<Descendants of George 01 Brewer

Generation No. 1

1. GEORGE 01) was born Abt. 1670 in Isle of Wright, Virginia, and died Jul 02, 1744 in Brunswick County Virginia. He married (1) SARAH LANIER Abt. 1705 in Surry, Virginia, daughter of JOHN LANIER and SARAH UNKNOWN. She was born 1686 in Charles City, Virginia, and died Abt. 1724 in Brunswick Co VA. He married (2) ALICE BURWELL Bef. 1730. Notes for GEORGE 01 BREWER: Info from Nacogdoches Gen Soc courtesy Carolyn Ericson, originally contributed by Alvin A. Barnaby. George's will was written on 13 July 1741, and proved on 2 August 1744. His second wife's name was Alice. Their only known child was Burwell(SEE END OF THIS) BREWER b ca 1730 Surry Co, VA. d ca 1799 Wilkes Co, Georgia. Burwell married Elizabeth Patrick. The names and dates of the ch/o George and Sarah Lanier BREWER were taken from LANIER by Louise Ingersoll. There is some uncertainty as to theidentification of the f/o George BREWER who married Sarah Lanier. Most genealogists have thought that he was a desc/o John BREWER who came to VA with wife Mary Drake and died there in 1635 George BREWER b Isle od Wight Co, VA d 2 Jul/Aug 1744 Brunswick Co, VA; m-ca 1705 Surry Co, VA to 3. Sarah Lanier b ca 1686 Charles City Co, VA d 1724/29 (Charles City Co is now Prince George Co, VA) John Lanier and His Descendants As stated, John Lanier was living in that part of Charles City Co, afterwards known as Prince George, as early as 1676. In 1683, a land warrant was issued to him and Peter Wycke for 482 acres, located in the Parish of Westover, on the south side of James River. ... He was born ca 1655 and d between 5 Jan 1717-1718, when his will was dated, and 14 Apr 1719 when a little more than a year later his will was probated. ... ,notes on his will, including mention of Sarah BREWER, which is covered more on a later pg> p 137 Sarah BREWER, daughter of John Lanier Sarah Lanier was b ca 1684, and married George BREWER, whose will was proved in Brunswick Co, 2 Aug 1744, and names his children, Oliver, Henry, Nathaniel, Sarah, Lanier, George, John and Howell. The first wife of George BREWER was Sarah Lanier. Mrs. Royal Eason Ingersoll, 1202 Indiana Avenue, LaPorte, IN, has done much research on the Lanier family and has touched upon the Sarah (Lanier) BREWER branch. Sarah was the d/o John Lanier and his wife Sarah (Edmunds) Lanier was the d/o William Edmunds and his wife Elizabeth Edmunds. It is from Howell Edmunds, s/o this William, that the name of Howell seems to have gotten into the BREWER family. Three of the sons of George BREWER, that is Nicholas, Howell and Lanier, moved south and settled in North Carolina. All available information points toward Ambrose Brewer, father of Howell Cobb BREWER, as being a s/o either Howell or Lanier. COMPLIERS NOTE: Unable to determine why this in in here other than to show when some BREWERs landed on these shores. THE LYON, William Peirce, Master, sailed from London June 22, 1632, with 123 passengers (including 50 children); and arrived Boston, September 16, 1632. BREWER on board: Daniel Brewer, bound for Roxbury; Mrs. Joanna Brewer; Daniel Brewer; Anne Brewer; Joanna Brewer; John Brewer, of Sussex, bound for Cambridge More About GEORGE 01 BREWER: Burial: Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co., VA Notes for SARAH LANIER: Lanier Family Line[2]: Ambrose BREWER's grandmother Sarah Lanier is where this family joins the BREWERs. The Laniers were Huguenots (French Protestants) who fled France to avoid persecution. Their chance came when the Earl of Hereford, visiting Paris, met Nicholas Lanier, who had been a flute player in the Court of King Henry II of France. The Earl proceeded to hire him as flute player for Queen Elizabeth I of England. Although it was against the law for Protestants to leave France, sometime in 1561 