Descendants of Lanier Sr Brewer

Generation No. 1

1. LANIER SR4 BREWER (GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1716 in Surry Co., VA, and died in Prob VA. He married (1) JOANNA Abt. 1744 in Virginia. She was born Abt. 1716 Notes for LANIER SR BREWER: Bought land in Brunswick Co., VA in 1748. He was married 2 or 3 time s, one was a Cherokee woman. Notes for JOANNA: Possibility Joanna may have been Native American.(see note at end) Her son Lanier Brewer Jr was reputedly of "Tuckey Ho"Indian descent(see end note). Child of LANIER BREWER and JOANNA is: 1.. i. AMBROSE 015 BREWER, b. Abt. 1753, Brunswick, Virginia; d. Abt. 1854, Hancock County, Tennesse. 2. ii. LANIER JR5 BREWER, b. Abt. 1746, Brunswick Co VA; d. Abt. 1824, NC. Generation No. 2 2. AMBROSE 015 BREWER (LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1753 in Brunswick, Virginia, and died Abt. 1854 in Hancock County, Tennesse. He married (1) UNKNOWN RUSSELL. She was born Abt. 1753. He married (2) MARY OMA RICHARDSON. She was born Abt. 1755, and died Abt. Apr 15, 1847. Notes for AMBROSE 01 BREWER(compilers comment--read this with a grainof salt - cannot see how a person that died in Hancock Co TN at 101 years of age, die on a boat coming over from Holland!): Ambrose BREWER b 1753 Brunswick Co, VA d aft 1854 Hancock Co, TN; m-Oma Richardson d aft 15 Apr 1847. Lanier Family Line[2]: Ambrose BREWER's grandmother Sarah Lanier is where this family joins the BREWERs. The Laniers were Huguenots (French Protestants) who fled France to avoid persecution. Their chance came when the Earl of Hereford, visiting Paris, met Nicholas Lanier, who had been a flute player in the Court of King Henry II of France. The Earl proceeded to hire him as flute player for Queen Elizabeth I of England. Although it was against the law for Protestants to leave France, sometime in 1561 Nicholas slipped away and arrived in London p 9: where he became the founder of this renowned musical family and ancestor of all American Laniers. This includes the poet Sindney Lanier and James Franklin Doughty Lanier. James Lanier was the banker from Madison, IN, who singlehandedly financed the state government of IN under Republican Governor Oliver P Morton during the Civil War. This prevented the Democratic majority in the IN General Assembly, which favored secession, taking IN out of the Union. When Governor Morton called out the IN Home Guard (National Guard, today) in support of the Union, the Genral Assembly responded by refusing to appropriate any money for him to operate on. James Lanier came to the rescue and carried the burden of state finance two years until the next election when Union sympathizers were elected to the General Assembly. These two Laniers are not in the direct line but would be distantly related cousins. Back to the direct Lanier line, in 1604 King James I (the same one who ordered the Bible translated into English) named Nicholas Lanier "Musician of the Flutes," an office held until his death in 1612. His son Clement Lanier, talented on the recorder, a type of flute, was a Gentleman of the King's Chamber. His son, John Lanier, is the first of this Lanier line to come to America. They arrived before 1656. John Lanier supported Bacon's Rebellion and is said to have camped at Jordon's Point with the leader of the rebellion, Nathaniel Bacon. This may actually have been his son John Jr who at age 21 would be more likely be "roughing it" with the young 30-year-old leader of this first rebellion against British rule which took place in 1676, exactly one hundred years before the successful American Revolution. At the critical point of this revolt, Nathaniel Bacon died of pneumonia and the