes for JOHN LONZO DOW BREWER: I know John married as there is a photo of he and his wife. One of his daughters, or granddaughters married a Marr..a descendant of that marriage lives in NY that I am in correspondence with. Lorenzo may be name instead of Lonzo tho shown that way on census. xiii. MALINDA C BREWER, b. Abt. 1879. Generation No. 2 2. JAMES A8 BREWER (JAMES M 17, SOLOMON6, LANIER JR5, LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1851. Children of JAMES A BREWER are: i. ELIJAH9 BREWER, m. ETHEL BOX. ii. WILLIS BREWER. 3. KING ALEXANDER8 BREWER (JAMES M 17, SOLOMON6, LANIER JR5, LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Nov 05, 1852 in Wayne Co, TN, and died Feb 06, 1919 in Hickory, Murray Co, OK. He married (1) MALINDA SUTTERFIELD OR SATTERFIELD Bef. 1875 in Prob AR, daughter of NATHANIEL SUTTERFIELD and LUCY CAMPBELL. She was born Abt. 1854 in AR, and died Abt. 1885 in Ortegon Co MO. He married (2) LOUISA JANE BARNES WATKINS Dec 22, 1887 in Wiley's Cove, Searcy Co, AR. She was born Feb 22, 1854 in Searcy Co AR, and died Jun 02, 1929 in Judsonia, White Co, AR. Notes for KING ALEXANDER BREWER: Rumor has it that he fathered two other children; girls named Ethel and Lois - yet I found two girls these names under another Brewer, a cousin of his, I think. More About KING ALEXANDER BREWER: Burial: Feb 1919, Hickory Cemetery, OK Notes for MALINDA SUTTERFIELD OR SATTERFIELD: Parents - Nathaniel Sutterfield, b. abt 1817, Giles Co TN; d. Aug 25, 1890, Searcy Co AR Lucy Campbell, b. Sep 14, 1829, TN; d. Jul 2, 1898, Searcy Co AR Grandparents: Peter Moore Sutterfield, b. abt 1775, SC; d. abt 1846, Searcy Co AR Lucy Rogers, b. abt 1780, SC; d. abt 1851, Searcy Co AR Children of KING BREWER and MALINDA SATTERFIELD are: i. JAMES N 029 BREWER, b. Abt. 1875, AR; d. OK. Notes for JAMES N 02 BREWER: James A was shown on the 1880 Census, Campbell Twp, Searcy Co AR[brewer1.FTW] ii. LONZO BREWER, b. Abt. 1878, AR. Notes for LONZO BREWER: Was shown on the 1880 Census, Campbell Twp, Searcy Co, AR[brewer1.FTW] iii. MARY ELLEN BREWER, b. Abt. 1880, AR. Notes for MARY ELLEN BREWER: Mary Ellen was shown on the 1880 Census for Searcy Co AR.[brewer1.FTW] iv. LUCY BREWER, b. Mar 07, 1880, AR; m. HERMAN TOWERY. v. HENRY MONROE BREWER, b. May 08, 1882, Oregon Co? MO; d. Dec 25, 1964, Sulphur, Murray Co, OK; m. ROSE ETTA WEBB, Aug 14, 1906; b. Nov 02, 1892; d. Feb 19, 1973, Sulphur, Murray, OK.. More About HENRY MONROE BREWER: Burial: Drake Cemetery More About ROSE ETTA WEBB: Burial: Drake Cemetery vi. ANNIE BREWER, b. Bef. 1885. vii. WALTER BREWER, b. 1885. Child of KING BREWER and LOUISA WATKINS is: viii. JOHNNIE HARRISON9 BREWER, b. Oct 29, 1888, Searcy Co AR; d. Jul 30, 1971, Judsonia, White Co, AR; m. (1) MYRTLE FERREN, Jul 03, 1910, White Co AR; b. Abt. 1893, AR?; d. Abt. 1911, White Co AR; m. (2) KATIE JEWEL