Nicholas slipped away and arrived in London p 9: where he became the founder of this renowned musical family and ancestor of all American Laniers. This includes the poet Sindney Lanier and James Franklin Doughty Lanier. James Lanier was the banker from Madison, IN, who singlehandedly financed the state government of IN under Republican Governor Oliver P Morton during the Civil War. This prevented the Democratic majority in the IN General Assembly, which favored secession, taking IN out of the Union. When Governor Morton called out the IN Home Guard (National Guard, today) in support of the Union, the Genral Assembly responded by refusing to appropriate any money for him to operate on. James Lanier came to the rescue and carried the burden of state finance two years until the next election when Union sympathizers were elected to the General Assembly. These two Laniers are not in the direct line but would be distantly related cousins. Back to the direct Lanier line, in 1604 King James I (the same one who ordered the Bible translated into English) named Nicholas Lanier "Musician of the Flutes," an office held until his death in 1612. His son Clement Lanier, talented on the recorder, a type of flute, was a Gentleman of the King's Chamber. His son, John Lanier, is the first of this Lanier line to come to America. They arrived before 1656. John Lanier supported Bacon's Rebellion and is said to have camped at Jordon's Point with the leader of the rebellion, Nathaniel Bacon. This may actually have been his son John Jr who at age 21 would be more likely be "roughing it" with the young 30-year-old leader of this first rebellion against British rule which took place in 1676, exactly one hundred years before the successful American Revolution. At the critical point of this revolt, Nathaniel Bacon died of pneumonia and the movement died with him. Some historians, pondering the effect of George Washington's death at a critical point in the American Revolution, say that the United States might have been born one hundred years earlier had Bacon lived. However, that would have resulted in a p 10: capital city named Bacon, DC., so maybe things do work out for the best, after all. She receieved a cow from her father, in his will, when he died. No small gift in those days. More About SARAH LANIER: Burial: Meherrin Parish, Brunswick Co., VA Children of GEORGE BREWER and SARAH LANIER are: i. WILLIAM4 BREWER, b. 1705, Surry Co, VA; m. (1) MARY; m. (2) ANN. Notes for WILLIAM BREWER: [brewer1.FTW] William and Ann were still living in 1773. [15469.ged.FTW] William and Ann were still living in 1773. 2. ii. OLIVER 1 BREWER, b. 1707, Surry Co., VA; d. 1792, Chatham Co., NC. 3. iii. HENRY 1 BREWER, b. 1708, Surry Co, VA; d. Chatham Co., NC. 4. iv. NATHANIEL BREWER, b. 1710, Surry Co, VA; d. Chatham Co., NC. v. SARAH BREWER, b. 1712, Surrey, Virginia; m. JOHN VICK, Nov 1730. 5. vi. LANIER SR BREWER, b. Abt. 1716, Surry Co., VA; d. Prob VA. 6. vii. GEORGE 02 BREWER, b. 1716, Surry Co, VA; d. 1757, Northampton, NC. 7. viii. NICHOLAS BREWER, b. 1717, Surry Co., VA. 8. ix. HOWELL 04 BREWER, b. 1720, Surry Co, VA; d. TN. 9. x. JOHN BREWER, b. 1724, Surry Co, VA; d. Chatham Co., NC. Children of GEORGE BREWER and ALICE BURWELL are: xi. BURWELL4 BREWER, b. Abt. 1730, Surry, Virginia; d. Abt. 1799, Wilkes, Georgia; m. ELIZABETH PATRICK; d. Abt. 1800. xii. JOSEPH BREWER, b. Abt. 1731. xiii. BOYCE BREWER, b. Abt. 1733. Generation No. 2 2. OLIVER 14 BREWER (GEORGE 01) was born 1707 in Surry Co., VA, and died 1792 in Chatham Co., NC. He married REBECCA SMITH. Children of OLIVER BREWER and REBECCA SMITH are: i. WILLIAM5 BREWER. ii. GEORGE 05 BREWER. iii. OLIVER 2 BREWER. iv. CHRISTOPHER BREWER. v. HANNAH 01 BREWER, m. EDWARDS. vi. WILLIAM BREWER, b. 1752, Brunswick Co., VA; d. 1835. Notes for WILLIAM BREWER: Served in the Revolutionary War, moved to SC the to Tennessee. Drew pension from War of 1812 vii. HENRY 6 BREWER, b. 1760. Notes for HENRY 6 BREWER: Served in the Revolutionary war. Lived in Christian Co., KY. viii. FRANCES REBECCA BREWER, b. 1760; m. WILLIAM EDWARDS, Jul 25, 1775. ix. EDWARD BREWER, b. Oct 19, 1762, Orange Co., NC; m. MARY STRICKLAND. Notes for EDWARD BREWER: Served in the Revolutionary War. Lived in Randolph Co., NC x. REBECCA BREWER. xi. HENRY 4 BREWER. xii. FRANCES BREWER. 