movement died with him. Some historians, pondering the effect of George Washington's death at a critical point in the American Revolution, say that the United States might have been born one hundred years earlier had Bacon lived. However, that would have resulted in a p 10: capital city named Bacon, DC., so maybe things do work out for the best, after all. pp 16-17: BREWER Record Ambrose BREWER (No. 1) started with two children from Holland to come to the United States. He took sick on the ship and died, leaving his two children, a boy and a girl. The boy's name was Luther. The girl married a man by the name of Webber and left for some of the first settlements. It was never known what became of her. Luther BREWER raised a family. Some of his boys probably settled in the northeast states-VT and other states. One of his sons was named Ambrose (No. 2) who had several sons, some were named as follows: Joab, Moab, Sam, Howell (No. 1), Mit, Ambrose (No. 3) and six more boys, names not known. Ambrose (No. 3) who was called "Dodger," Sam and Howell (No. 1) came into Hancock Co, TN from Buncomb Co, NC that being the place that Ambrose (No. 2) lived and raised those ten boys. Some of the brothers went to AL and MS and others remained and stayed in NC. Howell (No. 1) later settled in Owsley Co, KY. He remained in KY, raised a big family, names as follows: Ambrose (No. 4), Joab, George (No. 1), Jim (No. 1) Bill (No. 1), Howell (No. 2) and Orville. Several girls, Polly Cope, Nancy Seals, Sally Elrod and Patsy Isaacs. The above were his first children. His second wife's children were Nick, John (No. 1), Morris and Valentine and a girl Emily McCollum. Ambrose (No. 4) settled in Hancock Co, TN, and later came to Cumberland Gap, then from there to Jackson Co, KY, raising a big family. Names as follows: sons were John (No. 2), Jim (No.2), Bill (No. 2), George (No. 2), Howell (No. 3), Pleas (No. 1), Ambrose (No. 5) and Cager. Girls were Lucinda Sullivan, Betty Imes, later Betty Barker, and Esther. These were his first wife's children. His second wife's children were Susie, Malissa, Henry and Sam. John (No. 2) had children named Minerva, Ambrose, Charley, Jim, Frank, William, George and Lula. Jim (No. 2) died during the Civil War and was never married. Bill (No. 2) had no children. George, by his first wife Doxie, had Jim, Dora, Maggie, Edd, Dolly, Tip and Vina. By his second wife he had Susie, Bertha, Boone, Ambrose and Howell, son of John (No. 2) had by his first wife, John and Cyntha. By his second wife he had John and Sol. By his second wife he had Eva, Charles, Elza, Ollie, Dee and Stella. Ambrose "Bug", son of Ambrose (No. 4) had Mary, Sarah, Pleas, Charlie, Dora and Cornelius. Cager, son of Ambrose (No. 4) had Cordelia, Mack, Tishie, Doxie, Belle, Lottie, Maude and Lillie. The above record was given to James F. Bowman by Rev. Ealen P. BREWER, Corbin, KY in 1959. His ancestry ran back through Rev. Charles G., John, Ambrose, Howell and Ambrose. This record was said to have been made by some of Rev. Ealen P. BREWER's relatives who lived in Arkansas. p 19: Ambrose BREWER The following record is taken from The Hamblen Tennessee History, as contributed by Nova M. Mertens (Mrs. Frederick C.) 1014 Cameron Street, Indianapolis 3, Indiana, through Mrs. Janice B. Reddin. "The founder of the family in which this work is interested was Ambrose BREWER. He lived in what is now Catawba Co, North Carolina, born about 1760. He served under Colonel Cleveland at the battle of King's Mountain, October 7, 1789, Revolutionary War. Soon after this he moved over the mountains and settled on War Creek, in what is now Hancock Co, Tennessee, one of the first settlers of the locality. He