MCDANIEL, Dec 25, 1912, White Co AR; b. Aug 13, 1894, White Co AR; d. Aug 02, 1991, Judsonia, White Co, AR. 4. WILLIAM G8 BREWER (JAMES M 17, SOLOMON6, LANIER JR5, LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Jun 30, 1862 in Arkansas, and died Aug 20, 1956 in Abernathy, Texas. He married LAURA HALL. She was born Apr 29, 1868 in MO, and died Jan 31, 1927 in TX. Children of WILLIAM BREWER and LAURA HALL are: i. CHARLIE9 BREWER, m. ERMA HALL. ii. CASSIE BREWER, b. Abt. 1890, Texas; d. Abt. 1969, Texas; m. THOMAS YOUNG, Texas; b. Abt. 1889; d. Abt. 1963, Texas.. iii. ARTHUR BREWER, m. ARTIE THORNE, TX?. iv. BILL BREWER, m. LESSIE LAND. v. DORA BREWER, m. OTTO ASHTON. vi. LEVI BREWER, m. STILLA MURRAY. vii. LUTHER BREWER, m. DELLORA LAND. viii. NORA BREWER, m. MACK RIDDLE. ix. DAVID BREWER, m. MAY GOLDSTON. x. GEORGE 08 BREWER, m. LOIS ARTHUR. xi. MITTIE BREWER, m. WALTER HEMBREE, TX; d. 1945, Plainview TX?. xii. CASSIE BREWER, b. Abt. 1890, TX?; d. 1969, TX?; m. THOMAS YOUNG, TX?; b. 1889; d. 1963, TX?.. xiii. CHARLIE BREWER, m. ERMA HALL. 5. NANCY ELLEN8 BREWER (JAMES M 17, SOLOMON6, LANIER JR5, LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Feb 19, 1869 in Arkansas, and died Mar 10, 1939 in Wellington, Texas. She married REECE BOWEN Feb 1890. He was born Aug 15, 1845, and died Aug 23, 1929 in Wellington tX. Children of NANCY BREWER and REECE BOWEN are: i. BESSIE AMANDA9 BOWEN, m. (1) HOMER S INGRAM; m. (2) GRADY FINLEY. ii. ETHEL BOWEN, m. W T GUNSTENSON. iii. JAMES ROBERT BOWEN, m. MARY ODESSA WINTER. iv. JOHN WASHINGTON BOWEN, m. EFFIE WILSON. v. PHEBIA ELIZABETH BOWEN, m. JOHN OTE KESSLER. vi. STEVE BOWEN, d. as infant. 6. TENNESSEE ALABAMA8 BREWER (JAMES M 17, SOLOMON6, LANIER JR5, LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1871. She married ALBERT SIDNEY JOHNSON LOCKHART. Children of TENNESSEE BREWER and ALBERT LOCKHART are: i. EDGAR9 LOCKHART, d. buried Hollis OK. ii. FRED LOCKHART. iii. REUBEN LOCKHART. iv. FLORA LOCKHART, m. ? BROWN. v. FLORA LOCKHART, m. UNKNOWN BROWN. THIS COMPLIERS NOTE: Somewhere I have their marriage date and her date of death, his also, etc. 7. PHEBE ARKANSAS8 BREWER (JAMES M 17, SOLOMON6, LANIER JR5, LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1874. She married LAFETTE (LAFAYETTE) BOWEN in Texas. Notes for LAFETTE (LAFAYETTE) BOWEN: Cemetery record of daughter Edna shows as C L Bowen Children of PHEBE BREWER and LAFETTE BOWEN are: i. RAYMOND9 BOWEN, m. MARY HALL. ii. CHARLIE BOWEN, m. ALICE ANDREWS. iii. J P BOWEN, m. PEARL FOUNTAIN. iv. RAYMOND BOWEN, m. MARY HALL. v. CHARLIE BOWEN, m. ALICE ANDREWS. vi. J P BOWEN, m. PEARL FOUNTAIN. vii. EDNA BOWEN, b. 1913; d. 1916, Wellington, Collingsworth, TX. More About EDNA BOWEN: Burial: S Fairview Cemetery, Wellington TX. Next to Grandmother, Mary L Brewer.

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