3. HENRY 14 BREWER (GEORGE 01) was born 1708 in Surry Co, VA, and died in Chatham Co., NC. He married MARY ? in Brunswick Co., VA. Children of HENRY BREWER and MARY are: i. GEORGE 045 BREWER. ii. HENRY 2 BREWER. iii. HUBBARD BREWER, m. ESTHER, 1787. iv. ISAAC BREWER. v. OLIVER 3 BREWER. vi. SARAH BREWER. vii. AMANDA BREWER. viii. FRANCES BREWER. ix. MARY BREWER. x. ANN BREWER. xi. ALLISON BREWER. 4. NATHANIEL4 BREWER (GEORGE 01) was born 1710 in Surry Co, VA, and died in Chatham Co., NC. Children of NATHANIEL BREWER are: i. DAVID5 BREWER. ii. NATHANIEL BREWER. 5. LANIER SR4 BREWER (GEORGE 013, JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1716 in Surry Co., VA, and died in Prob VA. He married (1) JOANNA Abt. 1744 in Virginia. She was born Abt. 1716. . Notes for LANIER SR BREWER: Bought land in Brunswick Co., VA in 1748. He was married 2 or 3 time s, one was a Cherokee woman. COMPLIERS NOTE: This applies to both the notes on Lanier and Joanna below - Lanier Sr was not married to any Native American -as far as can be determined, Joanna was his only wife - Lanier Jr reputedly was married twice and had a Native American concubine of "Tuckey HO" indian descent -another note here - there airnt not Tuckey Ho Indians!! Tuckahoe applies to an edible fungus found in the marshes,etc in VA and other places.. When dried and pounded mixed with water and whatever, it makes a sort of bread - the word comes from the Algonquin Indian language . I do not know where the person who did this other write up got this drivel; but it is totally inaccurate...(Per diary of a great grandson of Geroge W Brewer, son of Lanier Jr, and reputedly half Native American). Notes for JOANNA: Possibility Joanna may have been Native American. Her son Lanier Brewer Jr was reputedly of "Tuckey Ho"Indian descent. Child of LANIER BREWER and JOANNA is: i. AMBROSE 015 BREWER, b. Abt. 1753, Brunswick, Virginia; d. Abt. 1854, Hancock County, Tennesse; m. (1) UNKNOWN RUSSELL; b. Abt. 1753; m. (2) MARY OMA RICHARDSON; b. Abt. 1755; d. Abt. Apr 15, 1847. Notes for AMBROSE 01 BREWER: THIS COMPILERS NOTE: If he died on a ship on way back from Holland How did he die in Hancock Co TN??? At 101 years of age??? Ambrose BREWER b 1753 Brunswick Co, VA d aft 1854 Hancock Co, TN; m-Oma Richardson d aft 15 Apr 1847. pp 16-17: BREWER Record Ambrose BREWER (No. 1) started with two children from Holland to come to the United States. He took sick on the ship and died, leaving his two children, a boy and a girl. The boy's name was Luther. The girl married a man by the name of Webber and left for some of the first settlements. It was never known what became of her. Luther BREWER raised a family. Some of his boys probably settled in the northeast states-VT and other states. One of his sons was named Ambrose (No. 2) who had several sons, some were named as follows: Joab, Moab, Sam, Howell (No. 1), Mit, Ambrose (No. 3) and six more boys, names not known. Ambrose (No. 3) who was called "Dodger," Sam and Howell (No. 1) came into Hancock Co, TN from Buncomb Co, NC that being the place that Ambrose (No. 2) lived and raised those ten boys. Some of the brothers went to AL and MS and others remained and stayed in NC. Howell (No. 1) later settled in Owsley Co, KY. He remained in KY, raised a big family, names as follows: Ambrose (No. 4), Joab, George (No. 1), Jim (No. 1) Bill (No. 1), Howell (No. 2) and Orville. Several girls, Polly Cope, Nancy Seals, Sally Elrod and Patsy Isaacs. The above were his first children. His second wife's children were Nick, John (No. 1), Morris and Valentine and a girl Emily McCollum. Ambrose (No. 4) settled in Hancock Co, TN, and later came to Cumberland Gap, then from there to Jackson Co, KY, raising a big family. Names as follows: sons were John (No. 2), Jim (No.2), Bill (No. 2), George (No. 2), Howell (No. 3), Pleas (No. 1), Ambrose (No. 5) and Cager. Girls were Lucinda Sullivan, Betty Imes, later Betty Barker, and Esther. These were his first wife's children. His second wife's children were Susie, Malissa, Henry and Sam. John (No. 2) had children named Minerva, Ambrose, Charley, Jim, Frank, William, George and Lula. Jim (No. 2) died during the Civil War and was never married. Bill (No. 2) had no children. George, by his first wife Doxie, had Jim, Dora, Maggie, Edd, Dolly, Tip and Vina. By his second wife he had Susie, Bertha, Boone, Ambrose and Howell, son of John (No. 2) had by his first wife, John and Cyntha. By his second wife he had John and Sol. By his second wife he had Eva, Charles, Elza, Ollie, Dee and Stella. Ambrose "Bug", son of Ambrose (No. 4) had Mary, Sarah, Pleas, Charlie, Dora and Cornelius. Cager, son of Ambrose (No. 4) had Cordelia, Mack, Tishie, Doxie, Belle, Lottie, Maude and Lillie. The above record was given to James F. Bowman by Rev. Ealen P. BREWER, Corbin, KY in 1959. His ancestry ran back through Rev. Charles G., John, Ambrose, Howell and Ambrose. This record was said to have been made by some of Rev. Ealen P. BREWER's relatives who lived in Arkansas. p 19: Ambrose BREWER The following record is taken from The Hamblen Tennessee History, as contributed by Nova M. Mertens (Mrs. Frederick C.) 1014 Cameron Street, Indianapolis 3, Indiana, through Mrs. Janice B. Reddin. "The founder of the family in which this work is interested was Ambrose BREWER. He lived in what is now Catawba Co, North Carolina, born about 1760. He served under Colonel Cleveland at the battle of King's Mountain, October 7, 1789, Revolutionary War. Soon after this he moved over the mountains and settled on War Creek, in what is now Hancock Co, Tennessee, one of the first settlers of the locality. He was a Free Mason. He had a wife and son, Joab, at this time. Afterwards several other children were born: Frederick, George, Ambrose,Lucinda, Ona, and possibly others. Joab had two sons that are known: Marshall and Isam. Marshall married Sarah Light and had sons, Oliver, who married Armilda Ramsey, and James Ambrose** who married Sarah C. Ramsey, sister of Armilda. Isam BREWER was the father of Larkin BREWER. Ambrose BREWER, Pension File R 1182 for Revolutionary War service from North Carolina. Pension was denied but record does not show for what reason. Record indicates Ambrose was born in Virginia around 1753. He later moved to North Carolina from which state he was said to have served in the war. He was still living in Hancock Co, Tennessee, when he applied for a pension in 1854 at which time he was 101 years of age. John R. Smith bore witness to this service. The founders of the BREWER family in America came from Holland, sometime prior to the Amer Rev. The Dutch spelling of the name was said to be 'Brauer." They were members of a colony of several families that landed at Hackensack, NJ, and from there emigrated to southern VA, NC and east TN. From there settlements. later they moved on into KY, IN and other states. They were patriotic and influential citizens wherever they lived. Sarah C, above, also their sister) Isam was the father of Larkin BREWER. Child of LANIER BREWER and JOANNA is: ii. LANIER JR5 BREWER, b. Abt. 1746, Brunswick Co VA; d. Abt. 1824, NC; m. (1) UNKNOWN1, Abt. 1768, VA; b. Abt. 1747, VA; m. (2) UNKNOWN, Abt. 1768, Virginia; b. Abt. 1747, Virginia. 