was a Free Mason. He had a wife and son, Joab, at this time. Afterwards several other children were born: Frederick, George, Ambrose,Lucinda, Ona, and possibly others. Joab had two sons that are known: Marshall and Isam. Marshall married Sarah Light and had sons, Oliver, who married Armilda Ramsey, and James Ambrose** who married Sarah C. Ramsey, sister of Armilda. Isam BREWER was the father of Larkin BREWER. Ambrose BREWER, Pension File R 1182 for Revolutionary War service from North Carolina. Pension was denied but record does not show for what reason. Record indicates Ambrose was born in Virginia around 1753. He later moved to North Carolina from which state he was said to have served in the war. He was still living in Hancock Co, Tennessee, when he applied for a pension in 1854 at which time he was 101 years of age. John R. Smith bore witness to this service. The founders of the BREWER family in America came from Holland, sometime prior to the Amer Rev. The Dutch spelling of the name was said to be 'Brauer." They were members of a colony of several families that landed at Hackensack, NJ, and from there emigrated to southern VA, NC and east TN. From there settlements. later they moved on into KY, IN and other states. They were patriotic and influential citizens wherever they lived. Sarah C, above, also their sister) Isam was the father of Larkin BREWER. Child of AMBROSE BREWER and UNKNOWN RUSSELL is: i. CHARITY6 BREWER, b. Sep 24, 1777, Ashe County, North Carolina; d. Nov 20, 1874, Wolfe County, Kentucky; m. (1) SHADRACK MAYNARD, Abt. 1800; b. Bet. 1752 - 1780; d. Bet. 1805 - 1866; m. (2) JOHN HOLLON, SR., May 21, 1820, Floyd County, Kentucky; b. Apr 24, 1777, Montgomery County, Virginia; d. Nov 25, 1854, Wolfe County, Kentucky. Notes for CHARITY BREWER: She came to KY about 1804 with John Hollon, her childhood sweetheart. She had 9 children. The last on was b 9 Jul 1820. sp#1:- Shadrack Maynard- 4421 (1562) (She m-#2: John Hollon-see below-gbj) . Children of AMBROSE BREWER and MARY RICHARDSON are: ii. JOAB SR6 BREWER, b. Abt. 1780. Notes for JOAB SR BREWER: The names of Joab BREWER's children as shown above, have been taken from several sources and are given with uncertainty. There could very well have been other children of Joab and likewise, some listed here could very well belong in another family. This list is, however, from the information now available the best that can be offered. <**See Misc pt 82/TN Veteran's Survey-gbj> iii. FREDRICK BREWER, b. Abt. 1783; d. Abt. 1830; m. LYDIA UNKNOWN; b. Abt. 1785. iv. PRETTYMAN MILLENTON BREWER, b. Abt. 1787; d. Abt. 1830; m. SARAH UNKNOWN; b. Abt. 1804, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1850. v. GEORGE 18 BREWER, b. Abt. 1789. vi. HOWELL COBB BREWER, b. Oct 20, 1790, Moore Co. N. C.; d. Apr 19, 1886, Owsley Co.Ky.; m. (1) MARY WOLFE; m. (2) NANCY LOUISA SHORT, Sep 10, 1810, Moore Co. N. C.; b. Hawkins County, Tennessee; d. Apr 22, 1834, Hawkins Co., Tenn.; m. (3) MARY COPE, Sep 12, 1834, Hawkins County, Tennessee; d. Jun 16, 1837; m. (4) MARY "POLY" WOLFE, Sep 03, 1838, Hawkins County, Tennessee; b. Abt. 1800, Tennessee; d. Jun 02, 1896, Sturgeon, Kentucky. Notes for HOWELL COBB BREWER: Several people as of this date are devoting considerable effort to research on the BREWER family. Two of these stand out among the others, namely, Mrs. Janice B. Reddin, 714 North Main Street, Findlay, Ohio, and Mr. L. D. Brewer, 1811 East 11th Street, Long Beach 13, California. Some members of the Howell Cobb BREWER family, however, are becoming authorities in their own right. Any inquiry about this family should be directed to Dr. Clinton Congleton, Barbourville, Kentucky. He is Secretary