6. GEORGE 024 BREWER (GEORGE 01) was born 1716 in Surry Co, VA, and died 1757 in Northampton, NC. He married (1) ABIGAIL WYCHE in Brunswick Co., VA. He married (2) MARY. Notes for GEORGE 02 BREWER: Info from Nacogdoches Gen Soc courtesy Carolyn Ericson, originally contributed by Alvin A. Barnaby. George wrote his will on 16 August 1760. It was proved on 27 October 1760 Brunswick, VA. He names his "four youngest children William, Henry, Elizabeth, and Abigail, and if either of my last mentioned children should die before they reach the age of twenty one or marry, then my will is that their part be equally divided amoungst my surviving children their age not to be reguarded". George Brewer Brunswick VA Abigail Wyche; Frances Wyche will 1747, Brunswick, VA. Dtrs. Abigail Brewer, Rebecca Lucus, Elizabeth Lucus, gr child. Wm. Lucas, son of Samuel & Rebecca, John Brewer & Frances Brewer. Sons-in-law Wm. Lucas & Geo Brewer. Son Wm. & Geo Brewer, exe. Children of GEORGE BREWER and ABIGAIL WYCHE are: i. JOHN5 BREWER, b. Abt. 1736, Brunswick, Virginia; d. Jan 10, 1780, Hertford, North Carolina. ii. FRANCES BREWER, b. Abt. 1738, Virginia. iii. SARAH BREWER, b. Abt. 1740, Virginia. iv. GEORGE 03 BREWER, b. Abt. 1742, Virginia; d. Jun 14, 1802, Greene Georgia. v. WILLIAM BREWER, b. Abt. 1744, Virginia; m. Abt. 1775. Notes for WILLIAM BREWER: Info from Nacogdoches Gen Soc courtesy Carolyn Ericson, originally contributed by Alvin A. Barnaby. William and his brother, George, were named as heirs in the 1761 will of their father George BREWER in Brunswick, Co. VA. The first known record for William BREWER in GA was on 6 Feb 1786, when was granted 180 acres in Wilkes Co. GA. Je inherited the land on which his father lived on the north side Falling Run granted by a patent on 8 Sept 1728, and a tract of 150 acres on the north side of Falling Run "at the upper end of the great meadow" along with two slaves, livestock, and furniture. vi. HENRY 5 BREWER, b. Abt. 1746, Virginia. vii. ABIGAIL BREWER, b. Abt. 1748. viii. ELIZABETH BREWER, b. Abt. 1750, Virginia. 7. NICHOLAS4 BREWER (GEORGE 01) was born 1717 in Surry Co., VA. He married SARAH. Notes for NICHOLAS BREWER: Nicholas Brewer was still living in Brunswick Co., VA in 1782. Children of NICHOLAS BREWER and SARAH are: i. WILLIAM5 BREWER. ii. NICHOLAS BREWER. iii. BENJAMIN BREWER. iv. THOMAS BREWER. 8. HOWELL 044 BREWER (GEORGE 01) was born 1720 in Surry Co, VA, and died in TN. He married (1) REBECCA WILLIS. He married (2) MARIAN. He married (3) MARIAN UNKNOWN. Notes for HOWELL 04 BREWER: Had grants in Bladen Co., NC. Howell BREWER b ca 1722 Surry Co, VA d western TN; m-Marian (___). Howell BREWER and his son Ambrose brought the BREWER family from Surry Co, VA, through Moore Co, NC, to TN. When he was 101 years old, Ambrose applied for a Revolutionary War pension.(See p31). In this application he states that he served mostly from Moore Co, NC, as a Ranger or Scout for a total of two years under Lt. Col. John Littrell and Major Micajah Lewis. According to a Hamblen family history[3] he served under Colonel Benjamin Cleveland at the Battle of Kings Mountain on 7 Oct 1780. After the war he settled on War Creek in Hancock Co, TN, one of the first settlers in this locality. He was a Freemason. Chart #2: dtd: 29 May 1986/Person #1 on this chart is the father of person #16 on chart #1: #16. Ambrose BREWER b 1753 Brunswick Co, VA d aft 1854 Hancock Co, TN; m-Oma Richardson d aft 15 Apr 1847. Child of HOWELL BREWER and MARIAN UNKNOWN is: i. AMBROSE5 BREWER. 9. JOHN4 BREWER (GEORGE 01) was born 1724 in Surry Co, VA, and died in Chatham Co., NC. He married MARY. Children of JOHN BREWER and MARY are: i. JOHN5 BREWER. ii. AMOS BREWER.

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