and Treasurer of the annual Howell Cobb BREWER family reunion and will either answer any question received or refer it to the best source. p 1: I. Ambrose BREWER b in VA in 1753 d in TN in or after the year 1854. His Children: 1. Joab BREWER (1780's) 2. Fredrick BREWER (1780's) m-Lydia (___) 3. Howell Cobb BREWER (1790) m-1st (___) Short; 2nd (___); 3rd Mary "Polly" BREWER 4. Prettyman BREWER (1790's) 5. Ambrose BREWER (1798) 1st (___) 2nd (___) 6. Millenton BREWER (1800) 7. Pleasant BREWER (1800) m-Elizabeth Seals 8. Lucinda BREWER 9. Ona BREWER It is believed that the children shown above belonged to the family of Ambrose. It is suspected that there were others. Tradition in one branch of the family has it that Ambrose had twelve boys and this source named a George and a Samuel that are not included here. The 1830 United States Census of Hawkins Co, TN show him with a family of young children which suggests that he may have reared the second family. Born in Moore Co, NC 20 Oct 1790 d Sturgeon, Owsley Co, KY 19 Apr 1886. Married 1st Moore Co, NC 10 Sep 1810, Nancy Louisa Short d Hawkins Co, TN Married 2nd in Hawkins Co TN, 12 Sep 1834 to Mary Cope. No children were b to this union and she died 16 Jun 1837. Married 3rd in Hawkins Co, TN, 3 Sep 1838 to Mary "Polly" Wolfe. She was b TN in 1800, died at Sturgeon, Owsley Co, KY, 2 Jun 1896. She was the d/o George Wolfe and Polly _____. The History of Moore County, North Carolina, Appendage B, p. 194 under topic: "Permanent 18th Century Settlers" says that Howell (Dutchman) Bruer was at Deep River in 1754 with Near (sic) and George Bruer there by 1777, and Ambrose Bruer by 1787. On page 191 it says that "the Seals were in Moore from 1755-1789 after which they moved to Tennessee too." ----this information furnished by Mrs. Janice B. Reddin. The following is quoted from a letter written in 1953 by W. E. BREWER of Ventura, CA, who was then seventy-five years of age to James F. Bowman: " my Grand Daddy's name was Samuel Russell BREWER. He was the youngest of five brothers and when he passed away at the age of 75 the others were all living and their names were as follows: Brackston, Joab, Mowab, and Oliver. They all lived in TN and I understood their forefathers came there from North Carolina in an early day." vii. AMBROSE 02 BREWER, b. Abt. 1791. viii. LUCINDA BREWER, b. Abt. 1793. ix. OMA BREWER, b. Abt. 1795. x. MILLENTON BREWER, b. Abt. 1800. xi. PLEASANT BREWER, b. Abt. 1800; m. ELIZABETH SEALS. 3. LANIER JR5 BREWER (LANIER SR4, GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1746 in Brunswick Co VA, and died Abt. 1824 in NC. He married UNKNOWN1 Abt. 1768 in VA. She was born Abt. 1747 in VA. Children of LANIER BREWER and UNKNOWN1 are: i. JULIUS6 BREWER, b. Moore County, North Carolina; m. (1) MARGARET GIST, Oct 03, 1820, Lawerence County, Tennessee; m. (2) NANCY ?, Abt. 1835; b. Abt. 1815; m. (3) NANCY UNKNOWN, Abt. 1835; b. Abt. 1815. ii. JOHN BREWER, b. Abt. 1770. iii. GEORGE 11 BREWER, b. Abt. 1775. iv. HENRY M. BREWER, b. Abt. 1780, NC; d. Abt. 1855, Wayne Co TN; m. MARY COCKMAN, Abt. 1801, NC; b. Abt. 1781, NC; d. Aft. 1860, Wayne Co Tn. v. WILEY BREWER, b. Abt. 1785, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1868, Wayne County, Tennessee; m. MARGARET COCKMAN, Abt. 1812; b. Abt. 1795; d. Wayne Co. vi. SOLOMON BREWER, b. Abt. 1786, Moore Co NC; d. Abt. Oct 1866, Wayne Co TN; m. (1) SARAH COCKMAN, Abt. 1809, Moore Co NC; b. Abt. 1786, Moore Co NC; d. Abt. 1851, Wayne Co NC; m. (2) SARAH CANTRELL, Aft. 1851, Prob TN; d. Prob TN. vii. CORNELIOUS BREWER, b. Abt. 1790. THIS COMPILERS NOTE: The three Cockman women were sisters.

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